Greed Is Good!!!

And the employees will pay for your greed….by losing their jobs:

Layoffs will be “far reaching.”

What happened here: A hospital about 15 miles from there closed in June of 2008.

There was a movent to reopen it.  Englewood’s stance was that their hospital would lose too much revenue and admissions if the hospital was permitted to reopen.

They were locked in a battle with another facility to stop the opening. No deal; the hospital is opening and they can do nothing about it.

Looks to me like all of the attorney’s fees and other incidentals to stop the reopening of the hospital took a huge financial toll…and now the middle class  at Englewood will pay for it by losing their jobs.

Do you think the staff that’s laid off will find another job, comparable in salary and seniority and rank and benfits package to what they have now? Doubtful.

Nurses and allied health staff are not being hired in this neck of the woods. And there are other hospitals that are floundering — their closure is a possibility. So they can’t even try there for jobs.

Greed is Good! Let’s have some more…