Why it’s a unconscionable idea to let hospitals go “for profit” and be sold to “investors”….


We haven’t begun to see the mess the mess that results.

The investors that own that hospital have also sold the land that the facility is on — so how cute — 18M dollar sale went right into the hands of a Canadian developer/investment group! The money didn’t even stay in our country or our economy!

The new owners of the property can also decide to snuff that hospital at any time and build/develop any ole thing that they wish to be on that site — there is a hotel that is a block away from that hospital: guess who owns the hotel! if you said “the Canadian developer” a kewpie doll goes to you.

The problem is with the hospital system itself: so many hospitals are failing and going bankrupt — the entire system needs a rebirth and a new genesis but what kind?

Any way you look at it, the hospital in the above link is finished.

And as usual, it is going to be at the expense of the little guy who works at that facility.

There is a cash flow problem over there, or the investors are filling their pockets with lots and lots of greenbacks or the investors don’t know shit about running a hospital. This is going to get uglier and worse — this is only the very beginning of what lurks under the slimy rock that these people are under.

Imagine not being able to collect unemployment because your former employer did not pay out the proper tax to the feds and the state…. imagine…

This seems to be the future of our hospital system in this country:

The hospital is financially ailing; sell it to a private investment group with oodles of money.

Look: you don’t have to be a Wharton School grad to know that groups like these want these death-chases-murder hospitals for a good reason: they are going to get rich from the deal!  You can bet that the patient will not benefit from it and the employee will get shelled, walked on, bleeped over and shaken down for whatever it is they’ve got. The patient will be shagged for every last cent and shagged also for the quality of client care. You cannot place a dollar amount on that; client care is priceless.

They come in with flowery speeches and promises and lip service — another investment group that wants to buy another hospital about 10 miles from the one in the article is promising to pour at least 30M of improvements into the building and campus. I am wondering how they are going to achieve that….and I am wondering if that will happen at all.

This is the future of our hospital/health care system?

Be scared as hell.

People and their health are seen as a commodity to these big assed money groups. And when money is the major factor in the picture, you can kiss patient care and patient priority goodbye for good.

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