My Hurricane Sandy story — horrible, just horrible…

I live about 6 miles west of NYC.

it is positively horrific out there.

Our state was pretty much decimated. The story in NYC and Connecticut is no better.

I was without power for 12 hours; the power went back on at 7 am tuesday and I only got my TV and internet back yesterday.

The only contact I had with the outside world during the storm, the blackout and when I was minus tv and internet was the report from our local news station 1010WINS. (Their signal was knocked off the air and the programming on one of their FM sister stations was booted to make room for 1010WINS)

I knew what was going on was pretty bad; it was horrendous here during the storm. Never have I experienced winds so high and so intense; the cops and FD were busy all night. The FD came up each block with searchlights, to ensure we were safe and nothing was happening that was amiss.

In Moonachie and Little Ferry, a stones throw from here, the surge from the Hackensack River went right over a levee and the water positively obliterated both towns.  The residents just went back, i think. It’s devestation everywhere.

The pictures that I am seeing are heartbreaking:
Breezy Point Queens is wiped out. Rockaway Beach fared no better.
Staten Island is hanging by a thread.
And the Jersey Shore…
Unbelievable what happened — a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel were pitched into the drink; the boardwalk is gone.
There was a fire in Breezy Point and that devestated many many homes. The fire department had a rough time getting to it because of the cataclysmic flooding.

And much much more….you can see the photos and read what happened on the net.

Ther is sand feet deep in the streets — houses are rubble and reduced to nothing.  Any houses left are in bad shape; one house is now in the middle of Route 35. Carried there by the water.

A barrier island is now split in two. There is an inlet, created by Sandy…this is a PERMANENT CHANGE…

And it happened in another town: the town is now divided into 2 parts; a new inlet created there, also.

The water line has moved UP. The beach is gone and gone for good. There’s no way they can replenish the beach. From what I understand the water line now begins blocks from where the beach originally began!

Our entire state is a disaster area. Very few areas were spared.

And the gas lines — it is like 1973 all over again. I saw gas lines over a quarter of a mile long; there is no power to pump gas and at the stations where there is gas, they are running out of gas.

And why are the ports CLOSED???? This is what I heard this morning!

There are also no traffic lights operable. Here and there there will be traffic lights that actually work but this is now a rarity to find a traffic light in normal condition.  Driving is a battle zone; it’s like Death Race 2000 out there.

People need food and water. And the supermarkets that now have full shelves? Won’t be there for long. If trucks can’t get through with food, you’ll see the shelves bare in short order. And I am sure any food banks are picked dry, thanks to this disaster.

Schools are closed for the entire week. They are using schools for shelters (and that’s if the school has not flooded).

I have never seen anything like this.

The cost to rebuild will be off the charts — it will exceed Katrina because this is an area with a great many more people and it is much more expensive to do anything in this area, especially build anything.

The Jersey shore relies on tourism for their ratables.  If you have massive devestation on just about every shore point and town, from Bradley Beach all the way to Cape May, no way you will have any of that fixed by the time the shore season begins in 6 and a half more months.

Consider also that residents need to rebuild.  How in hell do you clear 9 feet of SAND from the streets — and there is sand blocks and blocks from the BEACH!

This thing made landfall in Atlantic City. Don’t ask what that looks like. The boardwalk is gone. So is, I am sure, what is there of the pier with amusements.

There are massive power outages. I cannot reach my cousin who lives down the shore and my good friend is still minus lights and power; her phone just rings away.

Cell phone service sucks. Spotty and you get bleeps and boops and snow and dropped calls galore.

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  1. Day 4…

    We are running out of gas and running out of food.

    There are cops at one service station — to keep order and make sure there is no violence, I guess.

    People are now homeless. 90% of these homes are ransacked and are not fixable and repairable — and in many cases, the home is just GONE.

    We still have no power and no amenities in this area, in a lot of places. You can’t even get ahold of a daily newspaper.

    Gas lines are a quarter of a mile long, and longer.

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