The missing congressman

There is a soap opera happening in my neck of the woods and it has to do with the guy who will be my congressman. I say will be because this idiot changed the district so this could happen.

Let me explain this better. I grew up in the 2nd Congressional District in Illinois which handles the south side of Chicago. The most recent congressman was Jesse Jackson Jr after the last congressman (Mel Reynolds)went to prison on a teen sex scandal. One thing most people know about Jr (as he is called) is that he’s the son of Jesse Jackson Sr. However, like him he has the same issue shall we say that his father does (which he shares with Clinton if you get my drift). Years ago I met him and I truly liked him. I don’t agree with all of his policies but liked how he wanted to help the needy. However, as I’ve gotten older and more conservative I realized that by helping the poor that meant me paying more in taxes. Anyway, I ended up moving from the area to another county and about a half hour south.

I then moved into a conservative area. I still see confederate flags and there are many racist people here. Imagine Mayberry with more overt racism. This area is very heavily conservative. It is also very rural with many family farms and at the heart of the area is where Jesse Jackson Jr wants to build an airport. However the district was out of his reach so Jackson convinced the governor and the Illinois politicians to redraw districts so the airport would just happen to fall into his hands. Meanwhile the congressman who used to be in charge of this district (tea party favorite) ran for election about 2 hours away.

I should also mention that I lost my previous job due to a crony of his so let’s say my dislike of him grows stronger. But this leads to today. There is strong suspicion he is about to be indicted on corruption charges involving trying to buy then Senator Obama’s seat. Governor Blagojevich is now serving a prison sentence in Colorado and likely will for years. Jesse Jackson Jr is now in hiding and noone knows where he is.

Then people wonder why I have become critical of the Democrats in Illinois. They are dirty, and more dirty than the Republicans because they are the ones in control here. I have been chatting with the Republican running against Jackson and though I don’t agree with him on many issues (I think he’s a conservative prolife Republican)he seems like a decent guy so I will be voting for him. Unfortunately he probably won’t win but anyone is better than Jackson.

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