Found out my old company is hiring for my job

Or shall I say, for the job that I had.

Not the first time they’ve done this; the first time was a bit over a year and a half ago.

There are 2 jobs open at that company: the admin job (which was my job) and a sales assistant job.

2 of the ads are running on line; the admin job is posted in the local paper’s want ads.

In the ad that is on line, the name of the town where the job is located is listed.

Here’s the thing: I saw the ads and I googled the fax number. It took me a little bit of googling and digging but there it was, clear as day: it’s my old company. The fax number is listed as one of the boss’ home landlines. (they have moved in the interim)

When I applied for the job, that is where my resume went: to the boss’ home.

This is a little tiny company. Very doubtful that they are adding staff. Looks to me like 2 employees jumped ship at the same time.

And the ad is amazing. They are asking for advanced degrees as a prerequisite for the job. What individual with a science degree do you think will rarin’ to go to be hired as a stinking 30 grand a year sales asssistant?

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  1. In this economy companies can ask for what they want and receive. I know awhile back I saw an ad for my former job and I was astounded to see it has become entry level. More than likely because the last two people who had the job (me and a Hispanic male)both accused them of discrimination. This way they change the job and the pay and say “you’re paid less because you are entry level”. I saw the person who they replaced me with and this person got promoted twice, including to the public relations department. I was asking for a job in that department since I started and they kept denying it (The HR head was a psycho and a low life who got the job from being the mistress of a local politician/race baiter). Need I mention this was a white male? yep. They make it known only white males matter there.

    I have seen so many jobs requiring degrees and experience and paying minimum wage. It’s out of control but with so many college degreed people out of work many are desperate.

  2. $30K is about what a postdoc pays in the sciences, and they might get someone who has had a couple of postdocs but hasn’t been able to get a job. What works against them is that sales is the last place that most people in science and engineering want to work. Once you go that route, it is very hard to get back on the research track.

    A couple of decades ago, a supervisor who has since retired told me that she loves economic downturns, because they can get people cheaply. After you’ve been somewhere for a while, and might have gotten a scheduled promotion or two, you tend to forget that you were screwed when you were hired. I’ve watched jobs that I’ve had be downgraded a couple of pay grades for new hires (who are experienced engineers or scientists), which is a hit of at least $20K in starting pay.

  3. You see, this is how out of touch the owner is.

    She doesn’t GET IT that sales is the opposite side of the coin. Sales just is not for a science oriented person.

    And you need not need to have a scientific background of any kind to work there. It is helpful but that’s about it.

    Neither one of her sales people has a science background. They’ve done a myriad of things; one guy worked as a shipping clerk/broker in the import industry before he came there to work as a sales person.

    It was very intersting what else I found when I was trying to solve the mystery of “is this their ad or not.” Such a laugh; I see that the owner is still batting a thousand in many many ways.

  4. That company has run 2 more ads. This, 4 days after the first 2 made an appearance.

    Dumb dumb dumb. I am willing to bet nobody wants to come in for an interview; that is my guess.

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