Is Obama the worst president ever?

I am no Bush fan, in fact I firmly believe he ruined the economy (though Clinton didn’t help with NAFTA)between outsourcing and most importantly the wars. I am no fan of the Republicans as I believe the current branch are for the most part help the rich and screw the poor. I also think the birthers are for the most part racist.

Having said that, Obama is scaring me by his actions. I voted for him in 2008 and was thrilled he got elected. I said to myself “finally, a politician who gets it”. However in the 4 years I have become cynical and think he is doing more than a few things that scare me.

1. Obamacare. Don’t get me wrong, I feel we need universal healthcare but this isn’t it. It will increase taxes and I am cynical enough to feel it won’t help people like me, but instead I’ll have to pay for a program that doesn’t help me. In Illinois childless people are not eligible for Medicaid so I suspect I’ll have to pay and still not be covered with money I don’t have. Not to mention it really doesn’t deal with preventative care, as in change lifestyles before getting medical. Many diseases today are caused by things like obesity and if preventative care was included this would lessen. Maybe it is included but haven’t heard much about it.

2. Birth control and abortion. Contrary to what Obama thinks they aren’t a right.  The Catholic Church opposes them and to force them to cover them is an outrage. Do I agree with the church on this? no. Personally,  I have no issue with people using these (though someone who uses abortion as a form of birth control and repeatedly to me is a sociopath)but I think it is wrong to require organizations that oppose it to carry them.

3. The illegal situation. I have seen many stories over the last few months and while nothing has happened yet it seems like Obama wants to legalize them. Why reward people who willingly broke our laws? Most of them serve no purpose and either take jobs away from our most unskilled workers or freeload off the system. Why import more of them? Did you know that in many states (including Illinois)you are required to speak Spanish to work for public aid or WIC? Did you also know that in Illinois pregnant women no matter their immigration status gets free assistance?

4. Helping those in other countries. Obama actually wants to increase visas to other countries claiming we need additional workers. To be fair I blame both sides for this. However, here’s another thing I just found out today and that is he wants to EXPAND funding to people in Indonesia can get master degrees. Why do they get assistance but not taxpaying Americans?

5. Curtailing freedom of speech. Yes Bush started it but Obama is expanding it but NDAA.

6. Punishing military. There is a guy in prison because he killed an Al Queda member.

Is he the worst president ever? Only time will tell but I told someone when he was elected he would either prove to be among the best or among the worst and so far am not seeing much to congratulate him on. The economy is still horrible and crimes are still up yet he decides to make it worse by Obamacare and not helping Americans find jobs. Like I said, I don’t blame him for this but he is giving me too much to blame him for.

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  1. I don’t know about ‘ever,’ but he’s the worst President that I can remember. When I was ticked off at President Bush, I would call him ‘Our Fearless Leader.’ I can’t call Obama that, as he tries never to visibly lead anything.

    People often refer to Jimmy Carter as ‘our worst President.’ I thought he was pursuing policies to try and address the problem at hand. But he spoke frankly about our problems and it didn’t go over well politically.

    I don’t believe the government can ‘fix the economy.’ In a nominally capitalist country like the US, the best the government can do is provide an environment that encourages private commerce. But we’ve done a rotten job of that: the constant sense that the economy is about to go off the rails encourages everyone to hunker down and save their money, as opposed to spending and investing. Fix that, and it will do more for the economy than tweaking tax rates up or down.

  2. I think Carter meant well but just couldn’t do what he wanted to do. At first I thought that was the problem with Obama too, that he was blocked by the Reps. However he had a Dem majority at one point and still nothing was fixed. The Dems are pretty much worthless at this point and the Reps are just for themselves. Obama seems like he just wants to be a movie star and so does the first lady. Imagine if Laura Bush was doing all the talk shows the Dems would be having a field day but yet Michelle Obama seems to be everywhere and so is the president.

  3. Covering birth control for Catholics in Catholic institutions may cost less than the Church expects, because once the plan has a history, the insurance company will rate it against the number of claims received. Including birth control pills in the allowed formulary (drugs covered by the plan) does not necessarily make them free of charge. There will be a copayment required, and chances are that the copayment is large enough to cover the cost of the birth control pills, which get cheaper all the time because many formulations are long out of patent, despite the efforts of drug companies to reformulate them in an effort to get new patents. IUDs and other more permanent forms of birth control are likely to cost the plan something, though they are cheaper in terms of annual cost than birth control pills. . As for condoms, they will remain an out-of-pocket expense.

    It might interest you to know that the health insurance plans that federal employees can choose have not covered abortion on demand for at least two decades, and the only exemption is for dilation and curettage as a diagnostic procedure. It is commonly used when women have fibroid (benign) tumors of the uterus that need to nbe removed. They can grow quite large.

    For this reason, I doubt that Obamacare will cover abortion on demand.

  4. I didn’t think Obamacare covered abortion but something I read stated it did. Personally I don’t believe abortion should be covered in insurance plans unless it is needed or in cases of rape. When I tell people that I look at it as something that many people have issues with and controversial. Same thing with Viagra and a few other things. It’s purely a financial aspect for the most part with me.

    Interestingly with birth control the church does allow pills if it is deemed needed for other things. The pill has other uses and if one uses it for those reasons (and is celibate)then they allow it. Strange I know. I do think eventually the church will become more open to birth control methods like condoms.

  5. I like Obama! I now officially nickname him: No Drama Obama. Feel free to share my superbly creative nickname for him :-). The worst President of the USA of my lifetime was, the envelope please, Jimmy Carter. He ignored the advice of the Fed, and thus was (thankfully) a one-terrible!!!-term president. The late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) wrote in his autobiography that President Carter was the most stubborn person he ever met. President Carter’s failures were all self-inflicted (on all of us, unfortunately). As for the debate about birth control coverage: I wonder how it is dealt with in Massachusetts, where Romney-care first was implemented?
    I have been recently thinking how a small elite now controls our country. If you did not go to Harvard Law School, or Yale Law School, you do not have a de facto chance of serving on the US Supreme Court nowadays. The same goes for a lot of jobs in the SEC. This explains why our government is so corrupt. Thieves taking care of their fellow Ivy League educated thieves!

  6. Unfortunately that is a serious issue in all business. You know how all of us complain about the wrong people getting jobs? In many of these jobs (probably most)it has to do with connections and also attending the “right” college..

    With Romney care I don’t know much about that but do know when he was running for Mass he said he was pro choice. I really don’t think he’s hardcore on abortion or birth control but appeared that way to appease the evangelicals who have taken over the Republican Party.

  7. I’m not so sure about No Drama Obama: they’re cancelling White House tours, but our President hasn’t cut back on his travel and visitation schedule, which costs millions of dollars for security. A responsible leader would make the budget cuts as unobtrusive as possible, but Obama goes moaning and wailing about how we’ll lose 10,000 schoolteachers (out of 3.3 million). That sure looks like drama to me.

    That’s an interesting question about the Massachusetts health care law and birth control/abortion. The Massachusetts law is silent on those items. However, prior state law requires any prescription drug plan to cover birth control under the same terms. As far as abortion, it’s presumably the choice of the private insurer to cover it or not.

    One of my objections to ObamaCare, although not the most serious, is that it includes a Federal standard for health insurance which all future plans must satisfy. While Obama insisted that anyone satisfied with their health insurance could keep it, whether insurers would keep offering non-compliant health plans is another question.

  8. The President and First Lady are traveling around, which wouldn’t bother the taxpayers as much if the economy was better. The First Lady was just in Chicago pushing anti obesity which is a good thing but not when it costs taxpayers money. They spend and spend and that bothers me.

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