Bruce and Frank…true stories

The year was 1982.

I was working my first job in the lab. One of the older techs and I were working a shift that day; she told me that she was going to open a sweet shop/bakery/candy store and that her son Bruce was going to run it.

It was going to be one of these upscale places where you walk in and there’s candy everywhere, goodies everywhere — would make Wonka’s Chocolate Factory look like a kid selling sweets door to door for a class trip.

She described the store — sounded like quite an operation — and then I asked her if she was going to quit the lab and work there instead.

No, she said — the store was going to be for her son Bruce.

Bruce had an MBA from a top college and could not find a job.

Before that, he had a series of retail jobs, working in various departments.

I said to her, “What’s wrong? He’s intelligent and has fantastic education?”

She told me that no matter where he went he came up dry.

That store took off and had a good following — I don’t know what happened to Bruce after I quit that lab 5 years later.

Then there’s Frank. Brilliant man, CPA like nobody’s business. Fan of opera, church going — and no job.

It was about 10 years ago he lost his job; I am not sure what happened (I knew him from a group I belonged to) but he found nothing after that, last I heard — and that was a year or 2 ago.

Frank is about 62 now, I think. It was so bad that he wasn’t able to renew his membership in the group and the dues were only $20. (He was a long standing member and they could have let him have membership for free but hey, that’s how it rolls. I was kind of pissed when they didn’t waive membership dues for him) I was no longer a member of the group when that happened to Frank; if I was, I’d have paid dues for him. And made them swear their utmost not to tell him a benefactor paid for his dues.

Years ago NOBODY had an MBA. I don’t know why Bruce was not able to find anything and I don’t know why Frank was at a loss — okay, he could be a little…adamant but I am sure he didn’t do that in an interview. We are all a pain in the ass in our own way but this is a guy who was denied a job for wow, who knows what reason?

Franks and Bruces (and Lennys) are becoming more common. At this point, I don’t care if Frank is Attilla the Hun or the Boston Strangler — it is pretty pathetic and sad and disgusting and a poor commentary about what they “do” with the good people with fine educations and great experience: Their reward for all of the aforementioned is what, no job?.

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  1. I mentioned the pet store guy I really like before and I suspect he and his mom started a business for this reason. He doesn’t have a MBA (and I don’t think he went farther than high school)but I doubt he had a lot of jobs because of his personality (same reason I doubt he’s had many if any girlfriends). He is an introvert as I am to some extent and it’s known that employers generally will not hire introverts, even if they are otherwise qualified. One place required me to take a personality test before the interview and she said I apparently tested as an introvert. I suspect this is why I didn’t get the job.

    Look at me, why haven’t I found a job? I don’t have a MBA but have a Masters, not to mention all my other experience and education. Yet time after time I am rejected, whether it’s after the interview, but more often before an interview has taken place. There have been times I had literally everything they wanted, even preferences and still no interview. Then there have been the interviews where they were more concerned about my answers to stupid psych questions instead of looking at my portfolio. I couldn’t begin to mention all the times I went for a job where I was more than qualified and it required a specific skill and instead of asking about my skill (and seeing proof)they were more interested in the right answer to “what would you do if your coworker was stealing?”. A few interviews I went to show them my portfolio and many said “that’s not necessary”. What? you are hiring an instructional designer or a public relations specialist and you don’t care to see press releases or computer programs I designed? I’ve seen some of the people who ended up getting some of these jobs but quite a few were less skilled than me, like the person who barely spoke English who got a PR job. I’ve seen stories from employers complaining about hiring incompetent people, well then maybe next time hire someone more qualified. I am a very hard worker, I would come in early, leave late, do my job and do it well. When I volunteer at the church or the American Legion I am always one of the first to come in and among the last to leave and this is just a volunteer job. I am very reliable and people depend on me more and more.

    Then there are the people who shouldn’t have jobs or get them so easily. My dad got a job at a golf course and he was talking about these guys who drink on the job and one gave the finger to the boss. This guy got a suspension instead of being fired. Then there’s the case of my worthless neighbor. He’s been in and out of prison for years, usually for being a thief. A few years ago he got arrested for stealing a pocket knife at Target but this was dropped. Not long after that he got arrested after robbing the bowling alley and was found after he dropped his wallet there (he’s not bright). While on probation for that he was arrested for robbing a store. He got prison for a few years because of this and when he got out he got arrested AGAIN for doing drugs in front of a cop and hitting the cop. He went back again, got out and got arrested yet again for stealing, only this time was at Wal-Mart (where his father works). He’s going to prison again, only this time looks like it could be a very long time because of this and supposedly his drug dealing. He is banned for life from the American Legion because he was selling drugs there and the manager caught him.

    A local factory was hiring and supposedly had several people apply. I know some quality people who were turned down. Yet my thief neighbor got hired. Yep, they bypassed people with clean records to hire him. The reasoning they gave was to give him a second chance. He stole from them the first chance he got. So now they are looking again (and at a loss)instead of hiring the decent people who would have worked hard.

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