Here We Go Again

Last week I had an interview that really excited me. The job not so much but it sounded intriguing and the company is ranked one of the best in the non profit category. This was a company I had interviewed with twice before and in fact in 2004 offered me a job but I turned it down because the pay was too low and another company offered me more (sigh, the good old days when I had several offers). Not just that but my cousin by marriage is a director there and I was sure I had an “in”.

I go to the interview and of course it consists of the usual ‘what would you do’ questions. Luckily most of them were pretty easy and not worried. They seemed impressed by my marketing background. At the end of the interview the guy said to me “we will be calling people for a second interview and I know we will call you”. He even smiled as he said it and I was SO sure this was it. I mean why say that if not interested? I had several skills they really wanted but didn’t think they would find, like a Spanish speaker. Need I mention what happened next? yep “thank for your time but we have decided to pursue other candidates”.

I am sick of this. ¬†Okay if they weren’t interested, why say they will be calling me back? Why give me hope? If you had said “we’ll let you know” I wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. But nope, it almost feels like this was intentional.

Then on top of it I got another rejection for a job I also had the qualifications for.This one I got an email telling me they would be calling me for an interview, only to be followed the next day by a rejection BEFORE I got an interview. A job I REALLY wanted (that is 2 blocks from me and next door to the library)never called me either way and it’s been 3 weeks so I have given up on them.

I don’t even get it anymore. Is it my resume, my interview, something else? They use various excuses from I am under qualified then I see the person who got the job and it is often someone LESS qualified. I more often get the over qualified excuse but then wouldn’t someone want someone more qualified? Sure it can be argued that person won’t stay but in this economy they may do that. ¬†People are desperate and many are willing to work for far less than they should make. I SHOULD (should being the operative word)make $50,000+ but I rarely see these jobs and am willing to make minimum wage.

What sickens me most of all is some of the people who get jobs. My next door neighbor’s son is a convicted thief who has been in and out of prison out of the last 10 years. He has been arrested for stealing several times, including shoplifting, stealing from the bowling alley, stealing at another bar (while waiting for court)then stealing again. This isn’t even talking about his various drug offenses, hitting a cop and smoking pot in front of a cop. Yet HE managed to find a job and had someone give him a chance. However me, who received one speeding ticket in my life and arrested once for battery (when I hit my ex friend’s boyfriend, this case was thrown out of court)isn’t worth giving a chance to. I have even offered to work for free but nope.

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  1. Could your cousin by marriage have put the kibosh on your application? It isn’t a pleasant thing to contemplate, but it’s possible. When you’re looking at someone’s life from the outside, it is very easy to put the worst possible interpretation on what seems to be happening. He or she might be asking why you can’t get a job after all this time. Another possibility is that donations are down and they aren’t filling the position at this time.

    The old $50K jobs pay $35K if you’re lucky, and considering where you live, they might pay only $25K or so because people are competing for them. Non-profits probably pay the worker bees 20% less than industry. There’s a pretty good article in the New York Times where they talk about how glamour companies want the 22-22-22 employee, which is someone 22 years old, makes $22k, and who works 22 hours a day.

  2. I don’t think she would have had much impact either way. To be honest I haven’t even met her but my parents have and they really like her. I did consider because we are related they may not want that due to possible nepotism (we have the same last name). As for the issue of why I haven’t worked I have been able to fill that gap by other things like saying I work freelance (and show them my website), taking online classes and volunteering. In fact I am getting far more interviews now that I show all of that. As it turns out my fields are increasingly becoming freelance so I am to play this aspect. Now idea what I would do if this wasn’t the case.

    Sadly yes jobs are paying much less so that I take in consideration. It is funny in a way that this company offered me a $25,000 job in 2004 and I turned it down because I was offered a better salary yet now I would consider $25,000.

  3. I agree.

    “Thank you for your time, Ms. Fofufnyk; we will be making our decision shortly.”

    That is all they need say.

    They do it because it’s like those ole fashioned personal ads: you said you were “attractive” because they can. They said attractive whether they look like a homecoming king or whether they had a face that only a mother could love.

  4. That’s it, they could have said “we’ll let you know” I would have assumed it was a no then once I got the rejection I would have said okay. However leading me on actually reminds me of online dating where the person says “let’s get together again” and you never hear back.

  5. If you saw this kind of puerile garbage 10 years ago, it was rare.

    You did not see it 20 years ago or earlier than that: there was such a thing as business etiquette and even the tinest of companies abided by it.

    If you got a call to come in for an interview, you were already seriously being considered. They also did not mind if you called them at any time to ask a question.

    You had the name of the hiring manager from the start — nothing was a secret.

    And nothing was “Fax your resume” — you either sent it by mail or you called the manager hiring directly and you were scheduled for an interview, usually within a day or 2 of the call.

    And there was none of this “second interview” garbage — unless you were in the mix for a seriously managerial job or something that involved an advanced degree. You met others in the deparment at the interview, but it was all done casually. Or if they sent you to see a manager, it was all more or less “just to get to know others here.”

    The job candidate search is in ruins. Nobody knows their ass from apple butter; we need this like Mante Te’o needs anotehr on line girlfriend — and if this mess keeps up, we will have sky high unemployment forever. I blame the hiring machine for the high number of people out of work.

    No need to fart around and fatootse around with a million candidates for one stupid little job. This is all ego stroking and trying to feel important…and its also aninine. THREE people tops and you decide in 2 or 3 days after the fact who gets the job.
    I had an interview earlier this week: they expected somebody to willingly accept 35K to assist a CEO….and my goodness, 8 other candidates were in the running. THere is also a second interview for this garbage. NO NEED at all to speak to these many people. As I said, all he needed were 3.

  6. And what about the resumes you submit and where it’s 3 or more weeks later and after following up during that 3 weeks, seems as though every time you called, the company is at ends with the hiring process?

    You call. You get hiring manager. You get “oh, we are waiting until the end of this week and then we will contact the candidates.”

    You wait a good week and a couple days more. You call again and you get the same person. “We haven’t started interviewing yet….” Huh? What’s going on, what’s the big deal here and what exactly is the big fuss and overture all about for a job opening and interview that you people can’t seem to get it in gear for? 10 days later and nothin’?

    This is where you exit stage right. Nothing will result from this; if they can’t make their minds up by at leat that time and start calling candidates to come in, when will they manage to decide to do so?

    This already isn’t for you. Or anybody else. It’s not even fit for the King of Lies.

  7. I too remember the 90’s where I was often hired on the spot. None of this psych tests or 3 interviews or all the other goofy things. Back then I was often hired after 1 interview and leaving the interview I knew whether I had it or not. Now (or at least since 2006-2007 or so)it is ridiculous what they put us through, often for low paying jobs. People I know taking unpaid internship (basically to get their foot in the door)are going through ridiculous tests just to work for free.

  8. Taking an unpaid internship to get one’s foot in the door?

    Me thinks that foot is being guided in the wrong direction by the person taking the unpaid internship.


    The biggest laugh by far is the company that’s so desperate that they offer to relocate the “right candidate” if that person gets the job. Almost a big a laugh as the company that runs ad after ad day in and day out for a week or more.

    This is what is working the key.

    So you can see why there is such the mess of high unemployment; I blame it all on the hiring machine.

    If this kind of bullshit of a “hiring machne” keeps it up, we will have 9%+ unemployment for good.

  9. I have been offered those unpaid internships and I just laugh. One of them was a 6 month assignment then afterwards they “might” offer me the job. In other words after 6 months adios and they will being in someone else. No thanks, while I need a foot in the door I’d rather take a a low paid job then no pay.

  10. How many of these endeavors are actual unpaid internships and how many of these endeavors are free labor and breaking pretty much every labor law we have?

    If the assignment is for a bona fide college kid, then I’d say yeah, it is an internship.

    If this is a person who saw college quite some time ago, then it’s using the person’s skills and stealing, plain and simple.

    The Department of Labor needs to have a look at these “internships.”

  11. Even for a college student, internships are increasingly a “pay to play” endeavor, because they have to work for free AND pay tuition back at their college for the internship, although this may be only a few credits . I’m more used to the co-op model in engineering, where a third or fourth-year engineering student is paid a salary and works full time for the company and gets pay at about half of what a new hire with an engineering degree would receive. There is no tuition charged in most cases for the co-op semester, which is full-time work.

    There is another point to the internship exception that you are missing. and it is that there has to be no immediate benefit to the employer. One justifies paying no pay to the intern because they are pretty much useless. Clearly, if you are replacing paid employees with “interns” and expecting to maintain the usual output of the office or business, these are not true interns.

    Many interns are paid in glamour. Disney is a good example of this in their intern programs. Interns are paid, but very little, and often interns have “negative paychecks” if they missed hours because their rent is taken out of their paychecks.

  12. When I was in college we were required to do a semester internship and if we were lucky these were paid (but usually not).Keep in mind I was a broadcasting major which is an exceptionally hard field to begin with so in a way it makes sense. Usually these internships were doing things like emptying garbage cans and I have never understood how this was considered learning. Now though many of the internships are really to get someone dirt cheap or free.

  13. It is done because people will eat a lot of crap to enter a glamour field. The thing that is not foreseen is what happens to the people who don’t get an actual broadcasting job. There might not be enough “communications” jobs to absorb them, particularly when public relations and other similar jobs do not have a specific academic requirement. Often good looks suffice, but then you are waiting for your boss to retire before you can get to anything more than a junior position.

    We have an outreach office where I work, and we’ve had the lead position there open for at least six months. It’s staffed by our contractor, so they could fill the job within a couple of weeks if they wanted to do so. It’s better for them to not fill the job and hold the money that would have been spent as management reserve.

    There has also been a lot of “selling” of internships as being a necessary step to employment. We have hired college students for the summer where I work, and the challenge is to find meaningful work for them because they are seen as short-term. We had one girl pay her own way to Germany to get a paid internship, and she had already graduated. The best that I could do for her was offer her a letter of recommendation to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, the first step to getting her professional engineering license. She spent most of her time putting documents into binders.

  14. I suppose I was one of the “lucky” ones because I only did a semester internship and did find a radio job (all on my own I must say). However most of my classmates didn’t and ended up getting jobs often not even requiring a degree, like bus driver, call center and working retail and restaurant. I was warned about this scam before I got into radio by a chance meeting with a popular radio personality who told me knowing people is more important than doing internships. He started by working at a small suburban station and got to know people that way instead of through internships. I used to get so mad hearing about some of the internships and how they abused students. For example one radio station was notorious for constantly yelling at the students and telling them they were worthless. This station would bring in interns to do the dirty work so to speak basically entry level jobs then blame them when things went wrong. Sure they got experience but it is demeaning when a student is writing a newscast and the broadcaster gets credit for this and not the student.

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