We are being stalked

I just wanted people to know that things being posted here are being reposted elsewhere. One of the people just attempted to post something very horrific about a thread I created here and left a nasty message, which I deleted, calling me names.

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  1. naw poor diddums is being persecuted! You are so illiterate. This toxic judgmental, classless bitch can’t handle the truth about herself.Your mother should have aborted, so your vicious sarcastic persona wouldn’t drain society the way it does, inputting nothing to anyone.

  2. And btw, there are many people here who have been unemployed even longer than me and I have a masters degree. Where did you attend college besides Rachel Maddow university?

  3. Enough already!

    On the one hand, harderworld.com welcomes opposing viewpoints. One of the things that’s wrong with political discussion in the US is that each side tends to build an echo chamber around themselves to avoid considering that the ‘other side’ might have something useful to say. I don’t want that to happen here.

    On the other hand, comments must presume an attitude of mutual respect. In general, if you want to attack, attack the content of the comment or post, not the person making it. Feel free to fire away against errors or inaccuracies of fact or logic.

    If you want to suggest that the person making a comment is doing something wrong, do so in calm, rational terms, and move on. It’s OK to write, ‘You find something wrong with every job that possibly comes up and have a million excuses why you won’t take such and such a job.’ That’s a cogent description of an attitude that can be agreed with, dissented from, discussed. If’s not OK to write ‘Your mother should have aborted, so your vicious sarcastic persona wouldn’t drain society…’ That’s emotional innuendo, intended to inflame and nothing more.

    I note that the Web site where these comments reside calls itself, ‘A Quiver Full of Snark.’ I love snark: it’s wonderful stuff. Just direct it at the issues, not the people, please.

  4. Here’s the thing, these people are only online to attack people who are more conservative than them. I have no problem with people being liberal or conservative as long as there is respect. These people don’t do that.

  5. They keep going and saying things like I am lazy because I refuse to work cashier jobs. First off, yes even cashier jobs are being strict and I have a friend who was a cashier for years unable to find one. Second, not that I should even have to justify this either but I am unable to have a job that requires me to stand long periods of time or has lifting requirements. Nobody’s business why, just that these jobs are ones I am unable to do even if I was offered one.

  6. I live in a town of about 100,000 people, and hardly a day goes by where I don’t see someone standing by the side of the road with a sign, get panhandled, or someone comes to my door asking for work or money. I didn’t have good luck wth one guy who I hired, because he stole my lawn mower, and he’s scheduled for arraignment tomorrow, two months after he failed to return the mower. I’d argue that the fine that the handyman stands to have imposed for taking my lawn mower is a lot less expensive than the impact that a misdemeanor conviction will have on his life. So many doors are about to close for him.

    It’s hard to accept that we aren’t going to have the job of our dreams, or even of our hopes. If you graduate from college during a time of recession, you will earn something like 20% less over the course of your life compared to someone who graduates into a healthy economy. If one has student loans, the clock is ticking to get a steady job before your deferment runs out so that you can make your loan payments. I would argue that there is a similar impact if you lose your job during a recession. A year of unemployment will cost you at least 3% of lifetime earnings even if you get a job that pays as well as your previous job, more if the replacement job does not pay as well and you have to work your way back up. Things have been bad for both high school graduates and dropouts for a long time.

  7. I know and it is scary. I know having been unemployed/underemployed these few years is going to affect me directly many years from now. I wish schools better prepared students for this idea that school will not help everyone. Had I known I’d be unemployed this long I would have looked at other options.

  8. NWP, for what it’s worth, there is a website that makes up gag diplomas from “Our Lady of Britney Spears University”.

    Well, I liked it. It was a joke in my old office to get a training certificate from every course that we had to take made out to “The Coffee Pot” because it was the hardest working and most reliable “team member” in my office.

  9. That is very funny. I think it would be funny to get a gag diploma and the way some employers are they would think it is a bonafide school. I don’t know if this will help or not but my library has an agreement with this online course company called Universal Class and here you have to write a paper for each chapter along with taking a test on that chapter. Then when you finish the course (some have finals, some don’t)you get a certificate you can print out. I have finished courses in online marketing, technical writing, human resource, project management and PhotoShop.

  10. That sounds like the training agreement that the Department of Defense has with a company called SkillSoft. I am at the beginning of my biennial training cycle. I have to take 80 hours of training every 24 months, 75% of which must be courses that are offered by the Department of Defense. To my surprise, I was rejected for one course today because they claimed that I lack the prerequisite course, but I finished that course almost 11 years ago, and I can prove it.

  11. That is weird they rejected you but I do know that sometimes schools don’t accept older classes. I know a few who had to retake old classes.

  12. It’s a paperwork problem. I’ll have to call them in the morning and get it fixed. It’s a lot to expect them to be good to go on the first day that the courss SHOULD be available.

    The Defense Acquisition University is a necessary evil in my life. In a good year, I knock out the 80 hours of required training in about six weeks. It is not a university because it does not award degrees, but there are arrangements for some of the courses to get credit at places like University of Phoenix or Webster University. Unfortunately, there is no sequence of courses that gives you a full degree.

    You might like teaching for DAU. They prefer people with doctorates, but the majority of people who teach there have only masters degrees. You would teach a series of 1-6 week courses at various places around the country, and the job is at least 30% travel. From what the instructors have told me, the process for training a new instructor is to make them take the course, let them observe and assist in the teaching of the course, work with people who are taking the web-based prerequisites to the classroom courses. then you teach the course. All classes have two instrructors. Course development is a separate issue from instruction. They recruit about twice a year in the fall and in the spring, so it might be worhtwhile to check usajobs.com for lsitings. To learnmore about it, go to http://www.dau.mil .

  13. As it turned out, they “corrected” my registration, and now I am signed up for two classes, which I have to complete by the end of November. The policy for web-based classes has changed. If you fail to pass any of the tests at the end of each section within three tries with a score of 100%, they disenroll you from the course AND tell your boss that you failed the course. It’s nice that they don’t ask the questions again that you answered correctly. One class has 11 modules and the other has 23. I took 5 modules in the 11-module course and 10 modules in the 23-module course today.

  14. The 100-level courses that I am taking are survey courses. They do cover a lot of material, but I have the advantage of having taken a lot of these courses, so there is a fair amount of review for me, so the courses are more time-consuming than difficult.

  15. I finished my third and final class today. It had only three modules, but there were 5-9 tests inside each module. 720 days till I have to bother with that again!

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