Speaking of India…same ole story….

Speaking of India, I got another kook phone call today, straight from the dregs of India.

The connection was horrible — static on the line and a buzz. The voice was barely intelligible.

All I heard the guy say was “hello we are calling about your new medical insurance…”

I said “excuse me?” He repeated what he said. And asked for my name.

I asked him for his. He would not give it. He repeated the same statement twice more — after the second time I said “Where are you calling from, pal?”

He replied “Atlanta.”

I asked him who he was looking for. He said “W” followed  by my last name — I knew then and there that this was somebody who got ahold of my name from some junk mail list. Ha.

I hung up on the guy. I am hoping this isn’t some sort of a scam and I am hoping nobody else these creeps call falls for it, if it is a scam.

A volunteer group I belong to met a few weeks ago. There were 2 tables of us in a restaurant. At the second table was a discussion about India and outsourcing; from what I could pick up from the conversation at the other table, one of our group lost her job recently to an Indian outsourcing.

More discussion of “oh this is wrong” “this is disgusting…” “We can’t let this happen….”

Preaching to the choir on this one.  Wrong and disgusting and it has been happening for decades. It’s not just the Indians — it’s the Filipinos that they brought over here to take our nursing jobs, our allied health jobs and the rest of our better paying health care jobs.  We get the dreg jobs of CNA — pays NOTHING and it’s nothing but menial work.

I first heard of outsourcing over 20 years ago, after our company shut down and I was looking for work.  An insurance company that I read about wound up outsourcing their back office work to Ireland.  When I read the article, I didn’t think much about what that company did, and what they did with the back office jobs.

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  1. The first time I heard of outsourcing was when I was listening to a radio show and they were talking about how all the call centers were going to go to India. This was probably mid 90’s or so and I remember thinking how could that happen because how could you call an 800 number and get overseas. Of course I was wrong and now realize that it is possible and that more and more jobs are going to go overseas as computer technology improves. Many accounting and law jobs (to name just a few)are going overseas. Add in visaed workers and illegals (for the lower class jobs)and it equals to long unemployment and many of us being forced to take jobs we shouldn’t even have to take. Not long ago I drove by a call center I worked at around 1994 and it is now a Dollar General. The call center went over to India and those they hired in the past (including college students and the disabled)now either can’t work or take jobs paying little.

    Awhile back I got an Indian and when I asked him where he was calling he said “Chicago”. I then asked him where in Chicago he was calling and he hung up on me. Moron, if you are going to lie, at least pick a city nowhere near me and which I have zero knowledge.

  2. I stand corrected…

    The first I heard of outsourcing was in the late 1970s when I was at my lab student internship. Of course, at the time, I had no idea that Filipino bunch was visaed in. I didn’t know this until a good year later.

    The really cheap hospitals hire the Filipinos.

    The hospitals that are top notch and worth their mettle don’t touch them.

    If the call centers want inexpensive to hire employees, why not give the jobs to men and women who are incarcerated?

    They will learn a skill and it will be something marketable when it’s time for them to be released and they need to find a job on the outside.

    Next time they say they are in “Atlanta” or “Chicago” or “New York” go, “So how was the traffic this morning from Dry Tortugas? I heard it was miserable as usual” and see what they say.

    To get yourself a laugh, find out where Dry Tortugas actually is.

    I was making my rounds last fall and I contacted a company I interviewed with about a year or so before that; I wanted to see if they had any jobs available.

    I got the phone labyrinth. The only person I cold get “live” was a guy in tech support.

    I asked for “Nancy Smith”, the woman who interviewed me. The guy replied, “Who?” I said “Nancy Smith; that’s the controller of the company; is she available?”

    He replied “Nancy???”

    I said, “Yes, Ms. Smith. Have I reached the company office in Newark? Because that is the number I dialed — where are you?” And then he replied “no”. I forgot where he said he was located but you can bet he was an outsource-ee.

    He didn’t know who Nancy Smith was? Then nope, he is NOT in the office proper.

    How much more of this BS are we supposed to take, really?

  3. Speaking of which the worse are the HR calls from India. It’s bad enough they outsource tech jobs but why HR jobs when there are many unemployed HR people here? I got one awhile back with poor English, so bad I hung up.

  4. HR jobs too?

    And for a country that’s supposed to be an emerging technology nation and filled with “oh so smart” people, they can’t even get their phone connections to be buzz-, static-, noise- and garbage-free!

    They have invented NOTHING.

    There are no innovations coming out of India.

    There are no inventions, no computer programming languages/software platforms/nothing at all computer-wise that they have invented or innovated.

    There are no new medical breakthroughs, no literature produced, no art, no music no NOTHING! There isn’t even a sport, for fudge sakes!!!!!

    They are good for NOTHING.

    Except cheap labor and to come over here, to hold out their hand for their piece of the pie.

    And did you notice: the Indians do NOT send women outsouce-ees, they send men ONLY!!!!

    Their douchey and goony movies don’t count. They can’t even make a REAL movie!

  5. North Carolina does give the call center jobs to convicts. Inmates at the women’s prison answers the phones for North Carolina Tourism, or whatever the stae agency for tourism is called.

  6. I would rather convicts do those jobs (assuming they aren’t criminals that will steal my info)than Indians because at least the job stays in the USA. I get HR calls at least once a week from someone who speaks with a thick accent and it bothers me because not only can’t I understand but often the interviews on the phone are a waste of time.

    Speaking of Visa workers another group hiring using that are colleges. When I was in grad school many of my professors were from other countries. It could be argued that is because there is a shortage of Ph.D professors except while doing research on getting mine found there is a surplus. In other words there are people with Ph.D unemployed or underemployed while college bring in workers.

  7. The North Carolina convicts who do the call center work get well under minimum wage. If they get a dollar an hour, I’d be surprised. The effect on the economy isn’t a lot better than if the job went overseas.

    Tenure track university positions have been drying up for 30 years, to be replaced by adjunct instructors. In science and engineering, there is an expectation that professors bring in money to the university through their research. Around a third of every grant that a professor gets goes to the university for overhead. I would presume that there is a similar expectation in other fields.

    From that point of view, bringing in foreign-born professors who have an established track record of being able to compete successfully for research and other grants rather than a newly-minted Ph.D. makes sense.

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