They won’t even let our state keep 240 jobs!

Funny how the 240 research jobs that Roche has in mind are NOT even staying in New Jersey.

Going to the city in a building just being built? And quite a few pharmco biggies are going to be IN that building, too?

How much you wanna bet that there are incentives involved??? Figures.

One of the pharmcos is Pfizer. Pfizer is closing a big plant about an hour or so from me — a guy I know works there. He has no idea where he’s going to go at his age, which is mid 50s.

2 thoughts on “They won’t even let our state keep 240 jobs!”

  1. Bingo….Incentives is exactly where it’s at. They didn’t move there for nothing:

    Now it’s give every big name big money company a freebie. What a way to do business.

    Gee, why not? Sports teams have gotten freebies for years, for years since WWII! Every stadium you see is an incentive. Pretty good deal for an outfit that is ‘technically” in business for only part of the year, and on only one day or a few days a week during part of the year.

    What a mess. We have no more big name companies moving into our state. The only activity you see with building is for retail and service.

    There is already talk about building a hotel on the Roche property. The last thing that town needs; there is also a gentrification issue — who needs a highrise hotel??

  2. ‘Incentives’ is one of my pet peeves. If you’re a big enough business, you can get communities to lower their tax rates and give away all sorts of goodies for deigning to open a facility there. (And when the goodies are no longer there, you can find new goodies.) If you’re not big enough, you have to pay full fare.

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