Yet another insane job requirement

I got this interview tomorrow and I am going to cancel it. Why you may ask? it sounds like something bizarre. First off the job pays $9 hour, which sounds ok until I mention our minimum wage is $8 hour. Someone might say that at least they pay more but here’s the issue, it is a call center job that requires one to work weekends and evenings and holidays, including Christmas. It’s also a half hour away. I don’t think there are benefits either.

But it gets better. At the interview I have to take a computer test and a typing test and have to type 40wpm. I have no idea my wpm as I’ve never held a job that required that (just had jobs that required me to type on Word or Word Perfect). They also do a keying test. In addition they also require a list of references and a credit check (I think). Another thing too that is weird is that the person I would have to call is in another state. This company doesn’t even have HR people in their company.

Unreal that these are the types of jobs that are out there. Once upon a time call center jobs pay more than this and basically you got the job if you came to the interview. They didn’t even care about references.

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  1. WPM??

    What are you, Peggy Olsen and you’re gonna work for Sterling Cooper as a secretary???

    (a reference to Mad Men, a cable TV show about a 1960s ad agency)

    WPM is now out the window, along with garter belts, steno pads and those round orange erasers with the green sweepy brush on it. it’s impossible to tell how fast one can type; everything is pull down menus.

    Very few jobs now have a sit down “practical exam.”

    Thought if they did indeed have a sit down skill test, that is the ONLY way to tell who is best for the job.

  2. WPM? that went out with the word processor.

    it’s impossible to tell anymore how “fast” somebody types. There are pull down menus and this that and the other thing that do not rely strictly upon the end user “only” keying in text.

    Yes, the prospective needs to know how to type but that’s about it. pretty much everyone does.

    If you’re taken a typing course in school, no problem.

  3. An update but I didn’t go. I know, sounds bad but to me there were just too many bad vibes. The distance is too far for the money (not that it’s far but too far for a few hours)plus the holiday thing just annoyed me.

  4. They are better off with very local residents and college kids and retirees.

    What the hey??? Now they’ll want a pedigree and a genogram that extends all the way back to Honest Abe Lincoln. Fooey.

  5. Not that a half hour away is that far but is for $9 hour. Next week I am going to this place to apply for a job I saw and going to see how I can become a Catholic teacher and if I need to get certification from college and how I can get scholarships and such. It’s obvious to me my career is dead unless I go back to school. I just got a rejection for a job I was praying I got.

  6. Unless you are guaranteed a job at the end of certification training, you would do well not to take on debt to get your certification. Given your background, what subject would you plan to obtain certification if you do need it?

    I’ve looked into teacher certification for non-teachers, and it requires somewhere around 50 semester hours of courses to be made up, or about a year and a half of classes. A quicker path might be the master of arts in teaching, which is a year of full-time study.

  7. Out here, it’s all a big race and hair pulling to get a job via the alternative route to teach.

    I think the whole alt route is a farce.

    There are people who aren’t qualified to be teachers but get an in because they er know the right people. These are people who can’t make change in a dang McDonald’s…but yet they now have bullet proof jobs via our wonderful state. Nope; yu can’t get laid off or fired if you have tenure and even if you ARE removed, i am sure it’s with pay, but you don’t teach your classes. THey probably have the same “rubber room” that the state of NY does.

    And people like us can’t even find a damn fooking office job, a graphic design job or whatever it is that we are after.

    End of the world as we know it.

    And we DON’T feel fine.

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