Embarrassing phone etiquette? Do not attend the interview….

Because it is a sure fire guarantee that if there is an issue with how a phone call is handled by a company’s employee, then the company itself is a disaster.

On Tuesday, this message was left on my voicemail:

“Hello. I got a resume from you and I want you to come in for an interview. Call me at 555-555-5555” and that was all.

My goodness gracious. Who is “I” and what company do you represent, “I”? It would be nice if you left your name and company name and included the job title while you were at it.  I mean, I’ve got a thousand potential “I”s to who I forwarded my resume; you can be pretty much any one of them.

And to boot, he did not speak clearly. He fairly mumbled throughout the entire phone call.

I could not tell what company it was. The number that the call came from was the same as the one he left me on my machine; we all know that the resume could have been faxed to a boss at their home and not to just the company’s fax machine. So who knows who this was?

Poor telephone etiquette. An 8 year old kid has better phone manners than this guy.

I’ve never seen it fail: when a company has a phone issue, forget the company. I’d be wasting my time calling this guy back.