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The last three weeks I have largely been absent online because I had to fill up my iPod. Doesn’t sound like a big deal until I explain that the reason I had to fill it up because I accidentally erased all the music on my computer and apparently my iPod is set up to automatically sync with the computer. This happened last year and thought I turned off sync but apparently not. I’m also going to save copies on my hard drive in the event this happens again and I have to do it again and upload over 5400+ songs (my iPod holds about 10,000 songs give or take). This made me think about how important music is to my life and yes even my career.

I knew at 3 I wanted to be a DJ. Very few kids know at an early age what they wanted to do but I did. My heroes growing up were disc jockeys and I listened to them all the time. I would imitate them when I played my own turntable and “announce” the song. When I got older I would usually be the class DJ every time we had a party. For presents I always got music, whether it was 45’s or albums or later on cassettes, CDs, and now gift certificates to iTunes. I still buy CDs over MP3s though. ¬†When I was growing up a local AM station went off the air and one of the neighbors worked for them so I ended up with several 45’s from them. I loved looking at the record labels and watching them go round and round.

Through the years I saw my musical tastes change and develop. I once got made fun of as a kid because I listened to old music instead of what is popular. I once was told not to bring my music to a class party because it wasn’t what was currently on the charts. A few years later I discovered MTV and with it New Wave, which was by far my preferred music for many years. New Wave went on to become different names and spin off various subgenres and calling it New Wave now is out of style.

This leads back to my iPod. As I’ve gotten older I have come back to music I loved as a kid along with discovering new music. I have every genre in my iPod from classic rock to jazz, to classical, to hip hop and everything in between. I have rediscovered artists since I got my iPod. It’s actually my second iPod, my first was an U2 iPod I got when I started my last job and it broke (always had issues with it and had replaced it three times). My current one I bought before I lost my last job and holds video and photos along with music.

Post to continue.

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  1. I could literally write a book on my history of music so instead of writing a book I decided to split it up. I have discovered some things about my self I never realized.

    1. While I consider myself more of a New Wave/Punk/Alternative person (New Wave and Punk are now usually called Classic Alternative)many of the artists I have uploaded entire albums are more classic rock/oldies. Among the full albums I have uploaded are Revolver and Sgt Pepper by the Beatles (and several other albums like Abbey Road and the White Album were almost uploaded in their entirety too). I also uploaded full albums such as Joshua Tree by U2, Led Zeppelin 4 (and most of their albums were also uploaded entirely as well) and Thriller (which I recently purchased with a Barnes and Noble gift card I had for a year and wanted to use up.). I also uploaded several albums by Elvis and I can see why he is still the king.

    2. I was surprised by the completely different genres I did upload. I generally don’t like country but was surprised to see that I uploaded a lot more country than I realized. I uploaded a lot of jazz and classical, music I like but not on an everyday thing. However having room in my iPod meant I could add music I may not listen to all the time but might decide I want to.

    3. I don’t have a lot of current music in my iPod. I don’t like most of what passes for music today. The last current CD I bought was from Adele and I think she is amazing. However, I think her sounds is more of a classic retro which is why I like it. Ironically so does my dad. Most of it though has horrible lyrics and sounds like something I could create. This is the exact opposite of me years ago where I would get the lists of the current top 40 and use it to buy 45’s. Buying 45’s was a big deal for me and every week I would buy them. My parents had no problem with this.

    4. Older music was more groundbreaking, though it was often repetitive. While going through the CDs I would play some 50’s legends and realize their music was fantastic but often sounded the same. Two legends that come to mind are Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. No one would deny these two are legends and definite pioneers of rock and roll. However many of their songs start the same way. It could be argued that they are better than most today, and I would agree but the songs often have the same beat.

    5. I got a new appreciation for older artists. We often think of Elvis as sort of a joke between his death and his later obesity and his movies, but what is overlooked is the fact that his older songs were so important. They were gritty and raw. Two bands that I think were able to do different types of popular music was the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. It is hard to try new types of music and most fail but not these two bands.

    6. I’m not sure why I bought greatest hits of some artists then bought their albums and vice versa. Quite a few artists I liked their singles, bought their greatest hits, then went out and bought their proper albums. I often listened to these other albums once, and never again. Many of these acts I uploaded their greatest hits but nothing else.

    7. Losing my job puts this more in perspective. When I had my job I had a lot of disposable money which I often used to buys CDs. When I worked there Tower Records was going out of business so I bought music at a severe discount. Many of the CDs I listened to once and never again. I look at all the CDs that I likely will never listen to (and some haven’t been listened to for 5 years or longer)and think of the music I bought and all the money I spent. Once I work again I doubt I will spend money like I did.

  2. There is a market for used CDs on eBay. If you get a couple of dollars for each one net of mailing costs, you’re money ahead.

    1. I’ve done that before but last time I regretted it. I felt like I was selling a child and accidentally sold a CD I had no plans to part with (it ended up in a pile I sold at a garage sale).

      1. There is an “out” if you happen to list a CD that you didn’t mean to sell, which is easy enough to do if you are just typing in the bar code number for a bunch of them, and relying of eBay’s artwork to create your listing: cancel the listing. You can claim that it was damaged or had become unavailable. What I hate about selling on eBay is the bite that PayPal takes.

        Chances are that you would not be listing so many CDs that you would exceed the number of free listings that one gets monthly from eBay (it was 50 the last time that I checked, which was a few months ago).

  3. As far as losing your files, I’ve always been a little bit distrusting of syncing mechanisms. They’re fine for their intended purpose–maintaining the same data set over several devices–but they do not replace backups.

    My preferred backup now is an external hard disk, and a batch or script file to copy the updated files from the computer to the external disk. I only copy what has been added or changed, so the process is reasonably quick.

    As far as the music, I remember Sam Goody and Tower Records. In the 1970s, even the department stores had good record departments. Now Sam Goody is long gone, Tower is gone, Virgin Megastore is gone, and J&R, the last decent record store in NYC, has folded itself into a shadow of what it once was. I used to spend lazy Saturdays at Tower, contemplating the stacks… alas, no more.

    1. I don’t like syncing either and have to reset that. This happened last year and it was frustrating. I have an external hard drive and I stored the files this time along with the album covers.

      Tower Records saved me at a time when I needed it as strange as it sounds. I started having horrible issues at my employer back in the fall of 2006 and around this time Tower was going out of business. I would spend lunch shopping and buying CDs. It helped me with my job issues. When I was younger I was lucky because we had several local independent record stores near my house and I would shop there often. Sadly these stores are now long gone.

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