Jobs applied for over the last 6 months…some stats…

During the past 6 months, I replied to 35 ads.

I got 12 responses.

7 of the 12 responses resulted in an interview.

5 of those replies resulted in no interview:

One company  cancelled the interview the last minute; the rest screened me, and asked questions — and then they said thanks and didn’t hollaback later on with an interview — or they called and after I asked some questions, the job wasn’t the same as what they asked for in the ad.

Or they asked me several questions and then said “Thank you; we will call you if we are interested in pursuing the matter.” This was after one of the hiring managers doing the phone screening asked 6 billion questions. Every answer I gave her was favorably geared toward the job in question. The job paid 50K a year.

I never heard from her again. What in crap was she looking FOR?

Or the company didn’t know what they wanted. One was the whacky guy who insisted on steno and ran 14 ads to see who he could muster up! That job paid 50K-60K a year. He called and asked if I had steno; when I said no, he rang off.

One of the calls I got, but where there was no interview,  was from a nursing home who was asking for a marketing director.

When I saw the ad, I called and asked the hiring manager if marketing experience in the nursing home field was required.

She said, “That doesn’t matter. We don’t care if you marketed light bulbs, the experience is still the same.”

I sent a resume, then waited a week and called to follow up. I asked for the woman who originally spoke to me and she called back. (I tried calling earlier but got no reply after I left my number. I called again later on in the day to see if she would get on the line)

She wanted to know if I had pharmaceutical experience or nursing home marketing experience.

I said, “I spoke with you a week ago and you told me that it did not matter what type of marketing experience I had so long as it was experience.” to this she said nothing at all. She got a bit testy and said, “Well I got 200 resumes; you can send yours if you like.” I told her I already sent mine and told her when I sent it. (I faxed it to her, with her name on it.) She said goodbye and hung up.

When I hung up, here’s my “you have a message” light blinking.  Guess who it was: Her, asking me to send my resume (I called her earlier in the day to ask about the job; she was not there; I left my number for her to call)

Now she’s asking for pharmaceutical experience? What has that got to do with being a marketing director???

Anyway, that’s what I got from one of the companies that called but did not schedule an interview when they phoned.

Here’s what happened with another call, but no interview:

The job available was a job that I did in years past. The company pres responded to my email and asked me if I had experience in the field. Uh, it’s right there on the first page, and detailed further on the second page, under the heading “Relevant Experience” — I held that job years ago, as I said, and I stated that the experience reflected was not on my resume and I’d be more than happy to detail it at the interview.

Didn’t he read my resume?

Okay. So I  email back and explain Yes, I have experience and I told him the details, in 25 words or less.

“Thank you,” he replied. “We should be scheduling candidates in about 2 weeks. We will let you know either way”….

That was on February 21. Today is April 4 and about 2 weeks ago, I called there to see if anybody was hired. Job was still available; no interviews were held yet.

Suffice to say who knows what is in the works over there.

Do these people really and truly KNOW what they are doing????

Here is the rest of the breakdown– the companies I interviewed with:

Company 1: Paying 25K, no benefits. The game plan also changed upon my arrival; he was now asking for an office manager, He also wanted you to accrue doctors for his social work practice. he had no idea how he was going to compensate you for your accruals. No game plan at all.

Company 2: $20 an hour, no  benefits, to put together an office from scratch and manage it.

Company 3: Had interview; did not get job. Did not say how much it paid

Company 4: Office manager job; paid 50K. This was the interviewer who could not look me in the eye and who said “I’m a little worried you will leave to restart your art company.”

Company 5: Admin job; paid $15 an hour and no bennies. Hiring manager said the same thing that Company 4 interviewer said — only he prefaced his fear with “No offense but.” he also thought my art hobby would interfere with the job I’d be doing there on a daily basis.

Company 6: Same as the above. Pay rate the same, no bennies, same kind of rap from the hiring manager about the art company and me restarting it.

Company 7: Exec Admin job — assistant to the CEO. Paid 35K a year. Did not ask about benefits but I will bet you that there is an  employee deduction involved.

The company that cancelled  my interview at the last minute told me that they decided to promote somebody from the inside. About a week after the cancellation, I did some research about the company; there is big trouble there; they are cutting pay rates, laying off staff (there were 50 gone as of December 1 and more to come)  and upping employee contributions for health insurance from 15% to HALF! (the news article was dated December 26, 2012) There is also a lot of union angst involved and picketing galore, at the time. It very well could be the picketers are still there.

AND sales were down 40%. Who needs a company that is financially ailing??? KEEP your job is waht I think.

Their ad billed the company as “pleasant work environment.” With or without the picketers, the pay cuts, the layoffs or boosting the employee health care contribution to 50% of the total cost???

So that is 7 interviews out of 35 resumes: 20% “success” rate.

And only one offered a livable wage — 50K — and that ain’t so livable if you are somebody with a dependent or 2, or your cost of living is kind of high; you will barely make rent with that salary.


In the old days, I’d hear from at least every other company whose ad I responded to.  I remember 6 years ago: I went on 1 or 2 interviews per week and it only took me 10 weeks to find a job.  I went on about 12 or 13 interviews that time.

For me to get 12 or 13 interviews? This time, it took about 9 months.

Another nice trend:

When you call and ask questions about the job — mundane questions like “When are interviews”, you get nasty nasty people and they give you nasty nasty answers. I asked one gent when he might be conducting interviews and his snippy reply was “Probably Tuesday.” I get the feeling that he said that just to tell me anything and to get me off the line.

Tuesday came and went. he did not call to set up an interview.

Hopeless is what this is.

Unless there is a miracle, I don’t see any change.

I got at least a 75% response rate in the past — this was 6 short years ago  and prior — and very rarely would I get a screening interview via phone that did NOT result in an interview — this one time an R&D VP of a drug company called me to screen me before he set up a face to face; he and I were on the phone for a half hour with him asking me questions about my background.  That was only 6 short years ago.

And the face to face was over an hour with “real” questions, and not filler or garbage.

Times have changed.

And to give snotty answers to questions or to cancel last minute or to not even know what you want when a candidate shows up for the interview — this was unheard of, even 6 short years ago.  If you got an out-there interview it was very few and far in between.

Who’s got rocks in their head? and what kind of a no class reply is a snippy “Probably TUESDAY”???? Cool yer jets and relax your face and hands, as my grandma used to say! Act your age and have class. You aren’t talking to a common skivvy.

Even if you did not get the job, you got  quality in an interview. You got courtesy, you got smarts, you got intelligent people who would conduct the interview.

You would also be able to tell from the content of the interview whether or not you might get the job. Not anymore.

We are beyond help, imo.  We are all done. Every single one of us.

There is no reason for anybody to NOT have a job — particularly if you’re educated and skilled and have great experience. The majority of us are sitting home, watching the days go by and trying to hold down the fort.

More and more I am thinking I may have to start a business and out of necessity. I may have no other choice.

I got a damn 20% success rate and even then: STILL no offer and no job. It is frightening what kind of trash these companies are, the ones who do have jobs available.  That’ was exactly 3 companies out of  35, really, who were paying 50K and up. The rest were paying NOTHING — it was a range of 25K – 35K a year.

We are done.

Scary shit indeed.


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  1. That sounds like my experience to a T. I too have marketing experience, only more in the entertainment industry and when I see a marketing job now they want specific job experience (as in medical marketing). Most of the jobs I interview for are not jobs I would consider several years ago.

  2. It is still positively unbelievable.

    I am tired and have had it with lollygaggers, pussyfooters, dilly dalliers, nasty gits who get the phone and who either don’t know what they are doing or who treat you rudely while you are on the line, messages that don’t seem to be returned, resumes that semm to get lost in the mix, mental cases who play games with you — literal games – at the interview, have had it with the hoops and other contraptions they “require” a job candidate to jump through and I’ve had it with the fools and trash that owns and/or conducts the interview.

    Had it with nastiness from these gits and had it with snotty snippy answers. Who acts like this??? I left 8th grade in 1971; these little numbnutses are still there, evidently. No call and no reason to treat somebody so ignobly. Grow up and act your age and not yer shoe size. It is not only business etiquette to act like a decent adult, it is also CLASS. And it is the right thing and only thing to do.

    Now they say what they want and do as they wish. And treat you any ole way they desire.

    Simply because they know they will not see you ever again nor hear from you ever again. Rotten way to act and disgusting. Period.

    Then there are the jobs that go unfilled — you call a week later; the job is open. You wait another couple of weeks. Same thing: job is still available — and you call in another week or 2: guess what: still available.

    What’s going on here?

    Are you people filling this position or not? Did you put the job on hold or scrap the hiring? Is somebody key to the interviewing process away or not available and you are waiting for him to get back? Do you people even KNOW what the blast you are doing????

    And you get a stupid question like “Did you send your resume?” “Oh, the boss doesn’t like phone calls…” Yeah, well, I don’t like being kept waiting. Are you or are you not going to hold interviews?

    More than one company has been like this. After a month, I gave up and never called there again. it is to no avail. forget it. Consider the job NOT posted.

    Had it with low pay and crummy benefits and had it with taking a number – 506 – and finding out that that’s how many people have interviewed for the damn job. Really: you need everyone from here to Lockport, NY to interview for a job that is a non managerial spot????

    Had it with the “assumption” that I will have my hobby interfere with their job and have had it with the assumption that I will quit their job to restart my art company.

    Had it with licks and promises and lip service. Had it with phoney baloney overly friendly interviewers acting like I am their long lost rich relative. Had it with game players and had it with having my time and gas money wasted.

    Had it with shitty salaries, shitty benefit packages and had it with the pigs who think that it is acceptable to have an employee sign on for that kind of slave wage. This already is a garbage company; this is a pig who owns the company and nobody that cares about his people.

    Imagine what it is like to work there on a daily basis. Think about it.

    A good bum owns and operates a company where he thinks nothing of paying his employees a slave wage. Period.

    And we all know that the hiring entity will hire more of what is there right now; they want the same type: a much older person, a much younger one, one with no education or whatever their “type” is. Look at what is working there right now – the majority of their employees — and it’s a sure fire bet that’s what is going to be hired: one more person to match the set, more or less. You are an outsider. Of course they aren’t going to hire YOU!

    If you have a majority of older workers, younger ones, Hispanics or what have you…that’s what they are going to hire. They are keeping the status quo. It is not going to be little old you who is hired..

    Tully only knows why you are there interviewing for a job where it is already known that you will not be a hire, and known long before you even show up at the interview.

    Maybe you are there interviewing because they “had to “ post the ad and they had to speak to others from the outside – everybody knows the majority of the jobs are filled from the inside. Part of company policy to post the ad, blah blah etcetera.

    I am not going to win this round. Not at all.

    I am fighting a losing battle.

    If I knew this was going to happen, I swear to you I’d have forgone the entire job search and did something else with my life from Day One of my layoff. This has been to no avail. NONE at all whatsoever and only the good Maker knows why it went the way it did.

    I am chronically ill and this is taxing my health. (I had that to contend with, too, 3 months after I got laid off; that’s when I was diagnosed; I wound up in the hospital on an emergency admission – and at that point, I had to elect to pay for health insurance. If I had a clean bill of health, no way would I be paying $380 a month for what is a bare bones health insurance policy) I can’t risk my health being compromised. It’s also not good for your mental health, your dignity or your day to day life.

    As much as I hate the thought of it, I am going to have to start my own business. You all know how much time has already gone by and this to me is like some kind of weird Twilight Zone thing: all of a sudden all of this time has passed by. You have spent the last many months of your life putting everything else on hold because you’re looking for a job.

    None of these hiring managers are smart. I have seen the rejection letters that come here – a fifth grader would not dare to put something in the mail that resembles that kind of garbage. This is what got hired…and you are home?

    They don’t want a person smarter than them – or smarter than their current staff – as a hire. Oh sure; they know this person isn’t the best or the brightest but yet the person is hired anyway. And you get to stay home.

    I told you about the guy who spend my interview talking about my college (it was his also) and what my past careers/jobs consisted of. He told me he currently had a woman who was a cocktail waitress and bartender working there now; she was leaving to pursue some sort of job at a hotel somewhere up the road.

    Why am I getting the idea that he wants the same kind of person as a hire? Very doubtful if she had any type of post high school education; she also had a 10 year old son, he said.

    He told me he’d be on vacation for 2 weeks and to call him if I got a job. That was a Wednesday. On Monday, a rejection letter showed up with his name signed to it and what a torrential disaster the letter was.

    And how fabulous his name is on a letter some little shit is composing. From that alone you can see something isn’t right over there. She can’t put together a simple rejection notice; why did you hire her? WHY???

    YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, buddy. Remember that.

    Way after the fact. When I got that letter, I should have taken it and my arse and gotten into my car and went to that company to ask him what gave. NO he was not on any vacation; very doubtful if he was away at all.

    That was filler, that discussion he hd with me about my school and my jobs. He knew he was not hiring me so he did this to fill up time and to discuss “something” at the interview.

    I am not going to win this round. And it’s scary and horrible that the ads are dry. I used to go on 1 or 2 interviews a week – now it’s down to what – far less than that? I can’t be playing a waiting game by the phone or email, either.

    And you don’t even know if the job is QUALITY or if the company is a decent one: often as not you get there and the company is trash. I spent 50 minutes in a lobby waiting for a hiring manager. I had a specific appointment with him for 2 pm and here is it. ten of 3 and I am STILL WAITING!!!

    If that was not bad enough, you should have seen the nonsense that was going on in the main office to the left of the lobby where about 6 employees were holding kangaroo court and taking up space and our oxygen/

    To put the cherry on the very very tippy top of this entire fiasco, the hiring manager never apologized for keeping me waiting when he finally did bother to interview me: Trash, like I said. What kind of a bum does not apologize for keeping you waiting????

    My experience is the same as the experience all of you are having.

    I said it before and I will say it again: we are done.

    If you have a skill or a hobby or something you are fantastically good at that you can do, Start a business of your own.

    I urge you to do so. Worth the try if anything at all because you will wait for the Second Coming if you wait for these blankety blanks to hire you.

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