Compete with “powerhouses like China, India and Singapore”

Accelerated classes and gifted classes being cut.

According to the article, we need them to “compete with powerhouses like China, India and Singapore.”

China and India and Singapore have NO new original ideas. What inventions have come out of there? What innovations?

The only things that come out of there: laborers and cheap crap that breaks.

Only the very rich go on to higher education in those countries; it’s still a class thing over there. BTW, since when is Singapore a “powerhouse”?

3 thoughts on “Compete with “powerhouses like China, India and Singapore””

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised but am not. When it comes to budgets both the gifted classes and the remedial classes are cut, and both groups are put in the classes with the students of average intelligence. We could cut all the diversity bs classes but nope it’s classes like these and music, art and other artistic classes.

    The sad reality is smart people are not valued in this society. We all know why, because high income educated jobs are leaving and going to India or they are coming here to work. Meanwhile our most educated people are often unemployed for years (like us)because we are competition to these people who will work cheaper. I mean I have met scientists who are unemployed long term.

    I’ve long suspected the government is intentionally trying to make Americans stupid and is doing a good job. If you haven’t seen it I recommend the movie Idiocracy because it shows what kind of society we are headed to.

  2. For at least since World War II, the education establishment in the US has turned its back on the idea that young people should learn skills that will be useful in adulthood (boring though they may be at times), and decided that getting along with the group is more important. We’ve poisoned the well, in ways that much of the world hasn’t–yet–and (a) it’s coming back to bite us, and (b) nobody seems to know what to do about it.

    Idiocracy is an interesting case. Fox sat on it at release time, so it failed commercially. Perhaps it was too politically incorrect. But it’s a clever picture, and shows up from time to time on cable.

  3. I watched it full on YouTube and while it is hilarious it is scary too. We aren’t teaching kids things they need to learn. Recently I have started re reading the Little House books and it was mentioned some of the things they were learning. I mean in one book a class was reading something I read in college, yet we are talking mostly farm kids. I remember too hearing that my grandparents were taught things now taught in college and that today’s college was yesterday’s high school.

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