Suppose I actually got this job? What then?

I was doing some networking, inquiring and other activity to see what I can drum up in the way of a job.

I decided to drop in at a company whose job I interviewed for a bit over a year and a half ago.

There is nobody in the office building they are in — 3 tenants — and that company is gone. The logo and name is on the door but that is all.

I just called the place. Turns out it is down to 2 people and evidently everybody was let go. In the winter, they were hiring IT people — they were willing to pay somebody 70 grand.


Suppose I actually got their job…? I’d have been out of luck, yet again????

Worse yet, suppose I resigned from a job to take that one?

It’s all a crapshoot — and I think it is wise not to consider a job at a company where there are only 2 or 3 people on staff — and where the 2 or 3 people on staff are the owner and other major players. I now wonder what kind of staying power that company has, if you get their job.

3 thoughts on “Suppose I actually got this job? What then?”

  1. I had a situation a few years ago where I turned down a job. The one guy is really cool, he even knows my parents and he lives by me. He was willing to pay me close to what I was then making but couldn’t afford medical, which is why I didn’t work for him. I know I would have been happier working for him because like I said he’s a great guy.

    Here’s the problem though, he’s struggling and had to move his company to South Bend Indiana which is 2 hours from me. I suppose I could have moved up there (I have an uncle and my grandpa lives with him)but it would have been hard. However as it turns out he had to lay off everyone except himself and even so he is struggling.

  2. I got the idea that the company never emerged from the start up phase.

    And there are other companies that do what they do so yeah, there is competition.

    It’s still pretty bad out there — here’s a restaurant that was doing okay business…they opened 6 months ago (their big minus was not open on Sundays) and today I saw a new restaurant name on that facade.

    I think that deli that’s opening towards the fall is going to have a tough time of it. There is a deli about 7 doors down! You think they can compete with that?

  3. Suppose that you did get that job however long ago, and were laid off from it sometime later. Only you can say whether or not you would feel better off having made somewhat more money than you did over the same period of time, presuming that what you could earn at the job was more than what you would have gotten from unemployment and the extra costs of commuting to work.

    The type of business and how long it has been in business are factors that should be considered as well before eliminating a potential employer. An insurance agency might not be a bad place to work because much of what they do is dicated by company policy. It is probably true that getting along with one’s boss and coworkers, if any, matters a lot more in that situation than in a department of 40+ in a large company.

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