Anyone’s suggestion welcome

I am an artist — cartoon art and pop art.

I do not live in an art and music scene kind of town. I live in a suburb that has a mixed culture and even before the 2 “new” ethnic groups moved in, this was not an art and music scene kind of town.

Where do you suggest I find clients — real clients — the client that will come aboard and be a real paying customer and on the roster for good — and the ones who will pay real money for a project done by me?

Civiilans would result in perhaps a $200 a shot project and they’d only come to get that project done only. Maybe I could get $500 tops for a project but that depends on what they are asking for.

Civilians are welcome, yeah — I am guessing that I could make a pretty penny in the “nostalgia” part of the company. There are tons of people who want a neat anniversary gift or something for a baby shower or something sentimental.

An etsy shop won’t do. For what I want to do, I need a roster of clients.

How to get the clients is another story.  There are also not that many companies left in our town and the ones that are here don’t have a use for the services I am providing.

Any suggestions?

I am trying to save the farm here; counting the time I was employed, don’t even ask how long it is now I have been looking for gainful employment. What happened 2 weeks ago with that steno thing made me sick.

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  1. If I knew I would give you advice, only I am in the same situation (though not with graphics but most marketing and training). The only thing I can suggest is ask local companies if you could do some work for them or maybe put up a website?

  2. It’s the wrong season for it, but various parts of New Jersey used to have a lot of arts and crafts shows. They have shifted from being held at shopping malls to hotels for the most part. What you’d need to do is to make up some drawings and try to sell them at the show. This would also give you the opportunity to attract clients for custom work. Your cost would be limited to the cost of materials, buying the table at the art show and transportation.

    Another place where you might set up is at an antique show.

    Drawing caricatures of party guests used to be a big entertainment. There is the possibility of drawing caricatures of people at the art show for them to take home immediately. but you wouldn’t get much for that.

    I trust that you are aware of the risks involved with doing cartoons of trademarked characters. Disney or Warner Brothers or whoever has to catch you and odds are that all that you would get is a cease and desist letter.

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