2 thoughts on “Tell us again why we need ANY of the Chinese here in this country…”

  1. We don’t just like we don’t need all the foreign workers we get. What I never understand is why jobs started being outsourced to China, knowing they hate us.. Oh they might pretend they don’t, but they are a Communist country and doesn’t trust the USA. What I will never understand either is Cuba is also Communist yet we are supposed to hate them but not China. If truth be told I am not afraid at all of Cuba and would love to visit there. China on the other hand scares me and while they have beautiful scenery every thing else about them scares me.

  2. A while back, I remember big advertisements in the Paris Metro for travel agents booking winter vacations in Cuba. For the rest of the world, it’s apparently a pleasant vacation spot. But our policy on Cuba is driven by the emigres in Florida.

    The Chinese are not our friends: they are our geopolitical adversaries, along with Russia. But they manufacture stuff real cheap.

    As far as the Chinese cyber attacks, I can’t tell, from the reports in the press, the extent of the attacks, the extent of the damage, or what, if any countermeasures we have taken. From the reports so far, I can’t tell if this is a genuine problem, or some agency fishing for a bigger appropriation.

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