Update to last week’s phone call re: job

The ads for the job are still running.

Yep: an ad for that position has run in the want ads every day since January12.

I called the guy yesterday — he got on the line and I identified myself. And added “I see that the ad for the job I am interested in is still running; I am still interested in working there.”

He replied, “Do you know steno?”

I almost fell through the floor — he didn’t even remember me. He spoke to me TWICE: he called me from his home last Monday and I spoke with him last Wednesday (this was when he told me “We hired somebody; thanks for callingme because I misplaced your number.”)

I said “no, I have speedwriting.”

Rather testily he said “no, no; I can’t use that.” I told him I’d be willing to learn on line  and he replied “No NO that won’t work.” I mentioned I had a bio science background and I got “No. The bio part of our company is mimimal” and after that I said goodbye and hung up.

I really honest to murgatroy wonder about any company or hiring manager that runs a job ad daily for nearly 2 solid weeks.  Somebody’s got their head somewhere it shouldn’t be, or they don’t know what they are looking for or they are off in some type of fantasyland thinking that the odds will kick in for certain in proportion to the number of ads they run. Sort of like buying a thousand tickets to a Powerball drawing, figuring the more ya buy the more likely it is for you to win.

Ten years ago — and for certain 15 and 20 years ago — you’d have never run accross behavior like this from a company who was hiring for a job position.  You’d get the very rare oddball; seems like now every one of these hiring managers hasn’t got it together. And with whack cases like these, how in hell are we supposed to get hired?

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  1. A manager who I knew about 25 years ago told me that she loves recessions, because she can get people cheaply. I can only expect this point of view to have hardened in the intervening years. Now, if you’re going to be hired, you have to jump through all sorts of hoops.

    I don’t know what the market price is for a secretary in your area, but is it possible that the guy KNOWS that steno skills are hard to find, and so is offering a premium for them? It’s getting to a point where a lot of people can type fast enough to keep upwithout recourse to stenography.

  2. Offering a premium is one thing.

    But running an ad 14 days in a row is sheer and utter insanity. Or it’s denseness. Or it is both. Or maybe vast and widespread stubbornness.

    Something’s wrong here. The job pays 60 grand but I get the feeling that this guy is going to nickel and dime the person for all that it is worth.

    Somewhere within the last 2 weeks, he had to find a candidate or 2 that had steno. And I will bet you that he rejected the candidates. Something is weird here.

    I say I got saved by the bell but wow, how much of this nonsense can you take? Sooner or later it’s going to get under your skin. And that’s not good.

  3. I am used to an extremely long hiring process from working for the government, The job announcement is usually open for at least three weeks, and then it takes another month for the candidates to be rated and for interviews to be scheduled. The hiring process is going to get even longer because my agency is limited to commuting areas candidates. I applied for the job that I started a year ago in July or August 2011.

    It may well be a warning sign when a job that should be relatively easy to fill takes a long time to fill. I’ve worked for people who wanted 500-page documents cooked down to a few bullet points, and they they took WEEKS to make up their mind.

    If the ad doesn’t say “stenography required at a minimum of 150 words per minute”, or whatever standard he wants, he’s making his own job harder. If he just asks for “dictation a X words per minute”, he will get the speedwriting and even fast longhand people.

  4. Madness I had someone say that in an interview to me, that they loved the fact we were in a recession because they could get someone who could do two jobs for half the salary of either. Sadly this is true because so many jobs that should pay $50,000 or so are hiring around $30,000 or even less.

  5. Now you can see why people who graduate from college or enter/reenter the job market during a recession earn about 20 % less during their career than people who enter the job market in better economic times. The initial salary sets what you will earn over a period of years, unless you make some major change or get very lucky.

    I watched engineering jobs in federal government start being filled at a maximum salary of about $20K less than the next pay grade in 2006 or so, and this trend has continued. Jobs that used to be filled at a pay grade of X were now being filled as X-1 or lower.

  6. And anybody who runs a total of 14 ads in a period of 14 days is just plain loco.

    What end to what means is this going to fill or solve??? After awhile, people will not reply to the ad; they are liable to think it’s a scam or somebody on the receiving end of the resumes is using the info in the resume for some illicit purpose.

    At this point, I don’t care if he hired Charles Manson. This is a nut, yeah — but this also fries my pumpkin because I had my time wasted.

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