They are outsourcing child study teams, too…

Not to another country but to outside firms and groups out of state, not part of the local board of education staff:

This also happened in another town — they did away with all of the internal board of ed admin assistant jobs and now temps are being hired to take their place, for $12 an hour.

This is an old story with foodservice in schools — there are no more “lunch ladies” that are hired by the schools — Chartwell, Aramark and Sodexho Marriott are now running the show at high schools and universities.

No job is safe.

2 thoughts on “They are outsourcing child study teams, too…”

    1. They evaluate the special needs/special education children and determine what services that they can get. The team usually includes a psychologogist, social workers, and special ed teachers. I didn’t know, so I looked it up.

      New Jersey requires a psychologist to have a Ph.D. in order to practice as a school psychologist, so I doubt that they will get one for $12 an hour. The factor that I think is at work is the need to turn students away from special education because it costs too much, so bring in a new group that doesn’t know the children and kick ’em out.

      I have long thought that the sweet spot of getting services from one’s children’s school was a dual diagnosis of both gifted and special needs so that they can have more time to take tests and get other considerations. It would be helicopter parenting its best.

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