9 minutes and 58 seconds I won’t get back


This afternoon about noonish I got a phone call from a woman who called me in response to an ad I answered.

Naturally, the caller will review your resume with you and ask you what she or he needs to know in regard to the resume’s content; sure, you’re going to hear them ask you where the company is, what your job title was, what your duties were and how long you were employed there.

Well, I got all of those questions and then some.

When she got the information about where I worked, etc wow, did I get the third degree — dumb dumb questions about what I did when I did it and WHY I did it.

The questions had no let up. she asked me the same dumb assed questions over and over again: “You went from being in HR to an artist…why did you do that?” “Why were you a manager when you were an admin assistant before that? And then you worked as something else after that manager’s job…why”?

Cheez…the HR job I had ended in 2000 — between then and now we have had 3 recessions.  You have to take the jobs you can get when you CAN get them. If it is a recession you can’t dilly dally.

Then she asked me what salary range I was looking for (this company’s ad asks for a minimum of  a GED; 2 year degree preferred and 4 year degre “a plus” so I am guessing that this is a very minimally paying job. Yet she’s barraging me with the Spanish Inquisition?) I countered with “What are you offering? I’d rather not waste your time nor mine.”

“I don’t know that.” I asked her about benefits “I usually do not get into that now.”

I said to her, “I don’t think this is for me —”

“Wait….I will take your resume and share it with the manager and if there is an interest, we will set up an interview.”

Colossal waste of time — and this is why we are in the jam we are IN — people who have no business interviewing that are DOING the interviews.

If she wants to ask a thousand detailed questions about the last job I had I am fine with that — but when it comes down to asking straight away stupid asinine questions, I have a problem with the questioning indeed.

How did I go from HR to artwork?

I took a BUS! My car wouldn’t start that day!

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  1. The sad thing is I know unemployed HR people and I tried to get into it (I have a HR certificate). Some of the HR people I have interviewed with have been dumber than a box of rocks (and that’s insulting the box of rocks)and then I wonder why I am unemployed and they aren’t.

  2. an adjunt prof who taught a class I took is right:

    HR people are clerks and nothing more.

    They do not “help” you get the job. And above all, they do not go to bat for you if you don’t get your raise, if you do not get the raise that was supposed to be given to you and they do NOT act in favor of the employee when the employee files a grievance.

    They are paper pushers. They keep track of who took days off, vactions, who got time and a half and when, etc. They are really nobody…and anybody can work in HR. Certificates? I remember the day when certs were not needed for anything much.

  3. This is what I mean, I am on Craigslist looking for a job (this site seems to be the best which isn’t saying much)and there are several recruiting jobs. Ok, good because this means companies are starting to hire, right? nope, what these companies are looking for is entry level HR recruiters, which means we will get more of these idiots screening us out while they hire their recent grad classmates.

  4. So true, NWP! I always wondered why so many ‘idiots’ had jobs. Then I realized it was because ‘idiots’ always hire their ‘friends’ (‘idiots’). The ‘idiots’ are now just a lot dumber then they used to be!

  5. Very true. I saw that at a former employer where they hired the stupidest people and yep they were their buddies. Some of these people were barely literate yet they still have jobs.

  6. My reply was just eaten…here goes again:

    We have seen it a thousand times in a thousand places: the boss’ friend, nephew, niece, whatever — gets the job. That’s been a given since the Stone Age.

    What is NOT a given: hiring the truly stupid. I can’t figure out why a hiring manager would want that person over somebody who can actually do the job.

    What it is:

    The system is shot to hell. Until these useless hiring managers get their acts together and start hiring the truly qualified, we the qualified are screwed. And screwed royally.

    And for this reason you will see nearly 20% unemployment (I am using the U6 number) indefinitely: those in charge of hiring do not know their ass from apple butter.

  7. This video is really funny, but it brings up a point that’s been rolling around in my mind for some time. Even people who aren’t idiots sometimes focus more on the process than the actual facts at hand. Process is a really useful servant but a really stupid master. And it makes idiots out of people who should know better.

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