So what do you do….

When nothing has panned out.

And positively nothing at all, in the way of a job, and you are pretty much in a desparate and dire financial situation.

I have no relatives, or spouse, to support me. It’s just me myself and I.

And I have another situation that is compounding my problems — I won’t go into it here or now.

What should I do?

I don’t think I could try as far as a business goes. I had my ass handed to me the last time I tried it — I do not have the money for an office or a studio. I cannot and will not bring a client into this house. One never knows.

Even so, what I do in the way of artwork is time consuming. The least intricate item would have to sell for at least $400 and in this day and age of a dead economy, who’s got money for that?

I was thinking of calling old employers again — and asking if they need help.  Here is the thing: when I left there, the place was financially barely alive.

At the time, the company was not doing well; I knew this when I took the job and the day after I got laid off from there, the rest of the staff — about 60 people — were all cut to a half time basis….zoom ahead to now; nearly the entire staff is gone. The company is now operating with about 5 people in the office and maybe 10 in the plant.

They are limping along even still.

I called there quite awhile back and there was nothing then. Maybe in a pinch, I could do freelance work for them but that sucks, too.

I tried another past employer, quite awhile ago. No dice.

And the rest, the ones that are still in business, don’t care if I am living or dead. So they’re out.

I have tried service jobs: a damn local bakery put up a fuss — told me “We are training somebody right now and if they don’t work out we will call you” — their HELP WANTED ad has continually appeared in that damn window of their shop.

And you know what happened to the bar.

Bars and restarants in this area don’t do well. One restaurant was already sold, 6 months after opening, and another bar, up the block, is for sale. And the bar that I mentioned? I get the idea that’s going to be a novelty and when the novelty wears off, the crowd will vanish. And it’s likely the owners will, too.

Another bar that seemed to be doing well, shut down out of nowhere, well over a year ago. The building is still empty.

I am pretty desparate at this point. I don’t have any ideas and I don’t know what to do. It’s a dire situation and if in the past, somebody told me I’d be in this kind of a boat, I’d have laughed right in their face. 

My health isn’t good. I have a few good issues and I am sure all of them are due to stress. I still blame my ex company for the first of the issues that wow, amazingly showed up 3 months after I got laid off.  A good chunk of my money — $350 a month for health insurance and about $150 for meds monthly– is going towards health care for me.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person. “Religious” yeah — but as a ‘solitary.” I still have not found a suitable religious denomination — I’ve prayed over this for weeks and still nothing. I don’t know why it’s like this.

At no time during an interview — with the exception of one guy, right after I got laid off from my job — did I ever get the idea that I was one of the strong candidates or that I was being considered for the job. I’ve gotten the idea that this is all some kind of charade; am I filler? am I a “let’s call in a few more people even though we decided X is our choice”? Or what is it?

Do every single one of these damn interviewers NOT have a clue? What is it???

I don’t blame this on age, or education, or too much education, or not enough of it, or “nobody’s hiring” — nope; none of it applies. And I do not blame this on the economy. Not at all by a long shot.

And it sure isn’t “me.” There was always somebody to hire me — I don’t know what happened here. I’m stumped and stunned as far as trying to find a reason goes.

What do I do? 

I have also tried dropping into unemployment.  Useless. All they hend you is Kool Aid — this is what the unemployment public servants  are taught to do when they have their training and go to Trenton for whatever job training it is: tell the client “it’s like this with everyone” and have you tried this that and the other thing.

The last call I got for an interview was well over a month ago.  Nothing since then and the ads are pretty dry.

What do I do?

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  1. I also do NOT blame it on any of the below:

    They want to hire a Gen X or Gen Y’er, they want to hire a retiree or somebody who’ll work off the books, they are getting subsidized to hire a worker — you do not qualify as a person they can hire, they want some kid to work for cheap, they want a resident that lives 5 minutes away, they want somebody with admin certs in this, that or some other platform, “you need a life coach to help you interview,” “the economy is shaky so we will take a risk hiring somebody,” the position was withdrawn or retracted or the boss hasn’t made up his mind what he wants to do with the job that’s being offered, they hired from the inside, they hired a relative or friend or an enployee’s spouse or they guest visaed in somebody to fill the position.

    I also do NOT blame it on my attire, my breath, my hairstyle or anything else physical in nature.

    Nor have I been late or shown discourtesy to an interviewer.

    NOBODY gets dressed for interviews anymore; I’ve relegated my attire to a blazer, black pants and a shell top underneath my blazer: the same thing I have always worn to an interview, even before this diabolic malestrom began 5 years ago.

    I have seen other candidates come in dressed like the Wreck of the Hesperus or like they’ve been up all night in Seaside Heights playing quarters and drinking. And nobody sends them home. They don’t get it: you do NOT come to an interview dressed in anything less than business attire, UNLESS otherwise specified by the hiring manager.

    I do not blame it on any of the above, or any of the other “reasons” I named in my original post.

    I don’t know what happened here.

    I also don’t buy the shit “oh it must be YOU….get somebody to coach you how to interview and let them do a practice interview…” Bullshit. As I said, there has ALWAYS been somebody to hire me and I don’t know what in sam’s hills has happened here.

    It is always the same:

    Interview, goodbye and thanks for coming in and nothing.

    Over and over again.

  2. Dude the same thing is happening to me and I haven’t got a clue why. I mean my skills are numerous and can be impressive, in demand and everything. Yet I still get bypassed. I have had a few interviews where I was among the final candidates and at one time among the top 2 yet STILL didn’t get it. I am considering checking into training but everything I would consider going into to would take me a couple of years and I don’t want to be in school to receive yet another worthless degree. Yet to me it’s obvious my field is declining or more likely being done overseas, freelance or by viased workers.

  3. You are in a better position financially than I am. As I said: no parents, no spouse no nothing: I am self supporting. Nobody is available to send me money to keep me going.

    Have you considered going to these people and rasing a ruckus, demanding to know why you did not get the job? Who cares! Let them face the music: you are well within your rights to go over there, get the hiring manager and demand to know why they hired who they hired. Don’t take this lying down.

    Not to mention the games that these people played:

    Telling me “my HR department from Israel will call you to do a phone interview”? When I spoke to the company president, it was ten of 5 our time. Their office over there? closed since 2 our time. If this was true that I was going to get a call from there, don’t you think I’d have gotten an email from that person, asking me when am I available for a phone interview?

    You can see this is phoney and just ballbusting: that’s what I say it is. A game and nothing mre. Why are you lying and telling a candidate something that is not even true???

    I show up for an interview and I am told “Mary isn’t here; I will do the interview.” This is just another way of saying “the job isn’t available to you” — every time I have heard that, forget it — no job there for me.

    My fault for not saying “I wil reschedule; thank you” after which I turn around and go. WHAT is the sense of staying??? it’s already clear that I am not in the running! at 10:20 am, Mary magically isn’t there and got called away??? I call bullshit and how.

    And when I called Mary after hours to say I was not interested in the job (I figured let it be that I turned THEM down), there was no “Mary” that worked there, according to the automated labyrinth. “M-A-R-Y is how Mary is spelled or so I have been taught. I know I had the correct spelling.

    So what’s up with no such party that works there? Geez…was this a made up name? What’s going on here?

    I believe nothing they say and I say anything is possible, when it comes to these rotten b@stards. They do as they wish and say what they want. Because they can. You’re only here for an interview; you are not going to be hired so they say and do as they wish. They’re never going to see you again.

  4. I admit I am lucky because my parents are helping me, but I hate having to depend on them. I have gone through my savings and not sure what will happen after that about everything. I have asked employers why I didn’t get the job and most said they didn’t know. They just don’t want to say because often it’s pure discrimination.

  5. Sure.

    You and I know it’s usually subjective but wow, now it’s every time???

    Something is not making any sense here at all whatsoever.

  6. I know in a few cases it was either because I am a woman or because I am a “mature” adult. Both of which are definitely discrimination but what can you do? Oddly, the times I came close where the times the HR person called me and said the other person had more experience. I Googled them and found they were right and they were honest, and yes I have gotten more interviews at these companies. The companies where I know they discriminated against me either sent me a form rejection via email or mail or nothing at all. I know these places discriminated against me just by the people they hired, such as a recent grad, or more likely a recent grad who was a white male. Do these places honestly think I won’t find out?

  7. I dunno.

    Maybe they took the new grad because he agreed to work for nearly nothing. Lots more budget conscious than hiring you, somebody who has more experience and it will cost them a lot more money in salary.

    I know of somebody whose brother worked for a very well known insurance company. John was laid off — he later on found out that it was indeed age discrimination; he had something in writing that more or less pinned the rose on the company.

    John sued them for age discrimination and won, I believe. All of this was a good 20 years ago, when nobody really even heard of age discrimination.

    Discrimination is hard to prove. YOu’ll have to hear them say it and “capture” it on tape so you can prove it was said, so you’ll have a leg to stand on. Or they’d have to allude to something like “We don’t want any [insert your racial designation/gender/sexual preference/whatever applies] working here so we hired XYZ.” And again, you’d have to have that in writing or catch them red handed on tape saying it.

    I know of 2 people who are very plus sized.

    One is an arbitrator; the other one is an accountant. One of these ladies is grossly overweight — overweight to the point where she can’t buy regular items to wear to work or wear everyday.

    Neither one has had any difficulty rinding a job. So who knows what it is, really, when it comes to ordinary people like us trying to find a job?

    It’s all ucked fup. I can’t make heads or tails out of this entire situation: so many good people with educations and fine work experience — we have tons of teachers out of work, engineers, you name it — NOTHING. Every one of these people is being discriminated against??? I don’t think so. WHo knows what it is???

  8. In the cases I mentioned the employer pretty much said it was because I was too old. One was a radio station and the guy bluntly said “you are too old for this format”. Sure, I am generally too old as a listener but you don’t need to be a listener to work in radio. I worked at a country station and I generally despise hot country. Not to mention I haven’t listened to top 40 since I was in my early teens. Another employer said my skills were “old school” and everyone they hired were all recent grads. Still another employer told me they don’t like to hire childless women because “you’ll quit to have babies”.

    The other cases it could be because they assume I will want more but in this economy I am willing to work cheap. However, they look at my years of experience and my education and byass me.

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