What’s In Your Pants?

The other day, I bought a new pair of jeans at ‘jcp,’ the new hip name for J. C. Penney.  I get the store brand: they fit and wear well, and are cheap at $20.  They’re made in Mexico, which at least is on this side of the planet.

Today, I went to put them on, and found this printed on the inside:



I’m a guy.

I don’t need to be told how wonderful and special I am, because I already know that as absolute fact.  In fact, I knew that I was fantabulously wonderful and special even when I was divorced, broke, and lonely.

So why are they trying to make me feel special about what is an ordinary, utilitarian pair of pants?  Or are there actually people out there who are so insecure of themselves that they seek affirmation inside their jeans?

3 thoughts on “What’s In Your Pants?”

  1. Of course.

    But every manufactured product that I’ve encountered over the last 30 years has been progressively and relentlessly cheapened. T-shirts used to have cloth tags in the back, not only to indicate the size, but to clearly identify the back of the shirt. Now we have ‘tagless’ T-shirts where the information is printed on the back. But after a few trips through the washer, the printed information fades, and I have to hang the shirt from my fingers and examine it to make sure I’m not putting it on backwards.

    So when I find something extra, that cost money to produce, that is completely pointless, I have to wonder….

  2. Printing information on fabrics is fairly cheap, particularly if you are using thousands of the item. I doubt that the pattern is woven into the the cloth because there would be too much fabric wasted when the pockets were made. If the pattern fades noticeably within about 10 washings, it was printed. rather than yarn-dyed and woven.

    I’m not a great seamstress, but it looks like what they did was make the pocket, which will change size very little over a range of about 10 inches of waist size, print it, and then sew it into the trousers at the appropriate part of the assembly process.

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