New Wave, come in…maybe you can try this…:)

Remember the 2 happiest days of my life a couple weeks ago when If ound out that all 3 interviewers were 100% against my art, etc?

Maybe you can try this also when you go on your next interview…

When you’re up for your next interview, downplay all of your graphic arts experience or PR experience: ALL OF IT.

Pick something in your job that was NOT graphic arts related, or PR related and play that up: find something you did (calling clients, ap/ar, collections, whatever) and talk that up big time in the job interview.

See if it works. Maybe these galoots are against you doing PR and graphic arts, being they think you might find anotherPR or graphic arts job and resign andthen you’ll leave them hanging in the lurch.

I plan on NOT mentioning ANY kind of art in my next interview.  From here on in, mum is the word about art.

See if mum is the word with PR and graphic arts will work for you. Wishing you luck.

One thought on “New Wave, come in…maybe you can try this…:)”

  1. Thanks I will try that. I know when I show them my work they are either impressed or afraid I will leave to concentrate on my freelance work. I have been playing up my AP training experience so who knows, maybe that is the key.

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