Bizarro world, job style

Ok, let’s play a game called which one of these people is unemployed?

1. Scenario 1: I know someone who decided to switch careers to become a teacher after working in public relations. She went on to take classes to become a special education teacher and also certification to teach bilingual students as well.

2. I know someone from college who planned to go to Hollywood after college and become a star. He was advised to get another skill like teaching to fall back on, but he decided he wanted to make the trip anyway.

What if I told you the TEACHER is unemployed and has been 6 years and counting (outside of teaching substitute from time to time and being a part time teacher’s aide at times). What if I told you the ACTOR is not only employed but is a cast member on CSI which at one time was the number 1 show on television. Remember when actors were told to get a skill like teaching to fall back on? maybe we should tell teachers to get a skill like acting to fall back on.

This ties into me because in my 20’s I was pursuing an acting, modeling, DJ and singing career and was advised to get a “real” job.  I was told to go into the corporate world because that was a safe field. Ironic because I haven’t worked in 5 years and maybe if I hadn’t given up my showbiz aspirations I might be like my former college classmate. Simply put there is no “safe” job anymore.