Discrimination in the workplace…and proving it

This just in from my local daily:


To recap: the individual in question has knee injuries. She has a cane and a motorized vehicle to aid her. She asked for handicapped accessible parking and she was denied.

Not long after that, she was terminated from her job. No explanation.

To turn down somebody who needs a more accessible parking spot, yes, that’s discrimination. Is it not the law that by hook or by crook, a parking space is to be provided for you?

Something like this is fairly easy to prove.

But for the rest of us, not being able to get the job is neithe here nor there. Literally anything could have happened; there are no more rules and there is no more sense or rhyme or reason behind the candidate search.

Another case: an applicant sued a company. She was interested in a job and since she was from Puerto Rico, she had citizen status. They insisted that she needed a green card (not true) and she wound up suing them. She won.

Again, provable.

For us, neither here nor there.

One thought on “Discrimination in the workplace…and proving it”

  1. I have arthritis, possibly rheumatic and while it’s generally very mild I suspect as I age it will get worse. I am very athletic and I believe this is what has kept it in remission. Anyway, back in 1996 I was working at UPS as a package handler and I lost my balance and fell. They wanted to get rid of me because I told them when I was hired I couldn’t lift 150 pounds (in fact I was considerably less weight than that)but hired me for that job instead of the job they promised me. But when I fell the next day I was called into the office and the one manager (not my boss)yelled at me for intentionally falling. Like anyone would fall but whatever. My point being that I instead decided to quit this horrible job after the abuse I got from the manager.

    Anyway, after that fall (and no it was not intentional, who would intentionally fall 6 feet?)it screwed up my back pretty bad, and I never fully recovered. Years later I fell in the bath tub and all the dorminant issues became serious and made the injury much worse. To this day I have back problems and I no longer can stand for long periods of time without needing to sit. Otherwise my back locks and that is painful.

    I would never tell employers this and it’s why I am limited from most minimum wage jobs. I know without a doubt many employers would reject me because of this. They shouldn’t reject me from this, being that I don’t apply for jobs requiring lots of standing or lifting a lot, but many employers find anything to not hire someone.

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