Here we go again….:(

On Sunday I found this great ad in the want ad section of my local paper. It was a scientific company looking for a secretary. I retooled my resume — I have a scientific background and I made not of that fact, in an addendum about a fifth of the way down on the first page of my resume — and sent it over, along with a cover letter. I figured my degree and major would be a plus for the job.

At 2:30 yesterday, the company pres called me with a message to phone him at home.

The ad asked for Word, Excell and good English and steno skills.

The guy called me at 7ish yesterday evening. After some small talk — he gives me a little back ground about the company, directions to it, etc — he wants to know Do you do steno.

I told him speedwriting (and a comany owner, and one other manager, had no problem with speedwriting; another company owner let me take down his letters using longhand).Long pause. “I rejected somebody because of that..” He pauses again then adds, “This is why I am going to terminate my secretary here now. I am constantly editing her English in documents because her English is not good.”Wow…you just noticed this??? Uh, I see you didn’t even screen the person before you hired her; very doubtful her command of the written English word went south right after she joined the team at your company.  Great that you didn’t even seem to notice this when you were interviewing her. “She has asked me for a second chance and I gave it to her…I will be replacing her…”Then he asks me, “how is your English?” I tell him. He didn’t seem to say much about it.

He concluded the conversation with “I will call you if I do not get somebody who knows steno; that will be either tonight or before tomorrow is over.” he said goodbye and hung up.

I did not hear from him.

You’ll call me if you can’t get somebody with steno? Kind of insulting and what a crappy thing to say to somebody. it is also more or less telling the person Yo Mama and Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You. Both messages suck.

Why didn’t he just say “I am sorry but i really need steno. Thanks for your interest” and hang up??? you have to come out with a bullshit line like this? Man up and be an adult and say it.

This was no kid — this was a much older guy; I am guessing he is well into his very late 70s if not his 80s and that alone is going to be a pain in the ass. I worked for 2 company owners in that age category and interviewed with one near NINETY years of age! You can bet both the older guys were a pain in the ass to cope with on a day to day basis: too old school and too set in their ways. (And all 3 of them needed to retire at least 20 years ago. Give it up and let somebody younger and with it run the company)

And if he wants steno, it makes me wonder how advanced technically his office even is.

He’s going to have to drop the steno requirement; what does it matter whether you use a dictaphone, steno, Algerian hieroglyphics, sempahore flags or smoke freaking signals??? So long as the document is readable and is on par with what good English is. (“Most of them have English but not steno and somebody else had steno but no English….) Why has he got such a hard on for “it must be steno and nothing else”???? I dunno — maybe that was just his way of getting off the hook because he didn’t want to pursue hiring me? I can only guess at this point.

Just an FYI, guy:

High schools  stopped teaching steno about 35 years ago: everybody was college bound by then. So that was the end of steno, and maybe typing, and the rest of the “business courses” that you took if you were not college prep in those days.

There are also no more secretarial schools. The ones that were left went to a 4 year college format; the rest closed up shop. No attendance: everybody was college bound.

I am pretty pissed inasmuch as this job paid about 60K a year and had full benefits. What the eff do I do to get out of this prison????  This was a waste of my time and I do not like these little bullshitty games because the person can’t be straightforward and say thanks but no!

Didn’t he read my cover letter? (and he also didn’t read my resume becuase at no time did he even mention my med tech background/bio degree) Apparently not. As I said, if you did, you’d have seen what my command of the English language was.

Let this guy own a company? I wouldn’t let him own a pet rock.

Maddening….and yes, how do I get out of this prison????

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  1. I’ll be honest, I went and saw what steno was because I have never encountered it and I have been working 20+ years. My mom took a class in it but I don’t even think my high school offered that class or if they did it was for the vocational students, meaning the students not going on to college.

    I have seen outdated computer skills listed in ads so am not surprised. Awhile back someone asked me if I knew Linux and Pascal. Does anyone even know those anymore? The fact is people need to keep updating their skills and that includes employers.

    I can’t help but wonder why that secretary was hired and I suspect either because she was cute to look at or foreign and works cheap.

  2. Some managers do not know what they want. Or the candidate just bullshits his or her way through the interview, gets the job and when that person sits down, they can’t do the work.

    I do not enjoy being told Yo Mama. This was just another nut among many.

    Schools do not have typing anymore; they call it “keyboarding.” And they now teach it as early as 8th grade. Somebody I know got a very easy teaching gig doing just that: teaching keyboarding and media. (you and I can do that job a zillion times better than she can)

  3. Back when I was in high school they taught typing but I never took it. I knew I was never interested in being a secretary so I never took it. Now it is obsolete as companies go towards computer jobs.

  4. You’ve answered your own question about why the guy wants steno. It was that way earlier in his career, and if he HAS to pay someone, damn straight they are going to be his kind of secretary. He wants to be able to say, “Miss Smith, take a letter”.

    What this guy forgets or does not realize is that he will never READ what is on your steno pad. What he’s interested in is the finished document. A good finished document has at least three qualities: correct format, correct grammar, and reflects what he THINKS he said.

  5. As far as ‘steno’ vs. ‘Speedwriting,’ remember the line from Ghostbusters: “When someone asks if you’re a god, say YES!!”

    Pascal is dated, but Linux is still very much with us. But usually today someone asking for Linux skills will be more specific: is it system administration, databases, development, etc.?

  6. Here is the update and it is a kind of kooky one:

    The guy who spoke to me has now run the sixth ad.

    that’s right: 6. the ad’s appeared daily since Wednesday. (and I am sure that there was an ad in the want ads last Monday and last Wednesday; I did not get the paper either of those 2 days so it could very well be that this is Day Nine of his ad being run)

    He is looking for something that does not exist. And he is never going to find it.

  7. The NINTH ad just ran.

    Somebody here is nuts and it ain’t US.

    This is precisely what is holding up the works for me: the wrong people are doing the hiring and the wrong people are being hired as a result.

    He will never get anybody with steno. Not going to happen. Hire the best candidate in the bunch and see how it works out — use a dictaphone if you want your letters to be verbatim or what not. Who’s got time for nonsense and shadow dancing? Not us.

  8. Dude that is exactly what is happening, the wrong people are being hired. I mentioned in another post about being called for interviews for jobs I am not fit for but rejected for others I am.

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