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‘Like a pro:’  you mean that I have to get a job there?

When I go on vacation, I want to rest.  And one of the things that I most need to rest from is the necessity of planning my activities. Making ‘a game plan to cover more ground’ sounds suspiciously like work.

Is part of our problem that we’ve turned work into play and play into work?

The item on the right is also interesting.  I had to clip it to fit on this page, but the text of the message is as follows:

My four children and I are huge Disney fans and travel to Orlando at least twice a year to get our Disney “fix.” For each of my children’s sixteenth birthdays, I take them to a destination of their choice for some special one-on-one time with Mom. They can choose anywhere in the world….

I have to wonder:

  • Where is Dad in this?  I suppose he has to stay at home and work to pay for the twice-a-year trips: Disney World is not cheap. 
  • Is he OK that his wife and children are addicts who need a ‘fix’?
  • If my mother had suggested, when I was turning 16, that I go on a vacation with her ‘for some special one-on-one time with Mom,’  I would have been seriously creeped out.  What sort of family is this?  (Or are all her children girls?)

Also from the mailbox:

Campaign in Pennsylvania

So they want people from New York to campaign, not in New York, but in Pennsylvania.  Apparently it’s a foregone conclusion that New York will vote for Obama.

I already know that I’ll be out of town on Election Day, and will have to request an absentee ballot in order to vote.  I don’t like either of the candidates, but I find Romney slightly less horrid.  I’d make the effort to vote for him if I were in town.  But given the circumstances, is it worth the bother?

4 thoughts on “From the Mailbox”

  1. I’ve been getting emails like that from Obama asking me to help with Indiana. It’s obvious Illinois will likely go Obama (he is still admired here, especially around Chicago)but Indiana is a swing state. Last time Indiana went Obama but the main reason is he won NW Indiana, which borders Chicago and which is closer to Illinois in terms of culture and everything. NW Indiana is considered part of the Chicago area and gets the same tv stations as Chicago. If you ask someone in those cities where they are from they will say “Chicago”. Not to mention NW Indiana has a huge minority population, especially in Gary and they would not vote for a Republican.

  2. I just can’t see the fascination in anything kiddie-oriented.

    Why not take the kids to something like Williamsburg, VA or go somewhere off the beaten track, like Nashville, Vancouver or New Orleans?

  3. Some would say that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

    Maybe they mean that the prices are so high that you’ll be turning tricks to buy trinkets for the “children of all ages”.

  4. I don’t know, when I was younger I always imagined going to Disney World for my honeymoon. This wasn’t that many years ago and by then I was an adult. Then again not sure if I’m the best example of maturity because many years ago I was trying to figure out a way to meet and marry a prince.

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