More job hunting comedy…

(This is why i cartoon. I swear that there is a cartoon in just about everything)

An ad ran on our local Craigslist. The job was for an office assistant and ap/ar person. If you were interested, interviews were held all afternoon this past Monday.

I went to their interview — granted the place is in a little ole rundown building but what was at the front desk and what was workin on the inside was the big give away the salaries were stinko. Sometimes you can tell.

I completed their app and then spoke to the interviewer. THe guy kept me 10 minutes — told me nearly nothing about the job and asked me maybe 1 or 2 questions about where I worked.

I took the mike and asked why the job was open (“we had a Turkish girl here she took her baby and went home”) and wht the salary was — he said $18 an hour but somehow I think he made that info up; there are also benefits after 6 months (and he did not volunteer any more info).  And it also turns out that you will be assisting the CEO with everything…. and help him operate 3 other companies.

Dude, you want an exec admin and you are off by about 15K or 20K a year. This is also tooo much work for one person. It is also taking advantage of who you hired.

He told me the second interviews are next week. I won’t be holding my breath.

My guess is that they will hire what just left: the same type of person. That means I’m definitely a no. I’ve seen this a thousand times in a thousand places: they all want some sort of type and they all keep the status quo intact when a new employee is hired.

I can’t tell you how sickening and sad this is — this is no loss but what i don’t appreciate is that I pretty much was rejected on the spot. I swear he wants another Turkish girl with a kid. And that ain’t me.

It’s a shitty way to run things; nobody else will be given a chance — and even if you are, you will be an outsider. That’s my take on it.

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  1. I see this a lot with many jobs. They will complain about the person I would be replacing but then go and hire the EXACT TYPE. I see this especially with recent grads, they complain they are too lazy, unambitious etc then guess who gets the job? yep.

  2. A Turkish girl with a kid?

    I’ll bet that was somebody with quite the education.

    This was over the second I walked in the door — I could see that this wasn’t for me.

    I’ll bet that if I call tomorrow and ask if the job was filled they say it was. Big deal.

  3. And factor in when you have a non-American boss, you will get cultural issues galore popping up daily at work.

    My last boss was Chinese. The superstitions got in the way of doing business — it was stuff like no POs with the numbers “13” next to each other, no white flowers, no business done on Friday the 13 — if it was Monda through Thursday the 13th, same thing. She would date the correspondence a day later.

    And such a big big joke — I got laid off on the “day of the 8.” Uh, who was that supposed to be auspicious FOR — her or me? haha

    Non-American bosses also have a much different way of treating employees. There is no way I’m going to stand for being treated like a fool or worse, because I’m a woman — they also tend to talk to employees like they’re common skivvies.

    YOu can see just by what’s working there that this already is a company you don’t want to work for. Old ladies? you can bet that they have been there for years and nobody there is a college grad. Just based on that you are already an outsider.

  4. I hate to say this but I try to avoid non American or non European bosses. In particular Indian employers because my experience has been horrible with them and the ones I have met are sexist. One interview I had last year all they kept asking me was if I had health issues or had kids because they don’t hire moms or unhealthy people. Not to mention many will never promote women. My brother worked for a Japanese company with an American branch and he would tell me how the company would hire men to the management and the women to support jobs. It frustrates me when I don’t get a job for reasons like this.

  5. I’m sorry now that I didn’t laugh and reply, “My goodness, 4 jobs for the salary of one. Good luck with finding somebody who will be willing to do 3 jobs for what…that works out to what: of $4.30 an hour for each job? Yeah, good LUCK” and then get up and go.

    If this garbage keeps up we will be at 20% unemployment for good.

  6. What frustrates me is that often the jobs are not even compatible. A local company wanted someone with marketing background AND forklift certification and another wanted an admin with a mechanic background. I am seeing so many companies wanting two weird job combos that normally even go together. I called on the marketing/forklift job and they told me they had a previous person with both skills so they figured they could find another one. Very odd because marketing is white collar management and forklift is blue collar, often union work. Same thing with the admin/mechanic combo. I have been seeing a lot of jobs that are an admin/marketing/computer skills combo which means the company wants someone to do several jobs but these aren’t really incompatible jobs.

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