More words of wisdom from the fully employed

“That’s what you say every time you come here.”

This is what somebody said when I told her I am operating a business; I merely said the job search is dead.

Well, it’s been dead for a long time, as those who are out of work can testify.

This is somebody who is in her mid 40s and has held the job for 12 years. As we all know, you are one paycheck away from unemployment…and that includes the union people. I worked for a union shop and I’ve seen 3 coworkers get fired in a flash. One guy got the union involved in hopes of retaining his┬ájob and they would do nothing about it.



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  1. These people don’t get it and sadly never will. The job search is dead because the reality (which we all know)is that the only places hiring are unskilled low level jobs and these jobs don’t want people like us. It’s not being mean, just stating a fact because I know the dumbest people getting jobs while smart people stay unemployed. By smart I don’t mean college grads per se, but rather those who are grads or skilled people. Meanwhile I know some pretty low class people who found jobs easily, like my neighbor who has been in and out of prison for robbery and his former wife (though apparently they are getting back together)who once served a prison sentence for prostitution and drugs. In fact both are back on drugs and only when the problem got mad again were they fired. The sick irony? she worked at the grocery store for months and they knew she had a drug problem but meanwhile a guy who is an unemployed computer programmer was fired after 2 days because he was “too slow” and a teacher who is unemployed was not even hired because of her degree. The majority of the workers at the store are extremely stupid and mess up orders and things like that.

    Yes this is what is happening and sick when skilled people are unemployed and underemployed while dumbasses are hired.

    1. Something went viciously wrong with the system.

      Those “in the know” will say that the people out of work didn’t look hard enough, are too lazy to look, they do not want to work or “I can’t believe in all that time out of work Cuthbert didn’t get at least one offer…what do you suppose that really means?”


      Or they think why should we work; we can milk our parents for all the money we want so why should it be “this bad” that the person is out of work all this time?

      And then there’s the shitty news reports: that we added X jobs to the job market. Wow, all of these jobs! Things are looking up… and everybody assumes things are going well, job wise, in this country.

      OR there iss another shitty strip mall opening with another big box store anchoring it. Or some department store. Let them go work there. At least it’s a job…and better than no job at all!

      More words of wisdom from the “other side.” They don’t get it that most of the jobs in retail or service are part time jobs: no benefits!! So so much for ” at least it’s a job…and better than no job at all.”

      They have it understood that there’s now so many jobs available…so how come those of us out of work can’t even get an offer to work for one of those stores???

      And then there’s the announcement that the recession is over. So then there’s a problem on “our” end, albeit unemployment is still 7.5% and too too high??? Problem on “our” end, us out of work people, because we still did not manage to get a job in alllll this time.

      Something stinks on ice here, with the entire unemployment picture. Something sordid got into the mix; when my company closed in 1992, I did NOT go through this kind of mess. Albeit I was out of work 10 months but I still found A JOB.

      What happened here??? What happened this time?

      And the 7.5% out of work figure isn’t all of the story. The story is with the job search itself, and what kind of truly insane happenings accompany it — who the Christ ever heard of 2, 3 and 4 interviews for a garden variety job that is a non manager’s position??? HOW many interviewees for a non manager’s spot?? You only need 3; you do not need to speak to a dozen freaking people!

      A lot of this is ego stroking. The smaller the turd, the bigger the bowl the turd is going to demand.

      A lot of the job interviewers are older people; you think they’d know better. Nope. They’re more skilled at this Bert and Ernie bullshit than the young punks that are conducting the interviews.

      And a lot of the interviewing is done by somebody who simply has no idea what the job consists of (yes, it happens) or how to interview a job candidate. What good is this interview to us???

      And don’t get us started on the truly snotty people — I am not talking about the usual “don’t call us we’ll call you” or “let you know either way” — what kind of a mental case deliberately mistreats a job candidate?

      They do it because they can. They know we are not being hired and thus, we will not be back. So it’s a free for all and open season on us. Grow up, nut up and act like an adult to the people who are seeking a job.

      Would you treat a guest in your home this way? Would you treat a business associate like this? What’s going on here and why is it acceptable to treat a job candidate like they’re some dumb little kid? What is this, 7th grade at Lincoln Junior High???

      I found that the job interviewing process now is a crapshoot. You simply don’t know what is going to happen until the interview begins. 50% of the time you’ve wasted your time. So what good was this to us?

      As I said:

      If there is a way you can walk away from this insanity, DO IT.

      If there is a way to just leave this entire mess of a job hunt behind, do it — and run like hades when you do. Don’t look back. Consider what this mess will do to your health, both physical and mental and how this mess will strip away your dignity.

      IF you are deliberately mistreated at an interview, or the way you were treated was not with politelenss and civilness — if you were lied to point blank or you were asked questions that you should not be asked of a sworn enemy — if you were victimized in any way, I urge you to tell your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your classmates and everybody you know NOT TO PATRONIZW THAT COMPANY/ORGANIZATION.

      Find something like an Angie’s List or a Craigslist and name names. Take it to the local press if you have to. There is always something like a “Mr. Fix it” or a troubleshooter that works for your local daily — take your story to that entity.

      Report them to the FTC and the Better Business Bureau. Storm your local Department of Labor office — speak to a supervisor — and tell them your story.


      We 7.5% need to have it made KNOWN that there is a world out there that exists at a job interview and it’s damn disgusting and ugly one.


      I am not kidding.

      And go as far as to return TO the interviewer and tell this rotten pig where to go. LEt them know that what happened here is not acceptable and you are here to let this person know where they can go.

      If you get one of those rejection letters where it’s a mess, grammar wise:

      CORRECT the grammar and spelling — the entire schmenge — and PDF it/fax it and send it to the company PRESIDENT.

      Take action. Don’t take any of this lying down.

  2. There is a perspective that union jobs are rock-solid guarantees of employment. Some unions do better than others in protecting their members, but there is always termination for cause, such as for safety violations. Of course, there are lousy unions that just take your dues and do nothing for the membership.

    Dude, the things that you advocate are like urinating in your pants. You feel nice and warm for a while, but then it gets pretty dank. You might want to be mad as hell and not take it anymore, but you’re looking for a job in a declining field. I’ve watched admin work be pushed off onto technical staff for over 30 years, and the number of admins drop by at least 50%. “Workplace productivity” tools have killed your profession, as has the cost of providing benefits, which is a smaller fraction of salary for technical staff than for an admin.

    The ‘president” of the company that wrote the lousy letter might be the first-line supervisor. Are you hoping to be noticed by pointing out their errors? It sounds more like you are burning your bridges behind you. I can understand wanting the satisfaction of telling them off when they won’t hire you, but having made the impression of being difficult lasts a long time.

    When companies won’t pay you real money, title inflation is common. It sounds really impressive to be vice-president of a bank, but often it turns out to be JUST of that branch, and it’s a job that pays around $50K, and you spend your time evaluatiing loan applications. In your field, we went from secretary to administrative assistant, and there are probably other titles.

    I have the opinion that you have a degree in a technical field, so my question is why you aren’t looking for a lab job somewhere or at least abandoning looking for an admin job. You could work in procurement or program management,. You don’t get far with just a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, and things are bad for the people who got doctorates in both natural sciences and physical sciences, often needing two post-doctoral fellowships to land the first full-time job. The question that I’d ask, were I looking at your resume, is that if you have a college degree, why do you want to be an admin? I’ve been a secretary, and I’m glad not to have to do that work anymore. I spent a month typing manuscripts and answering the phone for the humanities department at my school one summer while the regular secretary was on vacation.

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