Back to Work

Last week, when I knew the storm was coming, I thought I’d have a couple of quiet and productive days at home.  It didn’t work out that way: just turn on the tube, and there’s a gush of urgent reports about the storm, 90% of which I had heard the first time.

But it’s an ’emergency,’ demanding one’s immediate attention.  Yeah, right.

I had to go back to work, in my office.

The reports indicated that local buses would be running on a weekday schedule yesterday.  Simple enough, I thought: take the local bus to the Manhattan Bridge, walk across the bridge, then get a bus on the other side.

The first two parts went well enough, but it turned out that the local Manhattan bus was mostly a creature of myth and legend.  And while I cursed my laziness for getting out at 6:30 a.m., it turned out to be just the right time: lower Manhattan was still blacked out, and I crossed the bridge just as dawn was breaking.

On the way back from the office, I hopped a bus for part of the way in Manhattan, then walked across the bridge, and after waiting 20 minutes for a bus back in Brooklyn, walked the rest of the way home.

Today bits and pieces of the subway are running.  There are no trains to lower Manhattan because either the tunnels are flooded or there is no power.  I can take a train to downtown Brooklyn and get a bus over the bridge into Manhattan.  I seriously wonder how this scheme will hold up under the onslaught of even half the normal volume of passengers.

We’ll find out….

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  1. Wow….it is devestating what I see on the news/net/TV and our area got slammed to the max.

    Will post more later. I am okay; my dog is okay, my home is. A great many people were not as fortunate.:(

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