My year in words

So how was everyone’s year? I have to say this was probably the weirdest year I have had in many years. So much happened and I can only assume it’s a sign of good things to come.

I started out last January by dealing with my grandma’s death. She had been failing for years so we knew she wouldn’t make it past 2011. However we were at least able to have her for last Christmas and she passed December 30, 2011 (sadly my brother’s birthday). Her wake and funeral were held the beginning of January to start the new year. In this year there were many deaths my family faced. My dad said they attended about 14 wakes this year alone. Some deaths were from people who had been friends but hadn’t seen in years and others were frequent visitors.

However, the biggest change in my life this year was becoming as involved as I did with volunteering. In January I called the church to find out what I needed to do to become a religious education teacher. What inspired me to do this? I have no idea except perhaps my grandma gave me signs from the grave. She was religious and would be proud that I started doing this. I actually believe that I was destined to do this and that teaching is my calling. I have always wanted to be a teacher but was told for many years not to do it because of the money. However, the money being a teacher at school can be decent but I really want to become a teacher at a religious school. While being a teacher at church is volunteer it enriches me more than I could ever imagine. I am enjoying it so much and look forward to going every Tuesday.

In addition to being a CCD teacher I have become involved with the American Legion. I had done some volunteering on and off with the car club affiliated with them for years because of my parents. However, my parents stopped doing as much because the last manager was nasty to them. She was fired and they brought in new employees who are amazing. They actually have great ideas and many are fun activities. They started a program called Adopt A Soldier and I have become very involved with this, from marching in parades representing it, to working various events to raise money such as last year’s county fair (I live in the same town as the county fair). In addition to this I joined the auxiliary and have started volunteering for this. As many of you know my brother is in the army so the military is big with my family. I was also briefly enlisted in the navy but medically discharged. Interesting to note that my parents have been friends with most of those in charge of the Legion for years but only now did my dad decide to join the Legion. His one friend in charge asked him why it took too long for my dad to join because he’s been bugging my dad for years to join.

The Legion though may play a part in something else in my life. Back in January my parents decided to give me a membership to a Catholic dating site. I had been on other sites with little to no success because so many of the secular free ones are full of married men, perverts and many other weird guys. Not to mention I have a definite rule where I don’t date dads and guess who mostly contacted me on the secular sites? Not just dads but often men with multiple baby mamas. Yuck. I met one guy from Plenty of Fish this year who was decent (and never married and childless)but he decided he wasn’t interested in me at all, and to be honest I wasn’t into him either. So then I tried the Catholic site but really struck out too. However, while most of the guys were not perverts or dads, most wanted much younger or women they could control. I was talking to this one guy who seemed okay until he told me he believes all women should be moms, should be at home because they are taking jobs from men and that men should be allowed to hit their wives. When he told me he hit his ex when she got in his face I knew I didn’t want to meet him. I met one great guy from the site and we keep in touch but he lives 6 hours away and is 10+ years younger so we are just friends. Once my membership expired I left the site.

In the middle of all of this my mom’s friend told me about a guy in town who owns a store. We met and seem to click and share the same views and values. Oddly he seems to fit everything I want in a mate, only so far he hasn’t asked me out. I think he is interested though but just scared. He is involved in the American Legion (he is an officer)and in a strange irony he also joined the groups there that I did. My parents adore him and his mom told my parents she thinks I am a nice girl. At an event she pointed me out to a friend of hers and said “that’s Dawn”. I also met his sister and she knew who I was so apparently he told her. At events he stares at me all night long. Mutual friends have told me he is interested but isn’t sure how to approach me because he is intimidated by me. So I am taking it slow and getting to really know him and am finding I like him more and more every time I see him. However recently I found out about some personal issues he is dealing with (his mom is elderly and his store is struggling)so I wonder how this affects it all as well.

However, perhaps the strangest irony about this year is the fact I am getting interviews for MARKETING jobs. I haven’t had these many marketing interviews in years.  I was getting interviews for instructional designer jobs but not many marketing and now I am.

It’s weird I had several years of doing nothing now am doing a lot and did a lot this year. Is this a sense of things to come? Maybe and I hope 2013 continues on a positive note and that I finally get a job. I am going back to school but am hoping to have a job as well while I attend college and am checking into several scholarships for education.

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  1. Marketing budgets often increase in bad times because companies have to work harder to sell their goods. It also might be a response to the need to capitalize on social media, which is becoming an important way to publicize one’s products. What companies are likely to be looking for are ways of advertising without increasing ad and media expenses, which is what they hope that social media will do for them. This means that they have to do more in-house, leading them to hire more people rather than spend the money on ads.

    I hope that it all works out for you.

  2. Thanks. I think things are starting to fall into place and yes several of them do include doing social media platforms such as Linked-In Facebook. I have accounts with most of the social media sites for me and my small business and try to update often. Even though my business is small I am getting a few jobs just from people seeing my Facebook page for the business.

  3. <p><p>You might also want to look into a group called The Catholic Alumni Club.</p><br />
    <p>If you like going to Mass and doing other fun group-y things with other Catholics, this is for you.</p><br />
    <p>There are dances, brunches, weekends away, ski clubs happy hour TGIF kind of things, museum visits, sporting events, picnics — and more; it depends on the club itself and what they do.</p><br />
    <p>Visit the CACI dot com website to find a chapter near you. I was a member of that group for a real long time. I didn’t meet anybody in the way of guys but I did get to make some pretty good friends.:)</p><br />
    <p>I am no longer active with that group; I kind of outgrew it when I found other things to do and other places to go; this might be worth your while.</p><br />
    <p>The only drawback for the group:</p><br />
    <p>Unless your local CAC chapter has a membership that is under 45-50 years of age, the members of that chapter may be a much much older bunch. There are still CAC members who are still active and these people are well into their late 60s at this point and some are a bit older than that. They are also a bit pissy about separated and divorced people; one of their rules is “eligible to marry in the Catholic Church.” They don’t get any divorcees unless they are annulled as well — it’s a rule that has to change; we had a ton of divorced people who wanted to join and they would have been active, fun and formidable members but there was “that rule”. Pity. </p></p>
    <p> The guy who stares: from one woman to another, find another guy — and one who has the actual guts to say to you, “Dawn, are you free this Friday night for dinner? I know this great Italian restaurant — it’s a cozy little place — and afterwards, I figured we go to this little jazz club to hear the music. What do you say?” That guy’s a bit too old for juvenile behavior. And besides, don’t you want to date a guy who wants to date YOU? 😉 <p>

  4. I will check into that group, I know there is a chapter in Chicago. Out here there aren’t a lot of singles groups because it is somewhat rural. I am at a crossroads with this guy because yes he is acting way too immature for his age. I get it, he’s inexperienced with dating and all that, but if I knew for sure he was interested but had other obligations (and he does like his store)I would understand. However he isn’t even making a move though he says he wants to. I am going to a banquet in two weeks where he is likely to be and I am planning to drink. I will confront him about this because if he’s not interested I don’t want to keep holding my breath. Then again I don’t have a lot of options in dating because I bombed with online.

  5. As a guy, my advice to you is to talk to him on the phone and invite him places. Do this enough times so he feels comfortable with you, and then ask him where your relationship is headed? Guys do not understand women. It took me years…and years….and years(!!!) to figure out that if I gave a woman my number (even though I may have done it to be helpful) they thought I was asking them out. Women (seem) to think every guy they talk with who is friendly to them wants to ask them out. But, any real man will view a woman as a person and see them as a possible friend. It is the reason men do better at the top of corporate structures then women. Women read about relationships, men actually live them.

  6. Luckily me and this guy are building up a relationship. Whether that relationship is as potential mates or just friends remains to be seen, but yes I definitely need to talk to him about it. I did say to him that if he’s not interested in getting together to let me know and I wont bother him. He said he is but right now is severely depressed with the weather. He also said that if he didn’t want to get together he would let me know because he believes in being honest. I do think though he doesn’t think he is good enough for me, he stated before that why would someone like me like him? Also, I have never said anything to him about being interested, having a crush or liking him in that way, and perhaps he is thinking I am not into him. I am going to have to get up my nerves and confront him about this.

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