Reinventing myself

I have come to the very sad conclusion that I will never work in my chosen fields ever again. My last job was instructional design which is a very technological field. Basically this involve developing training programs for employees along with training them on the software. This field is always changing. My fields before that was public relations and broadcasting and finding a job in these fields is slim to none (leaning towards none). All of these fields are changing because of the internet, outsourcing and technology. Many employers are hiring these jobs part time if at all. Several employers I interviewed with told me that they often doubled up jobs because often one person can do a job that several used to. Let’s not forget that I am a 41 year old woman, not exactly prime hiring person. Sure, I am very smart and responsible but we all know they often don’t care about that.

So it looks like in the spring I am back to school. As of now I am leaning towards checking into becoming a Catholic school teacher and checking how to become one. I know several who became Catholic teachers and as I have been told often you just need a degree. In the event I need a certificate I will check into getting it, and when I looked years ago I found it would take me a year. Other fields I considered are massage therapist and speech therapist because both seem to be in demand, but to be a speech therapist I would have to go and get another bachelor and a masters, and we are talking 4 years or so. Massage therapist I don’t think is as long but just checking into it now. I really want to be a pet trainer but am striking out on that and am having trouble finding info.

I really hate this. I do know when I do go back to school I will do things differently like really network. Of course I did last time but apparently not good enough.