Episode #817 of “The Games Interviewers Play”

I’m taking us back to October 2005 for this one.

A vitamin company was looking for an admin. The slot was for the assistant to the VP of research and development.

I sent my resume on a Friday. On Sunday night at 8:30, the vp of r&d called me and conducted a half hour phone interview.  He set up a face to face for the upcoming Friday.

When I got there, he asked me the same questions I heard on the phone and kept me there for an hour, with other interview questions. he then told me “we will be deciding Tuesday who gets the job.”

I didn’t hear from them again until the week before Thanksgiving. The same guy called; I was not home. He left me a phone message: “Hi, this is John Doe from XYZ Vitamin Company. You are one of the people we will be looking at for the second interview group; give me a call at 777-777-7777. Call me to set up the interview; if I am not here, ask for Debbie. Speak only to Debbie when you call, and nobody else…say it is for the R&D spot.”

I went to their interview. Debbie conducted it.

The entire game plan changed: they had a hire but she “was not working out” and the second they hired the replacement, she was getting the gate. (My goodness gracious…this is a MONTH after she began the job, if she started that job immediately after she was told she had the job, otherwise she is there what, 2 or 3 weeks?) I was told NOT to let this person know that her job was being interviewed for. Sneaky, too.

Their dumb second interview consisted of very rudimentary computer stuff: cutting and pasting in Word, doing a word search in a document, etc.  They also didn’t erase the history so whatever you keyed in came up in that drop down bar. Smart of them.

Debbie raved like heck. “Wow, this is great; somebody who can use a computer! Listen, Mr. Doe will probably call you….you will be sharing an office with me.” She said goodbye and left.

A week went by; no word here whether I got the job or not. The standard is that within 24 hours they call to tell you yes or no, right?

I called — I got Debbie. “Oh the reason why you were not called — nobody has been hired yet — is because Mr. Doe is putting together something for a presentation and this is why he has been delayed making his choice.”

I called 3 weeks later; I got the same thing, only with an added comment of  “We will call you with all developments” and this time Mr. Doe said it.

I waited like a fool and I called sometime after the new year. I left Doe a message on his voicemail after hours, asking was the job filled and I would like to know so that I can update my job counselor from the department of labor.

He never called back.

Nice of him.

I like to call this one “The Job That Never Was.”

BTW, the company went out of business; I found this out 4 years back when I was in the area for another interview. The company put money into a brand new building (which was not there when I interviewed) and the entire complex was vacant and deader than a dodo. Pity.
I was never told what salary the job was, nor did I ever get the benefits. That is standard info at a second interview.

I say they did this because they didn’t have the guts to say “Sorry but we went with somebody else” OR if it was such that NOBODY was going to be hired, they didn’t have the guts to say that, either.

This was MY mistake. I should have gone down there a week after the first line of bull I got and said “am I hired YES or NO” and let them take it from there.

4 thoughts on “Episode #817 of “The Games Interviewers Play””

    1. That was quite funny (which is ironically since I don’t think Monty Python is usually that funny though I am part British). It reminds me of a few interviews I went on where things that bizarre did happen.

      This is by far my favorite interview scene ever because even though it was from many years ago it shows a taste of what was to come. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri7O3o1fsRc

      1. The funniest interview scene I’ve ever saw was the one on SNL — the MTA was interviewing for one of the announcer positions.

        Know how you get on a train and you can’t make out the announcement for shit — it’s garbled, inaudible and just plain screwed up?

        Well, that’s how the hiring manager her boss…AND the interviewee talked/sounded like at the interview!

        Hiring Manager: Smraeaf arg maiafr ffr???
        Interviewee: Paf! Mranga mm mmff rarfff mer. Ir rad manrezz!

        (all 3 laugh..the laugh is garbled from all 3 of them)

        Hiring Manger’s Boss: Ceme, mmrerff zzzrarg querrr?
        Interviewee: Yararrr mmrffgger; berarmarogg!

  1. I was dumb to fall for any of this line of crud — huh? HOW intensive of a process is deciding who gets an admin job? You can see something is strange here.

    They did not want to say “We chose another candidate; sorry” and instead did what they did. And my fault for not saying “I am no interested in working for your company” when she said that about allegedly being hung up with a presentation. Pull the plug on this nuthouse; he should have decided in 24 hours after that last second interview candidate came in who the person was who was getting the job.

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