Do you really want people who think this is okay to work here?

I am very outspoken with my dislike for Indians. By this I don’t mean Native Americans nor do I mean people of Indian ancestry who are Americans. No, what I am talking about are the visaed workers who come here from India to work or those who are working what used to be American jobs. However my dislike of Indian men goes back further. When I used to waitress in college we got a lot of what I assume were Indian visa workers. I assume this because they had strong accents and would mention working jobs like computer programmer. Anyway, their hatred of women is strong and they think many American women are trashy or that we should be in subordinate roles. Last year I had an interview with one and he kept asking if I had kids because he refused to hire mothers, smokers or fat people. This same place interviewed me for a job different than what I applied for because the job I applied for went to an Indian worker. Instead they interviewed me for an assistant job which they then offered to me. I turned it down because the pay was low for what they expected (minimum wage to do the work of two people).

Here’s a story making news about a brutal rape in India. Apparently rape is common there.

Another story about a SEX OFFENDER who was working in Chicago on a visa:

This is the kind of trash that we often receive when we allow visaed workers here. I find it disgusting that American workers have to jump through hoops yet foreign workers don’t.

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  1. This is cultural.

    And horrific.

    And not to mention female mutilation, honor killings and other ills that are acceptable as per their culture.

    The law enforcement officials will never be able to handle the fallout from what’s acceptable in Asian culture. I imagine that spousal abuse is off the charts, and again, cultural — they treat their wives like furniture and I am still positive that 100% of those marriages are arranged. Their wives were bought. So it’s “who cares.”

    There are also other cultural issues that will never enable the Asian Indian to fit in — it’s a class thing and that’s alive and well over there — and over here also. I’ve mentioned it a couple times on this board.

    More reasons why we need to close our doors because we have no room left….and consider this, also — again, this is how it is and culture: If you are female and your husband dies, that’s it — you are cast aside and you’re an outcast for good. To society you do not exist anymore. You could be a very young widow and what happens to you — your life is over? CNN ran a story about this very issue.

  2. Exactly and this scares me.I am often called a racist for this but the ones I have come across are all like this. The men I encountered when I was waitressing would try to touch me and when I would say no would get mad. Like you said there is also a definite class issue and they continue their castes here. When I went for that interview with that Indian run company the ones in control were Indian males while women (mostly American women)were the assistants.

    I have heard about those marriages and sadly when they are widowed or divorced they are treated horrific. I believe divorced women are especially mistreated, even if they divorced because of abuse (and I believe in India this is the #1 reason they divorce). India has been named the worst country for a woman to live, even beating out Saudi Arabia.

  3. I lost the entire post I wrote – all 5 paragraphs of it – so I will try again.

    What is normal and acceptable and not criminal to them is NOT to us, not in these United States. Spousal abuse is a crime, female mutilation is a crime, lewd and lascivious behavior is a crime. Sexual deviation is A CRIME. You cannot abuse your wife here, you cannot abuse your daughters here, you cannot commit an honor killing here, you cannot rape or commit inappropriate sexual or physical acts. PERIOD. Laws are laws – FOLLOW ‘EM!

    You also cannot come here and do as you wish when it comes to a simple thing like where you live. You are told to keep your area neat, you are told to throw out your trash when it needs to be done — these people are pigs, to be quite frank. You should see what their living quarters are like.

    The Asian Indians also have a thing for living together in one big bunch. We have 2 brand new condo complexes, all full of Asian Indians; there is a large rental community, also full of a great many Asian Indians. Don’t ask what kind of slobs they are.

    There was an incident where an AI male molested a woman on a train. This happened a few months back WHY did he do it? Because this is acceptable in your country? – cop a feel whenever you need to, whenever any ole woman passes by? Unacceptable and ILLEGAL

    If you commit a crime, you are to deported. Who cares if you have an anchor kid here or you’re visaed in: I don’t care: Crime, you’re OUTTA HERE.

    (As a sidebar: there is a woman I know who was engaged to an English guy; it took her forever to bring him here so that she could marry him. Same went for somebody I know whose fiancé was Lithuanian – yet this crappy AI bunch comes here on the drop of a hat with no problems– and we don’t even KNOW what kind of crimes or other actions illegal here that they’ve possibly committed! Doesn’t anybody run a police check on them? Doesn’t anybody check on them at all???)

    Another problem they have:

    It’s a class thing with them! Certain Asian Indian groups will not mix with other Asian Indian groups. This is bullshit – it’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys with them. NOT accepted here; either you live like an American — this is your country NOW – or you can kindly go home. There’s a jet waitin’ for ya, next flight out; be ON IT.

    This is also the problem with 2 more very rapidly growing ethnic groups: Muslims and Orthodox Jews. I imagine the spousal abuse is off the chart with these 2 groups; this is another “the man is king of his castle” and the women are to be wives and shut their traps. This all has to do with religious law, the rules “men” made and what goes back to what’s acceptable for thousands of years.

    These are more groups who do as they wish — and in certain neighborhoods in NYC, there is no NYC police infiltration in the OJ neighborhoods: is there not a separation of church and state??? This bunch has their own “cops.” and this is dngerous and wrong: there could be drugs, child abuse, murder, spousal abouse and just about anything illegal going on in there that’s a felony or a misdemeanor. Sorry but that’s wrong and if they don’t like it, too bad: separation of church and state: you do not get your “own” police force.

    When in ROME, do as the ROMANS do. If I lived in YOUR country, I’d not expect special treatment and I would also abide by all rules, particularly the laws of the land. The same in this country goes for the groups that I have cited.

  4. The reason I assume it is easy for them to come here is because supposedly they offer a skill Americans don’t. While this might be true in several physician specialties (I’m guessing here)the reality is many of the jobs they take there are plenty of Americans willing to do the job. There are scientists, engineers and other so called worker shortage jobs full of unemployed people. The one place where the guy was a visaed worker was a marketing job there are plenty of unemployed marketing people like me. I know several people who also tried to come here and jumped through hoops, yet they can come here no problem. I have heard that Obama wants to increase visas so more Indian can come, including non skilled. In fact I have read that many uneducated ones are coming here illegally through Mexico.

    They definitely don’t assimilate and another group that doesn’t either is Muslims. Haven’t come across any Orthodox Jews who are immigrants so can’t say either way with that. Many of us (me included)complain about the serious illegal problem but the one thing I can say about them is they have the same values as we do in this culture. Muslims and Indians don’t because their culture is so drastically different along with religion. Speaking of Muslims I remember a job I had where only males could deal with Muslim business men because their culture of course hates women. I actually said here in AMERICA women are equal to men, why are we catering to pigs who think women are cattle?

  5. I have a somewhat different take on this. I live in New York City, which is still an example of how good diversity can be when it works. I’ve worked with people from all over the world, of all races and religions. I’ve seen good and bad in all kinds. So I can’t put down one group or another.

    As far as assimilation, if you’re here, and obey the law, drive on the right side of the road, seek to advance yourself by productive effort, and don’t try to force your views on others, then what you do in your home, between consenting adults, is your own business.

    The real problem is with our leadership. Our immigration system is dysfunctional and our borders are leaky because politicians of all stripes, their protestations to the contrary, like it that way. I’d say to vote the asses out of office, but their replacements won’t do any better.

    And while there are some immigrant groups who try to take the law into their own hands in their communities, the damage we’ve inflicted on ourselves is worse. The dumbing down of America, the decline in marriage, and the breakdown of the family didn’t happen to us at the hands of evil immigrants: we did that to ourselves.

  6. In the case though of employment many of these people are enforcing their views when it comes to hiring. What they do in their house is their business assuming no one is being hurt but once it goes to employment procedures then it is everyone’s business.

    I actually don’t blame things like the decline of marriage on immigrants I blame it one the society in general and how it really pushes an anti marriage agenda (for instance the welfare system is very biased in favor of out of wedlock pregnancies). However the immigration system does need to be fixed but I doubt it will be.

  7. Making welfare benefits more easily available to unmarried women with children probably grew out of programs that served widows/widowers like Social Security. It makes a certain degree of sense to provide benefits for the children’s benefit and that the parent benefits is a side effect. Life on welfare isn’t a nice life. The wait for Section 8 housing can be years.

    This goes back about 25 years, but the commonwealth of Virginia wanted to give somewhat higher welfare benefits to women who would consent to having Norplant implanted, which was a form of long-term (5 years or so) birth control. There was a big outcry, and the plan was abandoned quickly.

    I thought that welfare benefits weren’t supposed to go on forever, due to laws passed in the Clinton administration.

  8. Like many things welfare started with a good idea, which is to take care of kids and widows. Back then of course most women were not educated to have jobs (meaning most never trained though many attended college)because it was expected they would be a housewife. As time went on though it has resorted to what we see now with the rise in out of wedlock births and more and more babies born on Medicaid (In Illinois 54% of all births are on Medicaid). I can’t speak for other states but Illinois has a lot of loopholes when it comes to this and I have personally known a lot of women who took advantage of the system including getting pregnant to have welfare.At one point there was a 5 year limit but I believe that has been lifted (or is about to)but even so some benefits can be lifetime if needed.

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