Have no other choice but to start a business

The title is self explanatory.

I don’t know what else I can do to put money on my table. I am cooked either way, apparently.

I have no other ideas or brainstorms. I don’t know what way to go.

This is one big whistle in the dark the size of the Milky Way. There is nothing I can do about it. I can only try.

This was another crummy week of nothing and zero success in the way of the job search. I emailed off another resume; that was Tuesday night and I did not hear from the company.

I no longer wait for these people. They usually call within 3 days if they are interested and more typically I will hear from them the day after my resume goes to them.

If it goes much longer than 3 days, I don’t consider the company a viable option for me to consider employment with. In the past, that would be normal to wait longer than 3 days — not anymore. This isn’t the old days where things used to be normal when you were searching for a job.

I don’t have the patience or time to wait around anymore. No call/email in 3 days = cross them off the list and forget them.

The quantity of ads is also rapidly diminishing. Very few companies are hiring and the ones who are are run by idiots, owned by monkeys or simply don’t know what it is they want or how to conduct a candidate search. Who in tarnation ever heard of interviewing 12 people for a simple office manager job???

A marketing manager asked me questions that were geared to a much younger candidate…which means that that is what they wanted: somebody just entering the job field. Which also means the pay stinks.

We have seen it, all of us — what type of ineptness exists out there. This is hopeless — hopeless for me and hopeless for the rest of us. And at this point, I feel like I am begging or that I want a handout of some kind.

I have no other ideas regarding what to do with my future nor do I know what to do to put money onto my table.

I have no other game plans and no other possible options.

Keep on looking at the ads and waiting to see if I get a job via that route?

That plan’s not working and hasn’t, in months. This is now a fool’s game.

The fact of the matter: the worst of companies are running the ads and are doing the hiring. We have all seen it during our own job searches: the wrong people are being hired and maybe I’m some kind of jealous ole fart or something but why do I think the men who are doing the hiring are looking for a concubine, and not an admin???

The second option is go back to school. Nonoption; we have no more fields that are hot or in need and besides, who’s got the money or time? now it’s get a whole certificate or a whole degree! This is shit that the education cartel cooked up; it’s for their financial benefit, not yours.

The days are gone where you can take 1 or 2 courses and pursue another field of employment. The days are also gone where you could pursue a career that utilizes your degree and the experience you got from a job in the field you were in — not anymore.

Option 3 is go back to school and pursue operating a company of my own. Again, I don’t have the money or time for school. (If I was fully employed, maybe I’d consider school. I don’t know)

I don’t see what other direction I can go into to guarantee full time and livable wage employment. I don’t even know if I am heading in the right direction or whether or not this is something that is viable for me. I have no intuition, no gut feelings, no nothing. And I didn’t have any, either, when the conventional job search was taking place.

I have tried calling former employers to see if they will rehire me. No way: one of them may be closing soon — and I called the head honcho 3 years ago, for the same reason. he told me to drop my resume off at HR (for some reason he did NOT want it faxed to him directly or emailed to him directly; I never could figure out why that was) and when I called him to follow up on my resume/phone inquiry, I never got a call back from him. So forget it.

The rest of the companies I worked for are closed. Or they’ve merged with another company and nobody I worked with is in the merged company’s employ.  Or the owner retired and is MIA, or dead, or un-reachable: the person’s phone number and address changed over the years. (this is the great big advantage of being an older worker. Groovy)

The other 2 companies that are left: one is smaller and isn’t hiring and the other one…long story. No way can I call them.

We have no more fields in demand. There is no way I can move to some state or locale where the jobs are more plentiful.

So it’s plod ahead and start up a company.

I will do it at no cost: I can operate the business out of my home studio; I do not need an off site studio or other external area of operation. Clients need not come here; I can meet them at a food court or a Dunkin or a Starbucks if they want to discuss a project with me.

I need not resort to a print ad to generate business or spread the word about my business. Nobody is running ads anymore; it’s now Facebook and the interwebs and other social media. If I choose to run an ad on a website that covers our town’s news, it will cost me $10. Big deal.

I know of somebody who does kid’s parties and provides entertainment for kids; he never advertised or had a website; he taped a flier to his car window. He got many many calls and clients that way, plus word of mouth didn’t hurt. He had no website at all.

I already have competed projects here that can count as a “portfolio” — and I won’t even need a portfolio per se; all of the projects will be different and as per the client’s suggestion and what I can think of, as well: each completed product will be unique in quality and layout, etc.

I also don’t want to be somebody who tries to start a business and then have it not pan out; I don’t want to spend my life trying business after business.

I also need clients immediately. And the minimum price I will charge…art is not cheap. The smallest painting will cost you $300 if you buy one at a local artist’s studio tour.

And the ugly truth of it: if you go out of business, that’s that: you cannot collect unemployment. Nor are you putting any money into the system for Social Security…and this also means Pay Your Own Health Insurance.

Businesses are also economy driven. A business of the type that I will be running: even more so. Nothing I can do about that.

I can expect to pay 4 grand on a modest 45K a year business.

What else can I do?

I am out of suggestions, ideas and options; starting a business is the only direction I can think of heading into.

And I cannot tell you how many companies I cold called: I cold called many when I got laid off; I was given 2 and a half months of severance so while the severance was up and on line, so to speak, I did cold calls back then: NOTHING resulted.

I am active in local organizations that do lots of fundraising for scholarships and other good deeds; I am well known in town for my art. I’ve done 2 shows and I’ve had an interview with one of the local papers. I got a lot of press that way and about 4 days after the article went to press on their website, the article had over 800 views, which was pretty dern good. last I looked it was up to 1550 views and this is more than a year later.

I’d say my chances for clients is pretty dern good.

I refuse to gauge my self worth against a palette of non-deservers who know from shit; run a company? As a character  said in one of Neil Simon’s plays: “I wouldn’t let them run for Chinese!”  (I myself wouldn’t let them run water) These are not companies that are well known, or where the competition for a job is tight because it is a specified field that requires an advanced degree.  These are little small time outfits, period. And that is the majority of the companies — no, ALL of the companies. No big time names or semi well known companies are running the ads.

These are garden variety jobs. We don’t KNOW what the big guddang fuss is all about. There is no need and no reason to do things they way they are done.  And so long as this type of reasoning is at the helm, forget it: we’re fugged.

What else sucks and sucks bad — and I saw NONE of this in 1992 when my company closed and our division went out of business:

The very vast majority of these companies are connected with China, a foreign mill/manufacturer or a major portion of the business is linked to overseas. I am not keen on that at all.

I am going to go ahead and do it — I expect to go live by June 1, July 1 the latest.

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  1. Getting back to the marketing manager who asked “kiddie” questions — yeah, this is how sharp she was; you don’t use alternative questions, in this case???

    IF you can’t think on your feet when it comes to that, then I can imagine what kind of blockbuster marketing manager you are. ha.

    She was with that company for 30 years at that point. geez, don’t marketing people move on? You sharpen your chops and you get a better job?

    And don’t companies “woo” the true marketing hotshots? Generally in any industry everybody knows everyone else — there are trade magazines and awards given to the top notch people and so forth.

    I would think if she was that much of a hotshot she’d have gotten a bigger and better job and moved on, at least 15 years ago. So how good is she then, really?

  2. I wish you luck in starting your business, and I hope things work out well for you.

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    I know from your previous posts that you’re an artist, and presume that your business will relate to that. But you didn’t describe clearly the services you plan to provide, other than to set a minimum price. That’s OK in this forum, but when you go marketing in the wider world, you have to put forward the services you provide clearly and succinctly. You’re not carving anything in stone, and you’re free to offer other services to interested clients. But if you say that you’re willing to do ‘whatever,’ in order not to limit yourself, people will think that they can do ‘whatever’ for themselves, and won’t need your help.

    If you’re going to market on the Internet–and even if you don’t, but plan to communicate with clients via e-mail–you should secure a domain name. You will be taken more seriously as dude@newjerseyartworks.com than as dudefromnewjersey@gmail.com. You register the domain name and pay the use of a Web/mail server; you can find deals for under $100/year.

  3. Yeah, when I had the other business, I had a domain name. It pays off.:)

    Everything has gone to crap. Between the time I got my last job and the time I started to look for another job (that was 3 months’ worth of a time span) something changed and that’s where everything got weird in the job hunting world.

    I was looking for another job while employed because not only was I being harassed — a whole other story in itself — but also because I saw the entire supply line dry up at work…and 3 months after I saw that, the recession kicked in.

    And in addition to that, the company lost a major major client (a competitor bought them out) and then the company started to lose orders, clients and business. There were days where we had to invent something to do because things were so slow.

    The major major client was sold off to a competitor sometime during the winter, several months before I got there. I can’t figure out why they put an ad in the paper for an admin… that was the job I eventually got — did the owner not get it that things were going to be slow??? A major portion of her company income relied on that client.

    She was dazzled by the profit when she signed on to sell that product… and when Sold CLient was said and done and they parted ways, that was the end of that. Her easy money was gone.

    She also did NOT have a Plan B if that client was lost. Again, she wasn’t very bright.

    And then her goose was cooked because there were no other takers for that product the sold client bought! As you can see, the owner was not the smartest person in the world.

    Perhaps if I knew what the story was with the sold client, I wouldn’t have taken that job.

    And the whackiness and bull with the job search has intensified even more, over the last 3 years, I’d say. I did not see this kind of pig-gery and insanity 6 years ago when I was looking for employment.

    The better companies aren’t hiring. That’s the bottom line.

  4. This is something I am looking at and depending on what happens it’s where I am headed too. Like you I have a skill that can be freelance work so it’s where I am going to go. I am so tired of interviews where I get rejected right away. I still haven’t heard from the last interview, and in a good economy I would get this job because it fits me to a T but we all know fitting a job to a T isn’t all they require.

    1. I suggest you start rounding up the wagons now.

      You know what your area needs in the way of graphic art and other related duties.

  5. This would not be freelance work.

    This is a bona fide company.

    I am not sour grapes so I am not saying the following because I didn’t get hired and now I’ve got a bee in my bonnet:

    I reviewed and had another look at every interview I attended since this Hades of a job search began — I keep notes and a job book — and my conclusion is this:

    They are all very very small companies and run by not so bright people. I would not let them own a pet rock, let alone a company… and I would not let them run water, let alone run a company.

    There was only one very large company in the entire batch of places I sent my resume to:

    It was a very large international company that specializes in food science, perfumery and other specialties (example: formulating flavorings for coffees and teas and beer and wine). They were asking for a food scientist with a masters degree in food science.

    I sent my resume on a lark, just to see what happens; one never knows…and I got a call from them.

    I knew it wasn’t going to amount to anything — an HR person conducted the phone interview; I wish the actual manager of the department would have spoken to me; being I have a bio background and a med tech background with heavy lab experience, maybe he’d have given me a face to face.

    You never know what a manager can decide and you never know if you experience MIGHT be something they can count on.

    This is how it used to be in the old days: they called you in for an interview; you never know what develops from an interview.

    This was a huge company and the job itself paid close to 70 grand a year.

    Food technologists are hard to find. There are nearly no universities in this area that offer a food science MS degree.

    Getting back to the interviews I attended:

    The rest of the companies I had interviews with were with very small little tiny flyspeck companies, and usually owned by a husband and wife or “family run.” I have worked for 3 or 4 family run/hubby-wifey companies and these are usually the worst ones to work for.

    The siblings bicker –and often violently — the siblings are not the smartest and usually the parents involved in the mix are very on in years and very set in their ways. Stubborn as hell; won’t go “new school” and tend to stick with the crappy ole “tried and true” methods.

    All of the companies had one thing in common:

    They were interested in hiring the same thing they have now: keeping the status quo.

    I firmly believe they don’t want an outsider, or somebody smart, or somebody who can add to the company.

    Moreover, these companies don’t hold any benefit to us; is there a promotion in the cards for us, if we get hired and we’re there a few years and want a bigger and better job within the company? NO. There is no room for advancement. You are stuck with the same crappy job you got upon your arrival.

    These companies usually do not give raises. And don’t ask about health insurance: it’s a contribution out of your check and not a small one.

    This is a closed route for me. They want the same type of worker that is there right now. If you observe carefully, you’ll see what most of the employees consist of.

    Every company wants a certain type. I have never seen it fail. And I will bet none of you ever have, either.

    One company have available a “will train” job — this was a small medical manufacturer — had a staff that mainly consisted of women in their mid-50s. You can bet that any type of post-high school education was very rare with their staff; you can usually tell when the bunch that is there is college educated. You can tell by the way these people are dressed and how they act — if you are there long enough to observe (and I was) you will be able to accurately draw that conclusion.

    These ladies were probably there since high school ended. And this translates out to “they are making $18/hour tops, after all these years.” This is a dead end for you. Who needs it???

    You are also out of their price range! The job isn’t yours, just based on that alone.

    I pride myself on being a shrewd observer and I think I should have been a private detective or a cop. It is amazing what information I pick up either at an interview or via the telephone interview itself.

    What type of an employee do you think they are going to hire?

    More of the same. You are SOL just for the fact you’re a little bit different (translated: smarter than they are)

    This was also a company run by — you guessed it — a husband and wife. Her father owns the company — he is still working, well into his 80s, at another locale for the company, about 40 miles down the road.

    Who needs this??? Really and truly, who needs companies like these??? He’s in his 80s and is working? That must be a real joy to behold, if you are working under his tutelage. UGH.

    In all my years of interviewing — and I had my first interview back in college, for a med tech school interview in the Seventies — I have never ever seen so many piss poor companies. It’s slim pickins and there is nothing at all intelligent on site. The behavior and lack of etiquette and lack of decency is enough to make you vomit.

    I’ve also heard disclosed highly personal and confidential information about the person that used to have the job or who currently has the job. WOW! what does THIS tell you about somebody’s ability to keep things on the down low??? Nobody understands what “confidential” means????

    Do you really want to work for somebody like this or for a company like this? Not very smart to disclose that type of information.

    What would this person say about YOU if you had the job, and left the company’s employ? To me, if they say it about one employee, they’ll say it about another. Not very bright and not very nice.

    They don’t even understand the basic concept of how to dress for “company.” Maybe it is casual Friday but wow — keep a decent shirt and a blazer or something in your locker or drawer! One woman wore a flimsy shirt that saw its better day a few seasons ago.

    And don’t ask about the snottiness and downright vulgar replies I have gotten when I have called to follow up to see if my resume was received. How ignorant and how disgusting. This is how you treat a stranger at the end of the line????

    You are not even escorted to the door when the interview is over. Nor are you even treated well — there is no common interview courtesy. One guy dropped the door in my face as he left the room; I was following him out. Wow…ladies first, no??? You don’t hold the door and let ME exit first???

    For liability purposes, also, you are to escort the candidate to the door and watch the person leave the premises. That’s the way I have understood it.

    Getting back to the rudeness during a phone call:

    Your mother needs to take off her belt and give you a good beatin’ as we used to say back in the day. And your father needs to have your hide, PRONTO! WOW! This is how you treat PEOPLE who call to ask about a resume? Imagine what it is like to work there.

    Ignorant and vulgar, like I said — and that is 99% of the companies I have either spoken to by phone or where I had the most extreme of noxious displeasures to be interviewed by. This has been a torrential disaster, from start all the way up until now.

    And it’s the stupid stupid things I’ve seen — the guy who ran 14 ads, the woman who wanted to interview 12 people for an office manager job (paying 45K), the ads that had spotty information in them (“College grad needed; will train in the office”? What kind of a job is it??? Do I need to get my Magic 8 Ball for this one, perhaps??) companies asking for things that no longer exist on this planet, or galaxy, or universe!

    There’s the bunch who ran an ad and took your resume — and then things sort of got muddled up. You call once and the job is still open. You call again a few weeks later and it’s “did you send your resume? The job is still open…” What are you waiting for, doom???

    then there’s the hiring managers who make it clear that they didn’t even READ your resume!!! “Do you have experience in the lab???” GUy….if you read my resume — first page and second page — you’d have KNOWN that in about 30 seconds or less. What are you doing over there, taking up space????

    What’s going on here, really??? What truly and really is going on here???

    I can’t do this anymore. It’s already affected me in many ways and I don’t want what is left of my dignity stripped away and discarded. Enough is enough. I am warning you: this will get under your skin and in so many ways — it will creep in and lock itself in like mustard gas.

    What am I chasing? How many more weeks am I supposed to continue this failed route? What am I pursuing? Nothing worthwhile and nothing intelligent and nothing that will benefit me.

    This just is not worth it.

    I want proof where these bastards hired somebody smart and sharp and somebody sharper and smarter than me.

    That is NOT what they hired — I have seen it too many times to see what they hired.

    I’ve seen what’s been in the office with me, waiting to be interviewed. Don’t get me started on how inappropriately these people have been dressed. Any hiring manager with sense would say to that person “I am sorry but you are not dressed the right way for an interview; I am sending you home. Low rise gaucho pants with 8″ thick cork sole heels are not appropriate to wear for an interview. Come back when you are wearing proper interview attire.” That they tolerate any ole type of attire at an interview tells me plenty about the company and how their thought processes work.

    And yes…that is what the person wore: low rise gaucho pants with shoes with an 8″ cork sole!!! This was “conservative” compared to other outfits I have seen. This isn’t Friday night out with your girlfriends, a dance club or a party a neighbor is giving! And it’s not Halloween, if you want me to be ruder to SOME of you that I have seen.

    I know I am bright and I have more talent in my little finger than the rest of the candidates have in their whole body —if this was even 10 years ago or even six, I’d have had the job ON THE SPOT!

    I remember a time where I got laid off on a Wednesday and by Friday of the following week, I had a new job and was already working there. I remember ending a temp job and in 2 weeks, I was already reporting to my NEW job.

    And I remember another job interview: there on Wednesday and had the offer on Friday.

    What happened here, during this job search???

    The hiring managers and/or owners doing the hiring that are inept, idiotic, no-class, brainless, ill mannered, rude, useless and ignorant is what happened here.

    You got a kook interview very very rarely back in the day…now it’s the norm.

    You bet your ass something is very very wrong with this picture if I have gotten nothing at all in the way of an interview. And I am not the only one — there are thousands and thousands of us in the same boat.

    It’s THEM and not us. THEY are the problem: the ones that are doing the hiring.

    I do not need a job coach. Or a life coach. Or a mock interview. Nor do I need a headhunter or somebody to see how I “present myself.” What I need — and what everyone looking for a job needs — is a TIME MACHINE!!!!

    Since that’s not possible, we are screwed. I furthermore refuse to let myself be taken for a ride by these dirty rotten bleeps. Enough is enough and quite frankly:


    Read that and weep and put that into your pipes and SMOKE IT, after you get done smoking whatever it is the bunch of you creeps who are in charge of hiring are done smoking.

    Something has long been rotten and off kilter and it is them and not us.

    1. It is them and not us. I suppose we can technically say it’s us in that maybe we can’t pass the stupid psych tests (or rather that we are a different personality than those they desire), or it’s because we are older or a myriad of other reasons. I will often look on Linked In, or the company’s website or even Google the position (among other ways)to see who actually got the job and so often the person who got it was less qualified than me. I can think of one interview where the person who got the job was far more qualified than me and should have gotten the job. This was one of the times an employer called me and told me they were impressed but the person had more experience. In this case I wasn’t angry they got it.

      However that was just one experience and more than I’d like to think the person who got it was either a recent grad (which I find ironic because these jobs always state several years experience)or a foreign worker. In one case the person who got a public relations job I wanted could barely speak English. I know this because I found out via Linked-In this person got the job and then looked up their posts on Linked-In and other sites where they state they have trouble with English and a recent immigrant from Brazil. Another person who got a job was an outspoken lesbian who has a Facebook page where she posted photos of her and her partner making out and posts graphic sex comments. Btw this person also had less experience too. A third person was a recent grad who had several posts on sites where he talks about coming into work drunk and how work reminds him of his fraternity. These are the people who are getting jobs over me.

      1. I took exactly one of their useless little tests since this mess began and it was about 2 months into my job search.

        It was an 8 person company, so help us. And I also had to give this jerk permission to see if I was on a no fly list!!! This was an admin job and does NOT entail flying in any sort of commercial aircraft as part of the job duties. So what the hell GIVES?????

        I never use a fly; all of my trousers and jeans and pants button to the side or have an elastic waistband haha. FOOEY.

        This also encroaches on confidentiality and the question of what they do with the confidential information that’s on the end of the company that is providing the investigative services! Anybody and their Aunt Nancy could be privy to your info. And in this day and age of identity theft, who wants to take a chance, particularly if this is just an ordinary job that isn’t paying all that much????

        Honest to murgatroy:

        When you see an exam of any kind is involved, say goodbye right there.

        Do not stay: tell them anything — you have another interview in an hour, you have a child to pick up from school, you have to go home and wash your hair, etc — anything will do; get out of there pronto and don’t look back. NOT worth your time, efforts or TROUBLE. And neither is their job that is up for grabs.

        And not to mention it’s an inconvenience and RUDE! You are not told in advance pf your arrival that you will be there for more than an interview and you can count on being there for an hour or more and why.

        Maybe I have another interview to get to that afternoon —- and they are expecting me within the hour! Maybe I have a kiddo to pick up from school or a myriad of other things where time for your chicklet exam does not permit.

        I have to wait on you and your exam? Forget it.

        And what is the result of this exam per employee PROVING????

        Consenting to sit for this test or that does NOT guarantee you the job. You have the same odds at that point as you did if you didn’t show up!

        And besides, has it ever crossed their very small and finite mind that perhaps you have taken several exams like this one…and they are all the same version??? At that point you know what answers to give and for the fact alone you have taken several you have blown the entire purpose of the exam to smithereens and bloody hell.

        And if you TOLD them “I have taken a few exams exactly like this one” wonder what they’d do then? They haven’t got a Plan B.

        The entire lot of these interviewers could care less if they hire Ren, Stimpy or SpongeBob. The intelligent, the unique and those with a personality and brain are not getting the jobs. They want the same dumbassed bobbleheaded doll and one that adheres to the status quo that they have right now.

        Something is very very weird here and the entire job search has gone bad. I, NWP and others are consistently getting nothing.

        There is some other reason why these nobodies and the unqualified are getting the jobs — something emotional or psychological about them appeals to these managers.

        And remember: you get what you pay for.

        LinkedIn is DUMB.

        Just plain DUMB — there is a guy who owns one of the companies I interviewed with (another very very small operation with 4 people in it) and attached to his LinkedIn is his blog. He is posting about junk: what video game to buy, what the best mortorbike is, etc — guy, are you a company president and grown man or are you a seventh grader???

        Frivolous and just plain DUMB.

        I told you:

        We are DONE.

        We decent and smart people are DONE.

        There is no room in this cesspool for us; they are telling us loud and clear that the smarter sharper people are not wanted or needed.

        1. I don’t mind tests as long as they pertain to the job. For instance the jobs I apply for require strong English and computer skills so I have no problem taking those tests. In fact I kind of expect it. These tests almost always put me in the second interview group. However the other tests, like the psych tests don’t prove anything at all.

          Probably two of the most intrusive things I was asked for was my medical history and my credit report. The company wanting my medical history was for a HR job and the company wanting the credit was an admin job. Not just that but the company wanting my credit wanted me to bring a copy and pay for it myself. That ranks up there with this one company expecting me to come to a first interview with a copy of a drug test I paid for and another wanted me to take one, also on my dime. I don’t do drugs except for the odd booze drink but I find that offensive asking me to pay for it.

          1. Medical history?

            There is HIPPA! They are treading on thin ice.

            And if a company wants a drug screen they can do the paying for it.

            What scares me is how people are brainwashed by this nonsense. I’ve heard my own friends say “Well, if you want the job, you’d better do what they ask…” Let’s be honest: you and I know full well that none of these escapades and none of these shenannegans will safeguard the choice of the employee!

            There is no sense in any of these tests. It makes sense to give a test pertaining to the job and its duties; it is standard and commonplace to give somebody seeking an electronics job an item to troubleshoot. That is fine.

            No other tests are required, or needed. Let it go; you employers are chasing a phantom, the boogeyman and what supposedly lurked under your bed after dark when you were about 6 years of age.

            If the job was solely based on KNOWLEDGE, it would be another story. The hiring managers are still choosing who they want. And what happens to those with good skills but they are consistently NOT chosen for the job at hand?

            What happens to the rest of us — the ones who are continually turned down for the job?

            We get to sit home and rot?

  6. You can get a free copy of your credit report at http://www.annualcreditreport. com . Don’t go to freecreditreport.com because you will get the Equifax site that will try to sell you monitoring.

    Once you have a copy you can copy it, and you can get one from each of the three major credit reporting agencies each year through the annualcreditreport. com site, so spread them out over the course of the year so that you can provide one that is more recent if necessary.

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