You or I could have this job…shamelessly stolen from elsewhere…

Found this on one of my fave boards:

I am so fed up with my co-worker that I have taken half days or personal time when I know that I will be stuck working with her.  Our office is very laid back, has great hours, great benefits, and is exactly what I went to college for.  I love my job….except for my space cadet of a co-worker.  She is a very nice woman and alot of times it’s just the 2 of us working together in an office the size of 1 story small house.  At first I thought she’s just ditzy and forgetful…but then I realized that she may be insane!  She lives 2 minutes from work and is atleast 5 minutes late almost everyday.  She has gone home for her 1 hour lunch break and forgot what time it was and was late in getting back.  Our boss and other co-worker who is our supervisor just try to blow it off because they’ve tried disciplining her, lecturing her, and pretty much anything else but our boss is too loyal to fire her.  I get most of the work that comes into our office because our supervisor doesn’t trust her to get it done because she forgets about it or does it wrong and then we have to correct it.  I am glad that my supervisor recognizes that I can get the job done and I feel that this is good job security in that I am valued in the office.  Just to illustrate her craziness, here a few examples (mostly to laugh at but sometimes it makes me mad)

1. Asked to assist me with some of my work while I was busy so I agreed to finally let her help…I get back from lunch and by “helping” she answered 2 calls that I had been waiting on.  For one call she wrote down the e-mail address wrong and for the 2nd call she wrote down the wrong number.

2. Has come in on a Saturday because she forgot what day it was.

3. Doesn’t watch the news or any tv so when our office was closed during a snowstorm, she came in until she realized no one was coming in.

4. I gave her a name and contact info to call to request some brochures in our office.  The entire time she called the person by the wrong name even though it was written down in front of her.

5. Occassionally our boss will let us leave a little early on a Friday if it’s a nice, sunny, summer day – she has told people when they call our office that they need to call by a certain time because our boss may let us go early.  Don’t tell them that!!!

6. She will walk around eating popcorn and let the pieces fall on the floor and not pick them up…also if the bag leaks butter in the microwave she won’t wipe it up….not because she isn’t mean and doesn’t care but because she’s oblivious and didn’t even see it.

7. She repeatedly leaves the water running in the sink, leaves the lights on when she is the one to close the office.

8. Perhaps my favorite…I had to drive her home from work because she couldn’t find her car keys. She had a spare at home to get so I had to run her back to work.  When we got back to work…her keys were sitting on the hood of her car.  When she was digging for them in her purse, she set them aside so she “wouldn’t lose them”.

 Just letting off a little steam on a Monday morning : )  Anyone else have any funny/bizarre/annoying co-workers to share stories?

I wish that I could blame it on a health issue but I really don’t think it’s the case.  She has 2 children which are grown and out on their own and she has been divorced for over 20 years.  I believe she may be bipolar because some days she seems fine but other days it’s like she’s horrible.  My supervisor and I have talked about it at length and we truly feel that it’s just the way she is.  She does things at the pace she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t care about anyone.  She has perfect vision and her hearing seems fine.  We have been chatting on a boring afternoon and in the middle of our conversation she’ll pick up the phone and start calling friends/family just to chat.  We all know that if we want to schedule any time off for vacations/the holidays we have to do it in advance and put it on our office calendar because if not, she is notorious for taking time off.  I got married last spring and her boyfriend, at the time, got tickets to a local stop on the PGA tour.  My supervisor was already off on vacation that week so she called me on my honeymoon to ask if I could come home a day early so that she could take off on Friday to go to the PGA tour.  Obviously I told her no way and told her to figure it out herself. 

 Also, one thing she will do is run to the store for office supplies and will just get up and go whenever she wants.  She said she was going to make a quick trip and I told her that I had a dr. appt and told her what time I’d be leaving.  Well I waited and waited and she didn’t come back in time.  So I called her cell phone to check and tell her that I would have to close the office if she wasn’t back in time (which our boss hates for us to do).  She said that she had gone to the store but wanted to stop for lunch (which we get 1 hr) and then she forgot if she left her garage door open so she had to run home to check it. She never offered an apology. She truly doesn’t care about anyone’s time but herself. 

Sometimes her forgetfullness can be funny but usually it’s just annoying and sometimes it makes me downright mad. 

 I answered a phone call the other day and the person said that they received a call from our office…since there’s only 3 of us, I knew that I didn’t take the call so I checked with my officemate.  She said that she didn’t recognize the name and that it wasn’t her.  So then I checked with my other co-worker and she said that she hadn’t placed any calls.  I told the woman that I wasn’t sure who called but I’d be happy to help her.  After I take the phone call and start helping the woman…my officemate says ohh…is that (then says the womans name) and said I did call her this morning.  Seriously?!

Something is def. not right but sometimes she can be totally fine and then others it’s like she just comes in when she wants, leaves to run errands for the office when she wants, and just doesn’t care.  It’s awful that my supervisor and boss let her carry on like this but on the other hand, sometimes it’s just easier to let her do as she wants.  It’s like sometimes she seems to mess everything up, but other times she does a great job.  It just depends on what she feels like doing.

What a shame. This is another example of what kind of dummies are being hired for a job that is available…and you and I sit home, waiting for an offer, and often as not, we are dicked around at interviews.

You or I could have this job and JUMP at the chance to work in a company like this.

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  1. I will bet you that 99% of this mess is just what this employee can get away with.

    She does it because she can. And she knows she won’t lose her job.

    I suggested she could have a drug/alcohol problem, a learning disability, ADD or some other emotional malady or an organic health-related problem. The OP who postred that problem poo pooed it.

    If I was the supervisor? I’d hve her out of there; 3 warnings and you’re out. And then I’d hire somebody worthwhile who’d be an addition to the company, not a leech on the company and a burden to it and the employees.

    Somewhere in that 19% of people out of work there is somebody bright who will jump at the chance to work in a company like this one.

  2. Disgusting but not surprised. An online friend was telling me a story about a coworker who is very lazy. Basically she (the online friend)gave my resume to her boss for a training position. Instead of interviewing me they hired this bimbo who is stupid as can be and always screws up. She comes in late, messes things up, refuses to do other work, etc. She ended up quitting because she felt she deserved more. The irony? she got a better job. Meanwhile the same company bypassed me even for an interview. I don’t even get it anymore because I have so much to offer, I even told an interviewee I would be willing to work free at times just to be hired. I have impeccable references, experience and education yet am bypassed for the stupid idiots.

  3. This is like “Ted” come to life. Or DILBERT.

    If you saw the movie “Ted,” you know what I’m talking about.

    I have tried that, also, saying I’d work for free and I got “don’t sell yourself short.”

    I have given up: I quit trying to figure out this uck fup that’s happening. The true wastes of skin and oxygen get the jobs and people like you and I get nothing.

  4. Dude, I know it’s annoying as hell. I will often tell people (non job related)about all my skills and I always hear something like “you are so impressive”. I am impressive yet why do employers bypass me often to hire the idiots? I’ve seen some of the people who got the jobs and most weren’t as qualified as me. One was an open lesbian where her Facebook was all about her sexual exploits with other women. Another was a recent grad (white male)who had photos of him drinking. A third was for a public relations specialist position and the press release was full of grammatical errors. These people are better than me in what way? Former friends of my parents had a son who spent college drinking and graduated with a 2.3GPA yet he had no problem finding a job.Meanwhile I with the various skills, education and experience am lucky to get one interview every other month.

  5. And you need not go to FB or any other social media to see what these numbnutses hired in the way of “qualified.”

    You can usually hear it over the phone when you call the company; every single one of these people getting the phone is garbage: poor grammar, poor diction and not being able to correctly handle an incoming call — I’ve been left on the line for eons, been cut off, had my name fudged (this after I have repeated my name twice or more) hearing a “Yeah, okay” instead of a “one moment please”…. the list goes on and on.

    And this is on every level of employee — not just a receptionist! I’m talking about engineers, AP/AP people, sales people, etc all of who happen to answer the phone at a company when I call there. Sometimes the company is small enough to have anybody answer, sometimes I get one of these gits when the phone call I am making is in transit.

    And don’t get me started on the language-impaired personnel who these companies trust to answer a phone.

    What do we do, now that all they want to hire is the unqualified?

    Maybe play the game their way — don’t even mention the college degree; put down you “attended” the college you went to. haha — it’s the truth, isn’t it? Just don’t say you got a degree from there.:)

    Yet this is what they hire instead of us.

    what happened to “the person getting the phone is the first contact for the company; it’s the first impression”??? I guess that’s not so very significant anymore, is it.

    They are hiring every single one of these unqualified gits for no money and that’s what it boils down to: hiring them for cheap.

    I’ve long held the standpoint that when a company has an issue with handling a simple telephone call, it is no place to work

  6. I’m generally not interviewing for admin jobs so that wouldn’t work for me, but I did call about a marketing job and the person could barely speak English. How is someone who can barely speak English better than me? I’ve gone on interviews where someone was dressed sloppily and they got the job.

    I think I’ll send them a copy of my resume full of errors and omit my colleges. Maybe I will send them a photo of me as well or better yet a photo of my chest. I am being facetious about the photos but that is the next thing (and I am seeing it a lot even now). It’s obvious that I am overqualified for these jobs so I need to make myself appear to be stupid.

  7. The big problem with not hiring somebody native to the area:


    Is somebody from another hemisphere going to know what the latest slang is? what the latest area trends are?

    It won’t work.

    It makes no sense to hire somebody who is not familiar with the demographic, the language and everything else that ties in with those 2.

  8. Yep especially for many jobs that require knowing all of this. Like the pr firm that hired a foreign worker are finding that person doesn’t know anything they should.

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