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The Obamoids recently sent out this video:

Supposedly, immigration reform is a wonderful idea because, even considering the additional social services that some of them might require, we’ll be far ahead in terms of jobs and economic growth.

I don’t subscribe to the common belief that immigrants are an unmitigated drain on our resources and our society.  I live in New York City, a place built by immigrants, and I see that wondrous things happen when the brightest people from around the world come together.

On the other hand, I also know that some immigrants are a drain on the system, and worse, the government, particularly the Federal government, doesn’t seem interested in doing anything about it.  My sense is that it pretty much balances out overall, although some places do suffer because, locally, there are very many more who are draining than contributing.

I’ve written before in these pages that both parties, contrary to their rhetoric, actually like our mangled immigration system the way it is, as it serves their respective purposes. So I’m skeptical of any proposal on general principles.  But the notion that immigration reform would somehow boost the economy seems ludicrous.

Am I missing something?

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  1. Propaganda to the extreme. The reality is if we legalize these illegals (really what part of this is about)many more will come and so forth. According to several articles I have seen at non partisan sites immigrants depend on welfare more often than not. This doesn’t mean every immigrant will be a drain but many will.

    I have no issue with increasing visas to those who come here and start businesses. These people have the money and in theory will put more Americans to work, plus pay taxes. However this is only a small percentage of people immigrating here. The majority are either visa workers taking American jobs, refugees and illegals. The last two groups use welfare in large numbers, the first group not too much but they take jobs.

    Who wins in immigration reform? the Democrats because they will get more voters (Hispanics who are the majority of illegals)vote Democratic. The Republicans win because then they get cheap workers both illegal and visaed though this helps some Democrats too. Who loses? Americans.

    1. Often as not they will hire their own.

      Take a look at who owns all the franchises for donut places in our area — Asian Indians — and that is usually who is working IN those places: Asian Indians.

      And when they sell the donut place, paper store or what have you…


      THey also send the majority of the money home. THey do not benefit our economy.

      1. Those people are not ones I want in this country at all. I mentioned that last year I had this interview at a company run by an Indian and all of the management positions were all Indians. They to me all the same as visaed workers as in they pay taxes but hurt employment for others.

  2. Immigration may be one of those issues like global warming, where you can’t get a straight answer from anyone, as the people on both sides have their own ax to grind, which is more important than the facts.

    We tried something like this in the 1980s, in which a path to residency and citizenship was provided for the illegal immigrants who were already here, and we were supposed to improve enforcement, through various means, to deter illegals in the future. The latter part, alas, didn’t really happen, although as an employer, I’m obliged to ask a new hire for his papers. (But I’m not allowed to ask until I’ve made the decision and offered the job, or else the government can get me for discrimination. Alas, that’s a story for another day.)

    I have no problem with immigrants who want to come here legally and secure a future for themselves and their families through hard work. But such people have nobody lobbying for their interests. The political debate is driven by Big Business, that wants to cheaper labor, families who want to bring their relatives here, and advocates for the illegals.

    1. When I waitressed in college most of the restaurant staff was illegal. I used to get mad at that, not because they were illegal but because they were taken advantage of. Since I speak Spanish I would talk to them and so many would tell me about how they were being paid something like $1 when minimum was around $4.50. I never once though they were taking jobs from someone but now I do. I think because this was during a time when the economy was better (early 90’s)and jobs were out there. Waitressing paid very well then and usually I would make $100-$200 and up a shift. I also lived in an area at the time where many of the teens didn’t really have to work during high school so I would assume these jobs would ave gone unfilled. Then again I don’t know maybe someone did want these jobs.

      I really have a problem with the immigration laws here and do not want to offer illegals citizenship. The fact is they came here illegally and shouldn’t be rewarded. Also, at least in Illinois, a majority use our welfare system. It is encouraged here because several programs state “regardless of immigration status”. Most of the social service agencies require Spanish speakers now. Meanwhile someone like me doesn’t qualify for services because I am childless.

      1. If they were waitstaff, the minimum wage for them was around a dollar. Even now, minimum wage for waitstaff is well below the regular minimum wage, about $2.14. Tips are supposed to make up the difference between what they were paid and the actual minimum wage. If tips don’t make up the difference, the owner of the business is supposed to make up the difference. In a lot of restaurants, the waitstaff are required to share tips with the kitchen staff, like busboys. The kitchen help should have gotten paid at least the minimum wage.

        You might benefit from the coming expansion of Medicaid.

        1. No they weren’t wait staff at all (in fact most of them spoke no English). They were usually busboys, or dishwashers and many times the only English speaking people were me and the manager who was usually the owner (or related to one).

          Sadly I probably won’t qualify for expanded Medicaid and to be honest wouldn’t want to. It’s filthy and not something I would want in most cases. Oh sure it would be better than nothing but I have my doubts that it will cover single childless people.

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