Okay to feel bad about this?

On my FB feed this morning: pictures of a good time at a local bar.

This was the bar I tried to get a bartending gig at, way back at the end of February.

When I applied for the job, I got “I’ll show this to my partners; I will let you know at the end of the week.” (I recapped the spiel  and what transpired at the interview in a prior post here on Harderworld.)

She (who happens to be one of the owners) never did call me or notify me.  I didn’t hear a godblessed word out of her.

Anyway, there’s the pictures of the bar, and a band that performed there, and a bunch  of patrons, all having a good time. I wonder still what happened there and why i was treated so shabbily.

Oh certainly it is well within her rights to hire who she wants.

But still: from a client satisfaction standpoint — and from the fact alone that you are a new bar owner — don’t you want to keep a potential patron (me)? And get on the good foot with the clientele?

And people do tend to bring friends with them on a Friday and Saturday night; I guess she doesn’t care about that, either. She pretty much lost me as a patron — I used to eat there every so often — and doesn’t care about that at all.

I feel bad about that job. And I wonder how everything got to be the way it is. For awhile, I could have a survivalist job; I guess nothin’ doin’ with that, either.

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  1. I wish I knew too. I was a waitress in college and in between modeling jobs. I didn’t mind waitressing and was actually good at it. It was one job I did on and off for about 10 years, even while working entry level jobs because it was very good money and I did it on weekends.

    Yet now I can’t get a waitressing job to save my life. One restaurant chain told me because my experience is outdated by 10 years or so they can’t hire me. How could it be outdated? The only thing I can think of is maybe taking orders is through a computer, but hard could that be? Was it because back then I was a hottie and now while I still look about the same I am older?

    Here’s the thing people are missing except those of us in this situation and that is survival jobs aren’t interested in hiring us. Waitressing, telemarketing and inventory control (usually overnight)were my go to in between jobs or ones I did on the side. They used to be so plentiful and literally I would be fired on Friday from one job, find a go to job on a Monday while I pursued a better job. I like to brag that between now I never took unemployment because I always found a job. Now though they will not hire me. To them I am now considered overqualified and even when I cut my resume down they still find out.

  2. I’m sure it’s all about age and who you know for those jobs. Nowadays, just like in driving jobs like I’ve done for the last 15 years, qualified workers are a dime a dozen, so it’s all about what I said in the first sentence. Sucks to be us…I’m just lucky (relatively) that I found my niche in driving jobs and have been almost accident-free in those years. But of course things can change really fast, at any time for us expendable, disposable drones. Probably why I don’t sleep so well nowadays.

    In my latest gig, school bus driving, I know full well that all it would take to get fired and end my career there would be one bad accident, two accidents period that were preventable, or a serious incident of misconduct towards a kid on the bus (no matter how provoked) and I would be done.

  3. I consider facebook to be an electronic version of what I call the “I love me” wall that many people have in their offices, where they have every honor or recognition that they have received posted.

    Facebook is anti-social media.

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