When you are “too” of anything

A few days ago I got rejected (yet again)for a job I qualified for and I asked them why. I was told I was “too educated” for the position. The position asked for a person with a bachelors and not much experience (ie recent grad)and I have a masters and experience. This has been a problem I face so I now have two other resumes, one deletes most of my experience and my degrees and the other deletes my masters and several jobs. It’s pretty sad though that people are intimidated by someone like me because I may be smarter than them. It boils down to the idea that employers want employeee they can mold, which explains why some of the stupidest people have jobs and why intelligent people often don’t. In this recession (I prefer to call it the depression)I have met so many qualified people unemployed years: lawyers, scientists, accountants, teachers and so many other very educated people. Meanwhile I know so many on the other scale of qualified who have jobs, including several high school drop outs and people with criminal records. It’s a known fact that many of the jobs that don’t require skills will not hire people who do, which is why telling someone to get a job at McDonalds is silly. McDonalds will not hire me (I know, I tried) and neither will Wal-Mart. In fact I called Wal-Mart asking why I was rejected and the woman said they do not hire college graduates. In a way I understand because these jobs aren’t meant for people like me, but on the other hand I need a job and the jobs at my level are disappearing.

I think people do this in many other ways besides jobs. I recently (as in a few months ago)met a guy I am crazy about. The fact I would be attracted to him is just so bizarre because he’s generally not my type. He’s shorter than me, he’s graying big time, and balding, and has a little beer belly. But something about him gets me excited. However, he’s been quiet towards me and last night I chatted with him. Long story short, he’s apparently interested but afraid I would reject him because I am so pretty. This has been an issue with me that I never knew until quite recently. I couldn’t figure out why I had trouble getting dates until several men told me they were intimidated by me.

Being too of anything can backfire in many ways. Obviously is has for me because I am smart and pretty but sit here unemployed and single. I remember something from awhile back when someone was buying something. I can’t even remember what they were buying but the idea was don’t buy the best product, because it’s the most expensive. Instead buy the second best product because it’s cheaper. I think as a society we don’t strive for the best. Often in the day and age the smartest kids are often rejected for scholarships that instead go to the kids who might not be as smart. The thinking going that the smartest will have that advantage. What advantage is that exactly?

As a society we don’t strive to be the best anymore and it’s affecting everything. We used to make the best products and have the best educated system but not anymore. The USA is ranked low in terms of education and in some cases losing to countries not as wealthy. As for best products, more and more products aren’t made here anymore, instead being replaced by inferior products that don’t last. However because they are cheap people don’t care they will need to replace them within a year instead of 10 years (or whatever).

To sum it up cheap is better than best and this is true whether talking about jobs or products.

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  1. I’d try “Attended Faber College”.

    It’s the truth. If you graduated from there, you attended that college.:) See what happens.

  2. Texas A&M takes the opposite approach, sort of. Anyone who enrolls is eligible for membership in the “Association of Former Students”, whether or not they graduate.

  3. That’s interesting. I know the two schools I graduated from I was in the alumni association but the one I am banned from I am banned from that one. The one school I attended for a semester I used to get the alumni magazine but once I dropped out and transferred that stopped.

  4. As an experiment, I just dumbed my resume all the way down — and told them I was returning from family leave.

    2 jobs are on that resume. If they ask what I did prior to 2000, I am telling them I was a bartender.

  5. Isn’t it sad that we have to dumb down our resumes? Employers use the excuse that we are too expensive but I know that’s not it because they don’t even ask us what we are willing to take. I have been unemployed 4 years I am willing to take pretty much anything and if the job pays enough for me to survive with medical there’s no way I’d turn it down even if I am overqualified.

    This is what I mean, remember that one radio station that rejected me from a radio job because I was too old for the format? well that same job is in the paper this week. In other words the person they deemed young enough for the job took it, then quit (or got fired). I’d still be there but nope they decided they wanted a recent grad and told me that (forgetting my many radio years experience and my radio degree). Meanwhile they have to spend money advertising again and they might get another person who decides to quit.

  6. This is the thing:

    YOu are either qualified or you are NOT.

    It’s a yes or a no.

    This “overqualified” and “over this’ and “over that” is bullshit. Full stop.

    Therefore it shouldn’t matter if somebody with a masters’ degree in biochem wants to apply for an office assistant job! Call the person in and talk to them — there is more to the person than what is on his or her resume.

    If you find out that this person is more or less using this job as some sort of stop between trains, then you have full right not to hire this person.

  7. Exactly. I often hear employers don’t expect us to stay but what about all the recent grads they hire, will they all stay? nope. That radio job is a perfect example because that person didn’t stay. I would still be there more than likely but they didn’t even give me a chance. I even told the guy I would.

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