Corruption in a small town

I live about an hour outside of Chicago and what a difference that hour makes. I grew up in Cook County and got into politics there and let’s just say everyone probably knows how crooked Chicago politics are. I’m sure everyone has heard about the machine and all the nepotism. In fact I lost my job due to this nepotism and it’s as dirty as you’d think.

However, when I moved out here and so did my parents we thought we were leaving the corruption and all the bad things like crime. In the case of crime we certainly did because this town can be accurately compared to Mayberry. I think there are maybe 4 cops and maybe one or two are full time but the rest are part time. Even so if you see them at your neighbor they are probably hanging out there. At one point the firefighter were all volunteer. Oddly, almost 20 years ago I dated a firefighter out here long before I moved here. Not sure if they are all volunteer still. When one has a party, often you will see many people you know in town. I became involved with the American Legion and recently welcomed home a soldier and almost the whole town showed up. The town is staunchly Republican if you find a Democrat it’s probably the conservative type. Almost everyone goes to church and there are many here.

However, there is one part that is exceptionally dirty and it is the park district. This has a history of extreme corruption. The former park district director went to prison because he stole $25,000 from the budget and other former board members have been accused of stealing money from the concession stand. About three years ago a friend of my dad’s offered him a job as his assistant and told him when he retired he wanted my dad to take over his job. He retired (though we later found out he got irritated with the current director, but more on her later)and my dad became maintenance supervisor, which means being in charge of the grounds and lawn and machinery. My dad LOVED his job because he loved everyone he worked with from the director to her son (me and my mom called them his work wife and work son). He hated though that every time something went wrong or someone needed help he was called out, including on Sundays. They even had the audacity to call my dad at my grandma’s funeral to help but he didn’t answer.

To explain more about this in detail I have to explain about the head of the park district board. He and his wife own a home remodeling business in town. They are very hated because they screw over people and just plain psycho. When he heard the park district decided to buy a new building and remodel it, guess who ran for the board? yep psycho man. He won because there just weren’t enough people running. My dad didn’t like him to begin with (he didn’t trust him)because he saw what was happening and how this idiot wanted power.

My dad didn’t give it much thought though until a few months ago when the board president brought in a new guy, who was supposedly going to fix some equipment. My dad didn’t think much of it until this guy starting doing more of my dad’s job. He eventually got my dad’s job and my dad was demoted. This guy would run his farm business from the park district and do no work. My dad was upset but blew it off because he was happy he still had a job. That is until last week when he got fired because this guy lied about my dad at the board meeting. However it gets better than this, that day the wife of the park district head put on their Facebook page for their home remodeling company “I am glad New Wave Princess’ dad (obviously they put my dad’s name)got fired because he is lazy. I defended my dad and called this woman an a##hole. Next thing you know psycho biotch called the cops and they came to my house claiming I threatened her. Yes, calling someone an a-hole is apparently a threat. The cops said they weren’t going to press charges and it was a waste of time.

The director, the one we called my dad’s work wife? she turned against my dad after he defended her. Yes, nice, isn’t it. All because she wants to keep her job.

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  1. Too many enterprises, both public and private, have become about preserving the racket, rather than doing whatever it is they’re constituted to do. Keep the goodies to the insiders, regardless of whether it actually works.

  2. The USA is been destroyed by incompetent people who get, and keep, jobs not based on ability but on social conections. The local Toyota dealership is an exception around here. Because Toyota had its infamous brake pedal problems the company has over-hauled its dealership service departments, and appears to have based its system on the US military. All the employees are young, and extremely bright (for PA Dutch Country). The head of service is a very bright Afgan War vet. All the former employees have disappeared. Any company that copies this system (and there was a medical center in Seattle WA profiled on a recent PBS Newshour segment which has–you can watch the segment on the Newshour website) will easily beat any enterprise that does not put its customers first.

  3. <p>NWP, if your father is Hispanic he may be able to get his job back based on ‘quotas’. Also, if the position he had is partially funded by federal grants he may have recourse through the ‘legal strings’ that are attached to such grants. You may also be able to sue the woman who accused your father of been ‘lazy’ for defamation because she has no evidence for her claim. You should talk with a lawyer, especially concerning federal job rules violations. The library, which you wrote about in a previous post, may also be in violation of federal grant rules concerning employee hiring guidelines.</p>

  4. Unfortunately my dad isn’t Hispanic but is older and has lost a job due to that. I’ve been blocked on their FB website but have a friend who looks and told me if she sees something she will email me and I will print it and go to the cops like they did. While this town is nice the corruption is horrible. Like the library, I like it there and the librarians are cool but yes often the assistants got the job due to who they know and one librarian even told me that (librarians of course is something different and usually requires degrees).

    Barbsright, nice to see you posting.

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