LinkedIn is NOT — repeat NOT — a MUST!!!

I despise LinkedIn.

It’s dumb, contrived and just another stupid way to find out what the truly stupid are up to.

Somebody I know has been literally bugging me to join “her network” or whatever it is they call this thing.

I have responded a few times to her via email No I don’t do Linked In but somehow “Mary Smith Is STill Waiting To Connect With You” keeps showing up in my email.

What I see going on in LI makes me laugh. More than several times I have gone down there to do a bit of research about companies and the people who run them. Quite an eye opener — the “resume” that these people list tells me nothing.

One guy lists 3 companies that he “founded” — who knows what that’s about?

LinkedIn is just another useless tool. I can’t even see the point in using it for my artwork.

6 thoughts on “LinkedIn is NOT — repeat NOT — a MUST!!!”

  1. I do send resumes on there but rarely as I haven’t had much luck. However I use it really to see who got the job and to see their posts. Some of the idiots who have gotten jobs over me is astounding. In one thread I complained about having a hard time finding a job and a visaed worker called me lazy!

    1. Gee. And more dramatics than a freaking game of Clue, that Linked In.:(

      Sad sorry state of affairs. You just cannot win.

      It’s one thing to keep trying — when do you know when to preservere and when do you know when the game is over and it’s time to say goodbye?

      Haha…called you “lazy” — are you sure that dumbassed “unemployed people dot com” or whatever it was called hasn’t been resuscitated? haha — what a bunch of pious and sorry assed people they were.

      What I saw on LinkedIn: I searched for a company — I was looking for the president/CEO since I could find nothing on Google or the web — and I somehow came across the LI site for the person that just left the job that was up for grabs.

      Guy had to be about 28 — and his resume on LI was quite an eye opener. Took him 3 years to get an associate’s degree — and then 4 years in addition to the 3 at the community to finish his undergrad degree.

      Here is the kicker….he had 4 years off between the associate degree and the start of the other 4 years of school at the 4 year college! So it took him HOW many years to attain an undergrad degree???

      You’d better have a very good reason for that one: example — you were only attending college and community college part time while you were taking care of family obligations. Or your family could only spare the money for college over a certain period of time; community college is now out of financial reach for a lot of families! Our county community college is now $130 a credit.:(

      Or you were working your way through school and attending classes at the same time.

      Then again, maybe he failed multiple classes. or he was on suspension academically for part of the time.

      I am guessing that there might have been very few credits the undergrad school accepted from the community college.

      This kid must have been good and cheap labor for that company. Probably took advantage of the fact that the kid was just a student and hence, paid him nearly nothing.

      And who was oh so kind to take the time to run that dumb board for the out of work masses? I often wonder about that.

      I would want this kid’s transcript from both institutions, if I was in charge of hiring. I want to see for sure what kind of a bet this kid would be if I hired him. And I would want to know what happened with the 4 years off between schools.

      1. There are a couple of those sites and I still go to one. The people there are generally it seems those that got kicked off the original Unemployed Friends On the original site and one of the spinoffs it had been mentioned (or assumed)the people running it were connected to unions and/or the Democratic Party because if one made a nasty comment about Democrats, Obama or the unions they were banned. I truly believe both parties are to blame.

        I am one of those people who took a long time to graduate but I have a valid reason. I completed three years of college on a scholarship, loans and grants until the school changed their rules on money. Basically it went from academic to needs based and they told me my parents made too much. Ironically around this time I started modeling so I decided to concentrate on that for awhile, save money and attend school class by class. Eventually I went back a few years later and finished my last year and then grad school.

  2. I don’t Face and I don’t Twit, but I do have an account on Linked In. It’s an interesting curiosity–occasionally there are useful technical discussions–but I wouldn’t rely on it for anything.

  3. I think of it all as “anti-social media”. I have a Facebook page, but it doesn’t have my name on it. It’s there for companies that insist that I log in using a Facebook account.

    I’ve been reading articles that talk about how people spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours starting and maintaining their Facebook page. I can understand not wanting a photo on the page that makes you look like you are at Cenrtral Casting for a prison or “hooker with a heart of gold” movie, but come on.

    1. Recently I had an issue on Facebook that really upset me. Generally I do not add people on Facebook I have never met unless it is someone I have talked to awhile online or have been in contact with for years. I have a few that I do chat with via email and phone and while we haven’t met we know each other’s names. Anyway, I made the mistake of adding someone I thought was someone else on a site and that person copied my photo and emailed it to a bunch of people they knew I hated on the forum I post at. I ended up unfriending this person and locked my profile but the damage was done. The majority of my Facebook friends are people I have known quite a while like relatives, former coworkers, former classmates from high school, college and grad school, and two ex boyfriends I stayed in touch with.

      What is the most bothersome about FB is the unfriending that often happens. I have been unfriended by a former coworker because I mentioned on Facebook why I was fired (corruption)and she got upset but the irony is she told me about a lot of the corruption. Recently my aunt unfriended me and I suspect it’s because I was posting a lot about me singing at church or teaching CCD and she had made nasty comments about being proud her and my dad (her brother)were never baptized. This aunt is actually annoying to be honest and would periodically post nasty things telling me I am too picky about things and sending me job postings for stores and restaurants. When I would tell her to send these postings to her long time unemployed son (who is unemployed because he got fired for drinking at work)she would tell me he was “too good” to work these jobs. Yes, an alcoholic who barely graduated high school with no skills except home care is too good for these jobs but an experienced middle manager with a masters is perfect? Whatever.

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