The world of the conservative Democrat

So tonight I get a call asking if I am going to vote for the Democratic woman running for the state rep position here. I said probably but would need to look at her recommendations. I saw she was endorsed by the current state rep woman who is a Democrat and I like a lot of her ideas. The interesting thing though is that she is pro life (endorsed by Right To Life), pro gun (endorsed by the NRA)and opposed to gay marriage and gay civil unions (endorsed by some pro marriage group).

What I don’t mention is the retiring state rep she would replace is also a pro-life, pro gun anti gay marriage Democrat. The woman in the neighboring district is also the same. In fact finding a pro choice, anti gun, pro gay marriage Democrat out here is very hard. We did have a pro choice Democrat (though pro guns)run in the district for the US Congress but was defeated by the corrupt politician who changed districts so he could control this area. This nut job is someone I despise so much and his group is partly why I lost my job. Sadly the woman Democrat lost the primary.

I guess why this surprises me is that when we think of Democrats we think of them as the more liberal ones and that isn’t always the case. What makes it even weirder is we have several well known Republican politicians who are pro choice and even cases where a pro life, pro gun Dem ran against a pro choice, pro gun control Rep. When this happens it feels so bizarre.

I have mentioned my views on these issues before but I believe in gun control to some extent (as in requiring background checks)but believe we should have the right to have guns. Gay marriage I don’t care if gay couples marry but also believe churches have the right to refuse. Abortion is probably the most conflicted I am as I do not want Roe Vs Wade to be overturned, nor do I want restrictions but at the same time I know myself I couldn’t have an abortion more than likely (though might in cases of health or rape).

The candidates these conservative Dems are running against are even more conservative Republicans so it really is case of two social conservatives. Interesting to note that these women are all union supporters, career women (most are business owners)and yet are opposed to abortion. However they support equal pay and things I like so they will get my vote regardless of the social issues.

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