Once and for all END THE GUEST WORKER PROGRAM!!!!!


 Not enough qualified people to work at jobs in OUR companies, our hospitals and anywhere else???

Tell that to New Wave.

Tell that to my friend MLS.

Tell that to my friend Larry who finally found ab IT job after 9 months — and not as good as the one he had.

Tell this to my friend Rich who lost his IT job a gripload of a time ago.

And tell this to our American trained nurses, med techs, allied health care professionals, engineers, teachers, medical field people and just about every field you can name, who can’t find jobs because a guest worker is given preference over an American.

What a shame WE can’t have this piece of the pie…the chart featured below is cut and pasted directly from that article .

Nope…. NO American wants a job that pays over 100 grand!!!

And these people benefit our economy not. Most of that money earned will be sent home to families. OUR dollars going POOF and right out of circulation or  out of investment in the US of A.

Senior systems analyst $67,038 30 Springfield, Mass.
Business analyst $61,131 30 Los Angeles
Associate director $100,464 10 San Diego
Management analyst $55,869 5 Edina, Minn.
Manager $74,776 30 Wausau, Wis.

7 thoughts on “Once and for all END THE GUEST WORKER PROGRAM!!!!!”

  1. Yep. I am a skilled tech person with a background in marketing and various other skills. I know html, I know Flash, I know Spanish for pete’s sake yet I sit here unemployed. I once went for a marketing director position, a job I am more than qualified for, yet the job went to an Indian national. I know many marketing people unemployed so why are we importing these workers?

    1. The big thing is an incentive, given to each company that brings in these warm bodies???

      Then why not give an incentive to HIRE OUR OWN AMERICANS????

      We do not need imports.

      They are a problem; they do not support our economy and all they are good for is a language barrier problem, along with a cultural gap wider than the space between here and Alpha Centauri.

      We do not need Indian anything. We do not need Filipino allied health personnel. We have ALL OF THESE professions, and more, being trained stateside right here in our own universities!!!!

      Another growing import: Pakistanis. Our community college is already offering courses in Paki only to accommodate them!!! Great — that means we can have tuition driven up the wazoo so that it is further inaccessible to a family that wants to send their American kid to a post secondary school and they’re trying to get off a bit cheaper than sending the kid to a 4 year college.

      Bilingual anything classes benefit NOBODY. They will eventually drive up the cost of tuition — you get what you pay for — and surprise surprise, Pakistanis and Indians….

      The world is NOT completely and indefadigably ASIAN!!!!

      You will be working with all kinds of folks, from all kinds of cultures and they speak all kinds of languages…and sorry but Pakistaini and the ten billion Indian dialects are not what the whole world speaks!

      1. Here’s the thing that many miss with the immigrant problem is the fact many of the immigrants (legal and illegal)are unskilled uneducated workers who will be a drain on welfare. This is a fact many ignore because they think they will help society. Not at all, and in fact many of our recent immigrants take more than they give. We should not be UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES offering bilingual classes to people here, except situations like ESL. I will often see ads for case workers for welfare and they are always requiring a bilingual case worker.Why can’t people speak English if they receive welfare? I guarantee if they made welfare stricter for immigrants we we would get far less unskilled ones.

        When I was in grad school the school had a rep for attracting foreign students. In theory this sounds fine until you realize most of them were getting the work study jobs and the graduate assistant positions while the American students get loans. Then when they graduated many were offered jobs since they had “experience” courtesy of these jobs. I reported the Indian students working at the gym because they would talk in Hindi to each other in front of American students and I asked the boss why they hired them over the American students.

        1. I remember when the influx of Cubans entered our area way back in the early 60s — these people brought with them a trade.

          The recent immigrants are trained for NOTHING.

          They are not masons, are not carpenters, are not tailors or seamstresses, are not bricklayers or woodworkers — and the education level stinks.

          You can bet that their kids are a bunch of layarounds, too: there is no pro-education in that entire bunch.

          This is all the trash that goes on to our area colleges (that is, if they don’t catch preggers and squeeze out a kid or 3 at 14 or 15) and clutter up our campuses with bodies that do not belong there and never will belong there. There’s no aptitude and not enough smarts. The EOF program at campuses takes care of those 2 little flaws very handily.

          And you can shove this bilingual this and that — the dept of labor in this state now has bilingual counselors and a bilingual this and a bilingual that! What do we need this for? This is draining the state’s budget; hire persoonel that can contribute to the all around picture.

          Or use the money that’s spend on a bilingual this and that to upgrade the phone system, or the computer system.

          AND there are exams in Spanish for these jobs.

          When does this nonsense end? Really and truly — when???

          Don’t ask what this bunch that’s Hispanic does: they come in dressed like trash and they yak the day away in Spanish. How RUDE — and not one supervisor will speak up and say “ENGLISH ONLY HERE” and set some type of a dress code for all, NO EXCEPTIONS!

          It won’t end at Spanish. The big influx now into this area are the Muslims, the Pakistanis, the Indians and the cultish Orthodox Jewish groups. I am guessing pretty soon we will have to have bilingual this and that for them next. Good grief.

          That means we’ll need Urdu, Hindi, Pakistani, Arabic and Yiddish. This is bullshit — when you came here, did you NOT agree to be an American???? Why are you HERE then — for a piece of the pie and you steadfastly refuse to be part of your new country???

          We can now go broke providing teachers, bilingual this and that for this entire bunch, too.

          Our area built a nearly 1B high school to accommodate the big influx of Hispanic students in Union City. I remember when UC used to be mixed middle class Germans and Polish and Italians — there are still many churches in that area that are still offering Masses in Italian and Polish.

          And I remember all the great parochial schools that our area used to have: all are gone and what a kick; one of them was bought out by another concern and in its place now sits a Muslim high school…and that’s a population that is growing, too. You won’t see them send their kids to “our” schools — this is pretty much similar to how the OJs run things: all of those kids are sent to a neighborhood yeshiva and tully only knows what the kids really learn in those schools.

          Those residents moved out a very long time ago. Now it’s all Hispanic and most do not speak English. The high schoolers get a state of the art 1B building and what a wonderful country: you get to use the amenities there and you do NOT have to speak one stick of English. The entire city has turned into a cesspool, period.

          And in the want ads in this area, “Must speak English, Spanish and Arabic” is starting to be seen. Indeed when does this mess END???

          And all for what? Because you can’t insult a special interest group? You can’t insist to them that they speak ENGLISH ONLY — you might piss “them” off! IF we went to YOUR country, we would NOT expect a bilingual this or that — maybe we’d get bilingual signs in an airport but after that: yer on yer own — as well it should be!

          You can no longer say Merry Christmas…”They” might get ticked off! We can’t call it a Christmas tree; it is now a “holiday tree” — what kind of nonsense is this? And you cannot say “Christmas vacation” or “Easter vacation”: it’s now airbrushed into “Winter” or “Spring” vacation.

          This has to stop. Forget insulting this group or that: go back to the way IT WAS.

          1. Dude I agree. What happen to immigrants coming here, learning English and working hard and their kids were Americans? my one ex-boyfriend was the son of Italian immigrants who came here, worked hard, brought with them trades (his mom was a seamstress, forget what his dad was), and learned English. My ex could speak Italian but him and his parents mostly spoke in English. My great grandparents came here from France and while they did speak French their kids barely spoke it. One of their sons was killed in WW2 while fighting for the USA. My great grandparents considered themselves Americans and spoke English. We don’t get many immigrants like that too. Instead we get those who think of America as land of welfare. I saw this when I worked at an organization years ago that helped recent immigrants. I was astounded even then with the programs out there to help immigrants. Lest we forget the Boston Marathon bombers were immigrants on welfare and according to many articles most immigrants coming here receive welfare.

            I am not opposed to immigration because that is my ancestry. My paternal grandmother was an English war bride. However she didn’t come here thinking “I’ll take welfare”. Rather she came here to marry my paternal grandfather. Of course she already spoke English but I know if she had been a non English speaking person she would have taken classes. What I do oppose are immigrants who come here and either take away jobs or worse those who come here with no redeeming qualities like the Boston Bombers.

  2. You’re not supposed to come here with your hand out — you’re supposed to be a contributing effort.

    Even if you learned English and worked as a translator in a hospital or somewhere else! THAT would be a viable skill.

    When the immigrants came here, they went and lived in nationality-specific neighborhoods. Everybody knows an Italian neighborhood, a German one or a Polish one or a Russian one, to name a few.

    Nothing wrong with that. They’re COOL! they add chic to a city or town and you can’t beat a restaurant that operates out of that neighborhood. That’s what I would call giving back to the neighborhood and local economy.

    I know of smallish cities that have a big infusion of Japanese nationals — you should see the city where they live. It’s full of sushi restaurants and those whacky karaoke bars that all the Japanese guys like. All the signs are in Japanese. It’s the coolest thing.

    But to come here and not bother to l earn the language? Wrong. If I went to your country, you best better believe I’d better learn your language and quickly as possible. There’s no “press 1 for English” there you can bet.

    And I remember the days before bilingual this or that — a kid we knew came here from Italy in 6th grade. He picked the language up in a big hurry and he did fine. So did 2 adoptees from Korea; they were 5 and 6 when they came here. They went directly into a classroom where English only was spoken; they did fine.

    1. I always loved going into an ethnic neighborhood in Chicago because the food was authentic and the people were usually really nice. However these were immigrants who tended to come here and worked hard and then opened something like an ethnic restaurant. I can’t fault these particular immigrants because they usually contributed something and didn’t take from people. They also knew to get by they needed to speak English so many spoke little English but they tried and of course the kids spoke fluent English. I’ve been to Greektown and Little Italy and of course Chinatown (everyone should go to China town)and various other pockets of immigrants and have been lucky to have spoken to many of these immigrants about their home country because I like learning new cultures.

      Sadly though these are not the new immigrants we seem to get. We seem to get mostly those who come here for the freebies and refuse to learn English or those who come as visa workers.

      A few years ago I was checking into teaching English in Spain and the brochures I got told me I better know enough Spanish because not everyone speaks English, especially if you get away from the major cities. I do know Spanish well and would be able to get around with my language skills. I wouldn’t think of talking English and hoping someone knew what I said.

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