Stupid Pills

Is everyone taking stupid pills these days?

Others on this site have reported on the abject stupidity that seems to go along with running a small business.  I like to think I can do better than that, but even then, I know I’m not immune.  But even among people who should know better, things still seem to go off the rails.

  • On one of my projects at work, a manufacturer–who has been in the business for over 100 years–was supposed to wire some equipment cabinets in a tearing hurry.  Last weekend, I found out that they had to rip out the wiring and start over again: they had used the wrong sort of wire.
  • I was surprised and disappointed by Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican convention.  Yes, he’s an American cultural icon, and he might not be around in 2016, and what he had to say would play well with the Republican base.  But his rambling delivery was just sad.
  • Mitt Romney didn’t do much better.  His speech was not only uninspiring; he left me with the impression that he didn’t believe a word he was saying.  I’m disgusted with President Obama, and so are many others.  But as we learned in 2004, it’s not sufficient to say, “I’m not the incumbent.”
  • A high-school student on a bus trip was killed when he stuck his head out the roof hatch of the 13-foot tall bus and got clonged by a 14-foot-high overpass.

What the heck is going on?

3 thoughts on “Stupid Pills”

  1. Yet the stupid people get the jobs while we sit here wondering why we are still unemployed. I have seen some of the people who got the job over me and I have to question why.

    I do not approve of the job Obama is doing but do not think Romney will be better. In fact his running mate Paul Ryan scares me and Romney’s history of outsourcing jobs makes me think he will make the economy worse. I don’t know what the answer is anymore because neither candidate is a good choice. If Obama gets re elected taxes will go up to pay for Obamacare and I doubt the economy will get better. He also wants to increase visas so this means more job losses. If Romney gets in this means he will cut taxes for the rich while increasing them on the middle class and likely cutting social services. In other words either way we are still screwed and will sit here 4 years from now still unemployed.

  2. I believe that we have been in decline as a society for at least 30 years. As long as people have their Cheetos, beer, and football, there will be no real change.

  3. You are right:

    We are seeing dumb things and simply horrible things happening.

    That kid who stuck his head out of a bus…. very sad….. and this was a fancy schmancy bus; there was another group of 60 something girls on a second bus.

    We never had these fancy parties for a sweet 16. You got a basement party or maybe the VFW or Elks Hall as the venue.

    Horible things: how many shootings are we going to have? How many horrible murders? How many people will go and shoot up coworkers? How many more gruesome murders will we hear about?

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