Sandy and the job market

I followed up on some resumes I sent.

I called 4 companies:

One company cannot be reached; I get voice mail but it’s doubtful that they have been in and open for business; they are in the flood path. Maybe they were spared, maybe not. No way of telling.

Company #2 told me that they have their hands full with Sandy. And that they have not yet looked at the resumes.

Company #3 had no phones, said a person who got the phone (maybe they are on some type of generator and temporary landline connection). Asked for my number; told me that they’d maybe call in a couple of days.

Company #4 is voice mail only. I do not know if they are open or not or what is the story.:(

I had a horrible thought:

How important will it now be to hire somebody, what with the mess and devestation we have out there? Companies may not even be keen on hiring anybody at all now; that will be last priority because of the storm.

That ugly thought came to mind and don’t ask me how I felt when it did. For people like me, who need a job, this is very bad.:(

2 thoughts on “Sandy and the job market”

  1. The hiring that gets done will be casual hourly labor for clearing all the refuse from flooding out of buildings, not “permanent” jobs.

  2. Sure…and at your health’s expense.

    That water is contaminated. contaminated with pesticides, oil, bacteria and other chemicals — chemicals from pools, lawns, gardens, you name it.

    You’d need a great deal more than a tetanus shot after you’re waded in that water — and a lot of the water is chest high in many places.

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