Corruption and laziness in the hicks

I live in an are that is really a mixture of rural and suburban areas. It’s technically a suburb of Chicago but for the most part people don’t consider themselves Chicagoans. They tend to be conservative Republicans and very opposed to the Democratic machine (and a Chicago Democrat means very liberal socially and fiscally).

However they have one thing in common with Chicago and that is the corruption. Situation #1: My dad is a hard worker in charge of the maintenance building and is in the park district book as maintenance supervisor. Everyone likes him for the most part and is always willing to help out with something. Recently a guy on the board decided he wants his one friend to take (let’s be honest, STEAL)my dad’s job and give it to a friend of his. He also wants his wife to take the job of my dad’s boss. My dad and his boss are very close and we call her his work wife. Her son works with my dad and they are very close, he comes over often and my dad is always talking to him. My dad has never liked a job like this one. Anyway the board member is now making up stories about my dad that are lies, like my dad is lazy and wastes money. He’s trying to trump up things so my dad will be fired. Same thing with my dad’s boss. My dad wonders how long he will even have a job. Meanwhile the liar board member has figured out a way for his friend to take over days from my dad and all he does is sit around and drink. A few people who worked under my dad have quit because they see what is going on.

Case #2: my parents best friend is the village clerk. Her job is elected from the voters, but  assistant jobs are not. The assistant jobs were given to people with connections, including a village trustee’s daughter. All she does all day is sit on the internet and the phone. Meanwhile the village clerk has to do more and more and do the duties of this lazy assistant. Now she found out that a few people are pushing to have lazy assistant run against her in the next election. Likely the village clerk will win again (her family is well known here) but the idea they want this lazy one to be in charge astounds me.

Case #3: About a year ago the library was hiring an assistant. The library is one of my hangouts and I know the librarians. I asked the one about the job and she told me the job was given to the daughter of a library board member but they had to make it look legit. This clerk does nothing either and the one librarian (the one who told me about her)has reported her for doing nothing.

Many things spring to mind, first off these are the people getting jobs over us. Here we sit with ambition and so much to offer and they go for the lazy. Second, it doesn’t matter how we work we won’t get the job without knowing someone.

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  1. This is an old old old story. It’s worked like that in my area for years and years and years.

    I know of somebody who had about a trillion jobs, all types: she had a communications and arts degree from a state college. She worked a variety of low level and admin jobs and somehow she managed to get herself a teaching job, in her town public school system. teaching keyboarding to grammar school kids. I’m pretty sure she’s good for about 60 grand now. She has been there awhile.

    I just wonder how she managed that one. Ha.

    She’s not qualified to do much of anything and isn’t even smart enough to make change in a McDonald’s — she was fired from 2 of the jobs that she had; a third company laid her off (or so she said). She’s had 5 jobs, counting the teaching job, in the last 8 years.

    And we’re the idiots, the stupid bleeps and the forgotten about who nobody wants to hire. Man, what a nightmare. I’m already sick at heart enough over this entire entire mess.

  2. Me too. It is so heartbreaking when I find the person who got the job over me and they are unqualified. I’ve seen companies overlook requirements because someone’s kid or relative got the job.

  3. Relatives? That’s one thing. Hire every single one of yer inbred relatives from here to Kingom Come, or the man in the moon, or whoever.

    I still want to know what made this candidate so much more qualified than me.

    I should have moved on months ago — and gotten a Plan B ready. Plan B??? Who the peanut butter fudge thought of having a Plan B??? WHO thinks nobody is going to hire them??? Did I ever even vaguely consider that fact at all? NO — and I am certainly sure that you did not, either. YOu did not formulate a Plan B, either, when you got laid off.

    My plan now:

    I need to know how to move on after this fiasco and I need to find out how to start living life again. I threw away months of my life, put everything on hold, all in the name of being hired by somebody.

    I want to start living a normal life again — yeah, the same shitty boring life I had when I was gainfully employed.

    I want to wake up and have peace of mind and I want to be able to look forward to each day.

    I do not want my day dominated by azzhole want ads and on line ads.

    I want to get off this merry go round and I want my life back. That’s what I want. And if I can’t have an admin job, then by gum i want the job that I CAN have, at a decent rate of pay and with some type of decent benefits.

  4. Me too. I don’t know if you are religious or not, but I have been praying to God and various saints to ask them about my future job career and I keep getting the answer of switching fields. I know this is the answer because my current field (instructional design)is dominated now by freelance workers, visaed workers and even overseas workers. My former job (marketing)is being eliminated left and right due to technology and this is a very age biased industry, especially my niches like public relations.

  5. I was thinking today of someone I knew from school and how she managed to find jobs. I attended school with this person and both of us ended up going into radio and then public relations. However she had a more successful career in both and is now a public relations director for a big company downtown.

    How did this happen, pure luck? nope she happens to be the daughter of a famous rock singer. If I mentioned her father’s name as well as the band he was in most of you would know who he was and you would definitely know the band. They were a huge band many years ago and had major hits including #1s and many top 10. They’ve even been referenced on the Simpsons and South Park and her father even guest starred on Family Guy. Actually if I listed every tv show and movie that used a song or referenced them this would be considerably very long, but that tells you how big her father’s band was. However as big as the rock band became they stayed in the area and had a down to earth attitude. In particular the daughter I attend school with would say things like “yes my dad is – – it’s his job” just like I would mention my mechanic dad. To be fair her dad would take the family on his tours and all of that so I can’t fault her for likely using his connections to get a job, I probably would too. However I can’t help but wonder if the companies hiring her said hey so and so’s daughter wants a job let’s hire her.

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