Where has all the time gone?:(

I’m really at ends lately.

I can’t believe how much time has elapsed since this nightmare of mine began.

I heard from a potential client. Who is interested in working on something very long term with me.

I have never delved into that part of the art theatre. I’d need an attorney and a contact for her, plus I’d need to run a credit reference check on her.

Its also a whole lot of legal red tape.

I have no idea wht I would charge for this type of work. I did some research on the web and I found several “going rate” prices on a price list. And there are things on that list that I never heard of. I can’t submit that kind of a price list; I don’t want to be held at bay for something that could be a lot of legal trouble.

This person is asking for more samples of my work. She will have to be charged; time is money and art isn’t cheap.

Second up: I more or less am going back into the job search market. I dread the thought of it — I worked hard to detach myself from the entire sordid stinking mess (It was getting under my skin in ways I didn’t know were possible) and as I said:

The job ads are fewer and fewer.

I am not happy with what I see. I’m in a bad situation and I need resolution on this soon. Like the rest of us here, I need a miracle.

I cannot and will not say what is happening but I had my mind blown yesterday. Very long story. It’s a big mess and a horrible spot for me to be in.

I worked hard to get away from the mess they call a “job search and job market” and I do not want to go to an “unhappy place.” It’s bad for you, your health, your emotional well being and it can take years off your life.

I dread the thought of putting more resumes out there with regularity, in response to the few ads that there are out there now.

The long term project I mentioned is light years away. She is also asking me to create something that exists…there is a copyright on it and she wants “the same kind of character.” I can’t do that.

I don’t even know what to respond to her. Charge her for the sketches she is asking for but if she wants to get this item into production, man, I am going to need an attorney that specializes in entertainment law.

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  1. I understand myself as I am starting to getting responses to my work, asking me what I charge. I just don’t know anything anymore and want a full time job but know this isn’t possible unless I change fields and once again no idea how to do that.

  2. There are no fields left, unless you consider culinary or funeral science.

    Your best bet is to look on the web to see what others are charging then charge comparatively. A guy I know did that when he started to market himself to teach tennis. It’s 45 bucks a lesson, payable up front.

    Find out what is charged for a website layout, graphic art work for a business card or signage (I would charge a good $350 for one illustration for a sign or a card or some type of display, more if it’s going to involve lots of special effects on a sign).

    Example: If you’re designing a restaurant menu, charge a thousand — the art work will probably extend onto the page where the copy is.

  3. NWP, estimating what a job costs is harder than it looks. It helps if you write down what everything costs if you need materials. The rest of the job is your time, and that should be priced in line with the market, which should be somewhere between local price and what the same work would command in Chicago.

    It is very easy to underestimate the amount of time that it will take to do a task, and that’s where a lot of people get in trouble by underpricing the job. You might need to do it once in a while to keep work coming in or because the task is long in duration, but people tend to think that they should be charged the same for every task, even if the next one is a lot more complex.

    1. For me I was looking at the going rate for everything then dropping it a bit. Obviously some of my skills are more expensive like website design so I charge more.

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