Good Help is Hard to Find….

This is a 2 parter.

Part 1: The Not So Curious Case of Yes, We Hired Another H1-B …An ad ran on Craigslist; I was interested in the company and the salary of the job was not listed. I figured I’d take a trip down to the company, case the joint and see what was what before I sent any information to them.

I park my car and I’m walking to the door of the company; I see a little Asian Indian guy at the door.

“Do you work here?” he asked me. I replied no.  He said,”I am supposed to start work today at this company and the doors are locked.”

No buzzer, no intercom. I called the phone number of the company. A very snotty young girl got the phone.  I told her she had a guy standing outside waiting to be let in. “That’s because we are a secure company…” and then i asked her what salary was offered for the job. She told me to send my resume.  She was nasty as hell and just based on that, I would NOT sent that company my resume.

Nice….you can’t even hire a local American for the job that that guy got? Impossible.

Part 2: The Not So Curious Case of “Yes, We TOO Hired an H1-B…”
I have a 3 month old washing machine that broke.  It won’t spin and rinse; it leaves a puddle of water behind in the basket and nearly flooded my basement. The wash cycle repeats over and over again.

Here comes the repair guy — really, you mean to tell me there are no Americans who can fix a damn washing machine??? Poor communicationand poor English — he was here Wednesday. He was to return today with the part; he’s nowher to be seen — I just got  off the phone from him. The story now is “I told you Friday or Saturday depending upon when the part gets here, if we get it.” He very definitely told me on Wednesday he would be here Friday with the part.

Sure, I am seeing red. This is the principle of the thing and yeah, again, another foreigner. Somebody who was born here can’t fix a washing machine. I called the store I bought the appliance from and blasted them.

Good help is hard to find.

Getting My Day in Court is Not Always Satisfying

To my great surprise, the handyman who stole my mower showed up for court today.  An even greater surprise was that he changed his plea to no contest, which has the effect of a guilty plea.  He was fined $375 and a judgement for $203 was entered in my favor.  Now I get to sue him for the money in small claims court.

I predict that in two months, he will be working off his fine as jail time.  It seems that it takes about that long for failure to pay a fine to turn into a warrant for one’s arrest.